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Max Pam (Australia)
Ramadan in Yemen
Max Pam, Queen of Sheba's Temple, Marib,
, 1993

As a twenty year old hippie the adventurer Max Pam (b. Australia, 1949) travelled from Calcutta to London. That has been followed by a life full of journeys, through India, Pakistan, Nepal, Ethiopia and his homeland Australia, among other places. From the beginning Pam recorded his adventures in writing and in photos.

That was also the case for the trip he made through Yemen during the month of Ramadan in 1993. Like the populace, he fasted by day and only began to eat after sundown. In the meantime he made notes on the desert, the architecture, the chewing of khat, the very present men and the women hidden behind black fabric. The latter gazed at him, as he himself wrote, 'penetratingly with their sexy black eyes.'

Max Pam has shown in countries around the world. Pam has published seven books and seen his work included in around forty catalogues and other publications.