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Jeroen Kramer (The Netherlands)
Sunni Triangle
Jeroen Kramer, Sunni Triangle: The house right next to where they were
attacked is considered as a possible hideout. The soldiers decide to raid the
, 2003

The Sunni Triangle is inhabited by supporters of Saddam Hussein, who as a Sunni Muslim favoured his fellow Sunnis politically and economically. Because of the hate against the Americans and fear for Shiite domination, the region is the most dangerous in Iraq.

For forty-eight hours the Dutch photographer Jeroen Kramer accompanied the 124th Brigade, from Miami, Florida, on patrol, who are responsible for security in the Triangle. For tactical reasons he was not permitted to use his flash. The Brigade has the same routine almost every day. Bombs along the roads are disarmed, snipers on the roof try to keep the rebels at bay, and the rockets fired at their Humvees must be answered with counter barrages. Although the shelling sometimes lasts for half an hour, it often remains unclear if anyone has really been hit.

Jeroen Kramer (b. 1967) is a freelance photographer who works for de Volkskrant, SQ and the NRC Handelsblad, among other publications.