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Hichem Driss (Tunisia)
À Travers Les Côtes
Hichem Driss, From the series À Travers Les Côtes

The Tunisian photographer Hichem Driss likes to experiment. He uses different photographic techniques and various, often antique, cameras. Since 1999, he has often worked with the camera obscura (also called a pinhole camera), an apparatus from the earliest days of photography. It is nothing more than a box with a hole in it. Without a lens, the camera produces photographs that are less sharp. It creates softer images and often shows distortions in perspective. Those are qualities that Driss finds ideal for his experiments.

For À Travers Les Côtes, he photographed the north coast of his native land. In order to achieve the most spectacular results, he chose to do this on days when the wind was strong and the sea rough. "Thanks to the camera obscura I can produce images that the human eye would never be able to see", he explains.

Hichem Driss (b. 1968) has been working as a freelance photographer in Paris since 2002.