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Rula Halawani (Palestine)
Irrational and Negative Incursions
Rula Halawani, Untitled from the series Irrational, 2003

Rula Halawani (b. Palestine, 1964) grew up on the West Bank of the Jordan River. She remembers it as a region where ancient villages melt into a beautiful hilly landscape. Today what she sees are primarily the structures of Israeli colonists. With Irrational, her photographs of the West Bank, she says she hopes to inspire her people with the strength to continue to dream of a peaceful Palestine.

The presence of Israelis has also changed the Palestinian city of Ramallah. On the day of the Israeli 'incursion' of March 28, 2002, Halawani saw streets that were only populated by Israeli soldiers and tanks. The only Palestinian she encountered was an old man who had been shot and killed. She cannot get his face out of her memory. She translated her feelings into Negative Incursions, a series of photographs of the assault on Ramallah printed in negative.

Rula Halawani worked for the news agency Reuters news agency until 1999. Since then, she worked as a freelance photojournalist. She has received many awards and is founder of the photography program at Birzeit University in Palestine.