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Julie Ross
Julie Ross, Untitled (Pointer), 2001
I prefer using a Polaroid camera for my photography work. The camera itself does the work that I dislike: focusing, lighting, processing, and printing. I am permitted to simply identify and capture what I see instead of being distracted by the mechanics of image making. I am fascinated with the various qualities unique to a Polaroid image. Polaroid photographs, specifically 600 and time-zero film, are one-of-a-kind and not engineered for reproduction because no negative is produced.

Despite the introduction of techniques that involve manipulation or image transfers with Polaroid film, I don't tamper with the photograph during or after processing. Such work seems time-consuming and counterintuitive to the magical, 'instant' imaging process unique to Polaroid film. Moreover, a Polaroid photograph possesses a certain authenticity, unlike a digital print or a darkroom print which can be altered or enhanced without the viewer's knowledge or detection. My approach to self-portraits in photography is similar to my other Polaroid work in that frequently I incorporate an additional image creating a diptych. The double Self-Portrait series conveys a split image of the self: contrasting, exaggerating, and suggesting dual aspects of character and personality.

Julie Ann Ross 2004

Julie Ross is represented by Gray Matters Gallery, Dallas