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creating self-motivated students by using the camera as a tool to increase writing and learning skills


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Literacy Through Photography®

Tough Times, Edwin Castillo, 7th Grade,
Albright Middle School, 2003

In 1987, FotoFest brought teacher/photographer Wendy Ewald and her innovative photography education project to the Children's Museum in Houston. Ms. Ewald has achieved great success in using photography to stimulate children to take pictures and write about their lives and dreams. In 1990, FotoFest expanded the project to 1,000 HISD children. Teacher and student response was enthusiastic and led to establishing Literacy Through Photography permanently. In 1991, FotoFest hired David F. Brown as full-time education director and modified the Ewald program. LTP has grown from a pilot project to a rapidly expanding part of the HISD system.

In the past, schools and teachers were selected on the basis of requests from teachers and principles. Today, FotoFest is training HISD teachers in LTP methods in coordination with an expansion strategy laid out by senior HISD staff.

LTP has trained Master Teachers to supervise LTP classrooms with on-site school visits, allowing LTP staff to explore new training mission such as advanced LTP (LTP2) and English as a Second Language LTP. With the help of some of the most experienced HISD teachers, FotoFest developed a Training Manual that provided step-by-step methodology for teacher training and classroom guidance.
Lesson 1 Introduction to Writing (30 minutes)
Lesson 2 Overview of LTP®, the camera, and the frame (30 minutes)
Lesson 3 Reading Photographs (45 minutes)
Lesson 4 Comparisons (50 minutes)
Lesson 5 Meet the Camera (90 minutes)
Lesson 6 Framing (60 minutes with video)
Lesson 7 Vantage Point (30 minutes)
Lesson 8 The Third Eye (50 minutes)
Self Portrait
Lesson 9 Self Portrait (50 minutes)
Lesson 10 Self Portrait Shot List (40 minutes)
Lesson 11 Photographic Approaches to Self Portrait (30 minutes)
Lesson 12 Photographic Approaches to Self Portrait (30 minutes)
Lesson 13 Write Self Portraits (60 minutes)
The Family
Lesson 14 The Family (50 minutes)
Lesson 15 Interview and Character Sketch (30 minutes)
Lesson 16 The Family Tree (20 minutes)
Lesson 17 Ways to Photograph the Family (50 minutes)
Lesson 18 Writing from Photos (60 minutes)
Lesson 19 Pre-write Family (45 minutes)
Lesson 20 Write Family (45 minutes)
Lesson 21 Community (45 minutes)
Lesson 22 Community Shot List (30 minutes)
Lesson 23 Write Community (60 minutes)
Lesson 24 Dreams (40 minutes)
Lesson 25 Dreams Shot List (40 minutes)
Lesson 26 Write Dreams (40 minutes)
Lesson 27 Collage (up to 3 hours)
    The FotoFest Writing and Photography Project Literacy Through Photography®
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