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Anderson Wrangle
Anderson Wrangle, Hunter #1, from the series notes
toward paranoia
, 2003
Why is it that in the best of times, in the best of places, we feel miserable?

I have asked this question as an introduction to these images. From the beginning, I have answered it variously, moving away from it and coming back to it. There is an appropriate presence of ambient dread in this question. The misery can be simple expectation or fear. These two states of mind, it seems, are ours to own, though the consideration of why we own them is always something less clear.

These images are typically the residue of a dramatic moment. Many of the compositions in this exhibition call attention to the idea of well-ordered domesticity and allow for clear inversions of expected order. Inversion is a key aspect in these series. The images are always questions about order and disorder. I work from those things that are close to me, and I draw from current events, though I do not claim to work topically. The images are sanguine and dark, serious and amused.

To pose another question: When everything is falling apart, why do we feel so clear?

Anderson Wrangle 2004