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Lizzy Wetzel
Lizzy Wetzel, Father, Proud Father from the Rehearsal
for the New Arcadia
, 2003
My work is about the process of serious play. I am interested in nostalgia and the inaccuracies of memory. I create borders and then render them unidentifiable through the shifting of perspectives, adding information that seems nonsensical, and editing information that gives too much away. This forces boundaries to be acknowledged and thereby difficult to define. I like to play with systems of classification, dismantling them so that they are no longer functional in a recognizable way.

I am always trying to find a balance between the appearance of na´vetÚ and seriously invested sophistication, between dumb scribbles with candy colors and obsessive rhythms of tightly filled in graphs, between broken lines that read as unlearned and fluent lines that capture a likeness. Within these perimeters is the space where I strive for my work to exist. I want my work to straddle the edges of many worlds as a reminder that the borders between past, present, and future are not static. Memories are contrived, selective and diffused. Nostalgia is deceptive, however beautiful in the mind's eye.

Lizzy Wetzel 2004