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Hicham Benohoud (Morocco)
La Salle de Classe
Hicham Benohoud, La Salle de Classe,
Courtesy of Agence VU

Hicham Benohoud is an instructor in visual arts in Marrakech, Morocco. For La Salle de Classe, he would ask one of his pupils to interrupt their work at a random moment and pose for him. To do this they had to assume an unorthodox pose and make use of any props that were present in the classroom. After posing, the pupil could continue with work. The result is a series of photo portraits in which the pupils had to find a new way of relating to their instructor. The surrealistic character of the portraits is strengthened by the fact that, while the photos were being made, the rest of the class had to continue their work.

Hicham Benohoud (b. Morocco, 1968) is an opponent of the religious dogmas in his country. With La Salle de Classe, he wishes to show that one can find new insights that can break through established patterns.

Courtesy Agence VU (France)