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Ed Kashi (US)
Join Us: Modern Arabs
Ed Kashi, Bedouin in desert drink tea while drilling day and night for water, Syria, 1992.

An American photojournalist with Jewish roots, Ed Kashi has specialised in recording social and political relationships in the world. He photographs in both the East and West, and has done reportage in Ireland, Peru, Poland and America.

Join Us: Modern Arabs has been assembled from the many series that Kashi has made on modern, daily life in the Arab world. For example, he portrayed the new Beirut, which has re-arisen miraculously after the long civil war there. In Kuwait - fashion capital of the Middle East - he shot a fashion report that shows that not all Arab women go through life hidden behind veils. As ever, Kashi has a sharp eye for the differences between past and present and between rich and poor. He visits both fashion shows and refugee camps and mixes equally easily with Hezbollah fighters and members of Arab high society.

Ed Kashi (b. United States, 1979) has worked as a photographer in more than sixty countries. His photographs have been published in magazines such as Time, Fortune, Geo and Newsweek.

Courtesy Corbis Photos (USA)