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Barry Iverson (US/Egypt)
Barry Iverson, Covered Fiat

The American Barry Iverson (b. 1956) has worked for prominent publications such as Life, People, The New York Times, Stern, Paris Match and National Geographic. He has specialised in the Middle East, and has photographed world news such as the assassination of Sadat, the civil war in Chad and the First Gulf War. Many prominent figures from the region, such as King Abdullah of Jordan and president Mubarak of Egypt, through the Egyptian actor Omar Sharif, have posed for him.

Iverson operates from Cairo and has a strong interest in Egyptian history. He has photographed various excavations, including the tomb of the son of Ramses II, and had documented the erosion of the pyramids photographically. He also played an important role in rescuing the archive of the Egyptian photographer Van Leo. In his sepia and hand coloured photographs - a reference to the historical picture post card - Iverson honours Egypt's monumental past.