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Greta Torossian (Lebanon)
Real Visions
Greta Torossian, Permit for the Future, 1999

Greta Torossian has a sharp eye for details. She sees how buildings are arranged, how colors and street furniture are used, and how small streets change into larger ones. Beirut, where she lives, produces a wealth of such observations.

After Beirut's civil war, which had destroyed the whole of the city center, the Lebanese capital became one of the greatest construction sites in the world. Seldom have the two extremes of human action - destruction and rebuilding - been so strongly united in one city.

Real Visions shows how the often classic ruins are swallowed up in modern urban planning and how a city gets a new personality through the merging of past and present.

The Lebanese photographer Greta Torossian (b. 1969) is fascinated by urban landscapes. She asks herself what changes in cities, what remains the same, and how these elements relate to each other. In these things, she says, the soul, the personality of a city can be found.