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  Marta Sanchez and FotoFest staff acknowledge out standing volunteers at the Thank You – Volunteer Party. Photograph courtesy of Fred Baldwin  


  Auction volunteer, Nancy Douthey, assists at the FOTOFEST2006 Fine Print Auction check out. Photograph courtesy of Don Eddy.  

  Meeting Place volunteer, Jake Mooney, announces portfolio time change. Photograph courtesy of Fred Baldwin.  





Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

FotoFest offer corporate volunteer during special events such as FOTOFUN.

Once a year FotoFest holds a fundraising event called FOTOFUN. Because FOTOFUN is similar to a school carnival, we need many volunteers to manage several different craft stations and to help with guest check-in.

Funds raised during this event support FotoFest's school-based educational outreach program, Literacy Through Photography (LTP).

Literacy Through Photography is the educational component of FotoFest. It is FotoFest’s visual literacy and writing program designed to help classroom students achieve better communication skills through the use of digital or film- based photography.

If you need more information please email Annick Dekiouk at FotoFest: or call at 713-223-5522 ext.10