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Lars Tunbjork (Sweden)
Lars Tunbjork, From the series Oman

Because of its damp climate the south of Oman, a sultanate on the Arabian peninsula, is a magnet for the surrounding countries. During the rainy season tourists from the relatively wealthy countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait flock to the region to enjoy the sea, the mountain lakes and cool air. The most popular activities are hiking in nature and picnicking till deep in the night. The Swedish photographer Lars Tunbjörk photographed the tourism in the south of Oman for Geo Magazine. As always, he has kept a critical eye for the commercial aspects of people's leisure activities.

In his photography Lars Tunbjörk (b. 1956) focuses on places where people spend an important part of their time. Previously he made the trilogy Country/Home/Office on people at home, at work and in nature.

Courtesy Agence VU (France)