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Rawi Hage (Lebanon/Canada)
Developing and the Underdeveloped
Rawi Hage, Untitled from the series Developing and the
, 1998

In the view of Rawi Hage, little has changed in Lebanon since colonial times. The colonial elite has been replaced by a national elite, which lives according to the same norms. Hage converted his critique into a series of photographs in which he had a number of wealthy Lebanese families pose with their domestic staff to show existing class differences.

At an early age Rawi Hage (b. 1964) left the country of his birth, Lebanon. He settled in Canada, where he is active as a writer, photographer and visual artist. With Developing and the Underdeveloped, he wants to show the relations between classes, in which "the one becomes an element in the household of the other - a symbol of stature, cleanliness and beauty".