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In June and July 2004, summer camp students at Project Row Houses used the FotoFest Just a Drop Water Curriculum to learn about the world's most valuable resource, WATER. Every Monday for 8 weeks, Tina Proctor from The Artist Boat taught fifteen boys and girls to observe, interact, experiment, photograph and write about water. Students took a boat tour of the Galveston Bay watershed on the Trinity River and gained first hand experience at water testing and seining in the shallow waters of the Trinity River Delta.

H. Thomas, Project Row Houses 2004 Summer Camp student
H. Thomas, Project Row Houses 2004 Summer Camp student
" Trip to the Trinity"

The trip to the Trinity River was very interesting. I’ve been on a boat before but never seen alligators or seen blue herons flying directly over my head. I like the gear we strapped up into to go in the water. Some of us were scared at the thought of being so close to nature knowing that at anytime an alligator, snake, or any other critter could pop out of anywhere.

I thought it was funny to see Bisa and everyone get stuck in the mud. I also thought it was funny when Hawwa and Faraday fell in the muddy river water. Anyway, everything turned out better than I thought it would. We also learned to use a net to gather varieties of marine life. Gasi caught a net full of silver fish and glass minnows without trying.

We also saw two hogs by the houses on the riverbank. I wonder if they were anyone’s pets. On the porch of one of the houses was a man drinking coffee and a lady relaxing like it was a regular day. Well, it was regular day to them. They live there. Hum. Imagine if you were living the everyday life of nature’s real live alligators.