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  Marta Sanchez and FotoFest staff acknowledge out standing volunteers at the Thank You – Volunteer Party. Photograph courtesy of Fred Baldwin  


  Auction volunteer, Nancy Douthey, assists at the FOTOFEST2006 Fine Print Auction check out. Photograph courtesy of Don Eddy.  

  Meeting Place volunteer, Jake Mooney, announces portfolio time change. Photograph courtesy of Fred Baldwin.  

Volunteer Profile
Carolina Alaniz

Carolina Alaniz  

I became interested in photography after making two trips to Beirut and then one to Mexico City several years ago and had no photographs worth looking at (taken with a throw-a-way camera). The good thing is that those memorial images are still with me. Since then I’ve bought a camera, taken some basic classes and anxious to learn as much as possible. A friend, Linda Foot, told me about FotoFest in 2003. I attended FotoFest 2004 and simply fell in love with all the images I saw. I signed up to volunteer for FotoFest 2006 in hopes that I would be able to soak up some of the photographer’s expertise just by being near them. I signed up to volunteer for everything I possibly could, and I wanted to do it all. Working at the hotel assisting Martha Skow with the auction and Nan Stombaugh with the Meeting Place was most rewarding because I was able to experience some of the endless detail, timeless effort and dedication it took in coordinating such a successful event. I met so many photographs, and most interesting to me was to see their techniques, artistic views and observe the different types of people that make up a photographer. Working with Martha for the opening at the Gremillion and Auction Night was also rewarding. She and her worker-bees instructed us on how to unpack the photographs, where and how to place them for best effect for the buyer. It took many volunteers to make FotoFest 2006 a great success and I am very proud to have been a part of it. I will definitely continue to volunteer my time for on-going and future FotoFest events.

I am a Houstonian, attended St. Agnes Academy and University of St. Thomas and have been working at Baylor College of Medicine for 27 years. 

I enjoy the cultural arts, music, travel and photography.

Volunteers are the backbone of any non-profit organization and FotoFest is always in need of volunteers. . Sign-up today!