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Khaled Tarek Fazaa (Yemen)
Yemen in Focus
Khaled Tarek Fazaa, The Game of
Jumping on Camels
, 2000-2004

Khaled Tarek Fazaa is the photo correspondent in Yemen for the French news agency Agence France Press. Yemen in Focus is a selection from photographs that he has made over the past four years of everyday life in this republic, which lies on the most southerly end of the Arabian peninsula. Yemen is still to a large extent a tribal society, in which carrying weapons - symbols of character and masculinity - is a normal thing to do. It is estimated that there are about sixty million firearms in circulation in Yemen among a population of less than twenty million.

In 1990, North and South Yemen were united into the Republic of Yemen. In recent years the country has undergone an economic crisis, which has particularly struck the middle and lower classes. In addition to his work for Agence France Presse, Khaled Tarek Fazaa is a freelance writer and photographer for various magazines in Yemen and elsewhere. He began photographing as a hobby in 1985, and, in 1996, he began working a professional photojournalist.