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Nadia Benchallal (France/Algeria)
Shore to Shore
Nadia Benchallal, Karima, Algiers, Algeria, 1994
Courtesy of Contact Press Images

Paris-Algiers-Paris is the rhythm for many Algerians who have emigrated to France. They shuttle back and forth between their place of birth and their new homeland - not only physically, but mentally. With her photographs, Nadia Benchallal, born in France of Algerian parents, expresses what it is like to stand between two worlds.

From Shore to Shore is a report of the trips that she made to Algeria in the footsteps of her parents. She places the photographs between portraits of herself and her parents as a visualization of the journey she made to her roots. Her regular sojourns in Algeria have enabled her to record the intimacies of everyday life there.

Nadia Benchallal (b. 1963) has done series of photographs on Muslim women all over the world and on children of North African origin who like herself were born in France. She has been photographing since 1990 and learned her trade as an assistant to well-known photographers such as Martine Barrat, Arthur Elgort and Annie Leibovitz.

Courtesy Contact Press Images (USA/France)