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Claude Closky, +1, 2000
Claude Closky
+1, 2000
Closky Internet Project
"Plus One"

"It is debatable when exactly the history of digital art began. Artists have been experimenting with computers at least since the 1970's... As in the evolution of photography and video art, this new medium was often considered a threat to traditional art forms...

Over the decades, art making use of digital technologies has taken many forms, and even today, the question of how exactly
digital or new media art can be defined is still being debated."
Christiane Paul, New Media Curator
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

From FotoFest 2002 Catalogue Introduction

New Technology & Mixed Media
Video projections, Web-based art, DJ performances, digital prints, sculptural works, and handmade books are part of 26 contemporary presentations of Mixed Media and New Technology work sponsored by FotoFest in 2002.

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