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Ahmed Jadallah (Palestine)
Home Base Gaza
Ahmed Jadallah, From the series Home Base Gaza, 2003

The Palestinian photojournalist Ahmed Jadallah has made ten thousand photographs of life in the Gaza Strip for the news agencey Reuters. Almost daily, he does reportages of Palestinian funerals and Israeli violence. He himself has been wounded four times. He was hospitalized in critical condition during the Israeli shelling of a Palestinian refugee camp in 2003, when 13 Palestinians were killed and several hundreds more were wounded. Jadallah nearly lost his legs from a tank shell, and despite a number of operations, his health is still not completely restored. The Israeli authorities have barred him from going to Reuters' main office in Jerusalem.

Ahmed Jadallah (b. Palestine, 1970) was a cameraman for CBS and since 1992 has worked as a photographer for Reuters. He sees it as his mission to have the world see the despair of the Palestinian people. In 2003, he won the first prize in the daily news category of World Press Photo.

Courtesy Reuters (Israel)