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Exhibitions - Submissions Guidelines
FotoFest sponsors year-round exhibitions and Biennial exhibitions at its headquarters art gallery as well as other Houston-area exhibition spaces. Between Biennials, FotoFest hosts five-six exhibitions. The FotoFest Biennial is every two years, in even years. FotoFest does special commissions with well-known artists, but an essential part of FotoFestís mission is to give new opportunities to talented, less well-known artists, both contemporary and historical.

We accept submissions year-round, and are interested in artists working with photo-based media, film/video, installation and multi-media work as well as print-based photography.

The FotoFest Biennials often follow a theme, and FotoFestís own exhibitions will be organized around that theme. Generally, we announce the theme a year and a half before the Biennial. During the Biennial, we also recommend to Participating Spaces and create a special online platform fo them to review submissions. Between Biennials, our shows may be more open-ended.

If you submit work, it will be reviewed by FotoFestís curatorial staff and selected work will be reviewed by FotoFestís Art Board. We will let you know if your work will be considered for exhibition.

To have your portfolio reviewed by the FotoFest, please send:

• A CD or DVD of digital images
• A short statement about the work
• A current resume or curriculum vitae

Please note:
FotoFest does not review unsolicited portfolios sent via email
• Materials will not be returned
• The FotoFest staff reviews portfolios on a monthly basis
• Digital images must submitted as high-resolution JPEG files (300dpi)
• Digital images must be sized to 1000px at their longest dimension
• Digital files that do not follow these specifications will not be considered.
• No more than 25 images will be reviewed
• Supporting text should be saved on the CD/DVD as a PDF or WORD document

Due to the volume of unsolicited materials that FotoFest receives, submissions will be reviewed in the order in which they are received.Responses may take up to several weeks. Please be patient and please DO NOT contact FotoFest regarding the status of your portfolio. Your patience is appreciated.

Please address work to:

Attn: Curatorial Coordinator 
1113 Vine Street, Ste 101
Houston, TX 77002

Questions? Please contact FotoFest Exhibitions Coordinator Jennifer Ward,