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"The Meeting Place is one of our main opportunities to meet face-to-face with artists whom we do not know. This gives us a good understanding for the art currently being done and to discover emerging and underrepresented artists who fit our programs."

Hannah Frieser
Director, Light Work
Syracuse, New York
2012 Meeting Place Reviewer

Meeting Place Reviewer Hanna Frieser (USA) [left]

The FotoFest Meeting Place Portfolio Review is one of the world's largest and most respected portfolio reviews, bringing together over 160 decision-makers in the photographic arts around the world to meet one-on-one with fine art and editorial photographers. These meetings result in exhibitions, publications, sales, and gallery and agency representation. Meeting Place Reviewers are museum curators, gallery directors, magazine editors, book publishers, private collectors and agency representatives. They are individuals who can change the course of artists' careers.

"The Meeting Place helps me see trends in contemporary photography, meet photographers and reviewers from all over the world. These contacts often lead to unexpected and wonderful things."

Howard Bossen, Adjunct Photography Curator, Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, Michigan

Every Meeting Place we ask reviewers and artists to send us reports on the results of their work at the Meeting Place. Below are a selection of the Reviewer's reports we've received to date. For Artists reports, please click here.

We are continually updating these reports. We want to celebrate the success stories of artists and reviewers who attend the Meeting Place. Please send your success stories to so we can celebrate your successes here.  We regularly update these pages. If you have exhibitions, publications, commissions or sales still pending, please send us an email with images.  



Ian van Coller
Pavel Banka, Editor and Chief
FOTOGRAF magazine
Prague, Czech Republic
2012 Meeting Place

The following photographers from the 2012 Portfolio Review will be published in the "Discoveries" section of FOTOGRAF magazine.

Martin Smith
Ian Whitmore
Ian van Coller

Nate Larson
Andrew Holligan


Tamara Staples
Christopher Rauschenberg, President
Blue Skly Gallery
Portland, Oregon
2008 Meeting Place

November, 2012 Rania Matar
December, 2012 Louie Palu
January, 2013 Andy Freeberg
January, 2013 Hillerbrand & Magsamen
February, 2013 Pedro Farias-Nardi
March, 2013 Vadim Gushchin
May, 2013 Tamara Staples
September, 2013 Susanne Wellm



Harris Fogel, Director
Sol Mednick Gallery of Photography
The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2012 Meeting Place

Phil Underdown

Susan Hayre
Quernica: Flood
May 24, 2013- August 2, 2013

Phil Underdown
The Trapper's Lament
May 24–August 2, 2013.



Fabian Goncalves Borrega, Exhibit Coordinator
Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC
2012 Meeting Place

Jaime Permuth

Fabian Goncalves Borrega curated the exhibit On Labor involving two FotoFest photographers, Jaime Permuth and Ian Wagreich at the Art Museum of the Americas. The exhibit was on view November 7- January 10, 2013.


Laurie Lambrecht
Juan Alberto Gaviria, Director
Paul Bardwell Contemporary Gallery, Medellin, Colombia
2012 Meeting Place

Juan Alberto Gaviria invited 5 FotoFest Meeting Place artists to take part in ZOOMLAB, a major photography event in in Medellin, Colombia.

John Chakeres
Kent Krugh
Laurie Lambrecht
Elaine Ling
Jamey Stillings

Laurie Lambrecht and Elaine Ling received individual shows at the Museo Universitario of the Universidad de Antioquia.



Autumn, 2012 6mois Cover

Maries-Pierre Subtil, Chief Editor
6mois, Paris, France
2012 Meeting Place

Fifi Tong's work appeared in the Autumn, 2012 issue of 6mois magazine.

Doug DuBois

Peggy Sue Amison, Artistic Director
Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, UK
2009 Meeting Place


Doug DuBois' work My Last Day at Seventeen had its first exhibition as part of the European Capital of Youth in Braga, Portugal.
September 14- October 28, 2012.

There was a larger exhibition of this work at Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, Co. Cork Ireland in October, 2012. Doug will carry on working towards a publication.

"Through the Meeting Place I have been able to assist artists to develop their work both through our residency programme, but also by connecting them with my colleagues."

Peggy Sue Ammison


Hamidah Glasgow, Executive Director
The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado
2012 Meeting Place

Beth Lilly

The Center for Fine Art Photography exhibited Beth Lilly's series, The Oracle @WiFi.
August 31- October 27, 2012