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Stephanie Martz
Stephanie Martz, Halloween Movie Poster (House), 2004
My work in the Home and Garden show, consists of wall drawings, collages, and digitally manipulated prints that are based upon John Carpenter's slasher film Halloween (1978). My interest in this film lies in its uncanny depiction of the suburban house as the site of violence and terror, although normally the role of the house is one of shelter and protection from the outside world. In the film, the violence starts at the heart of the house, within the walls of the parents' bedroom, where a young boy stabs his older sister to death. The rest of the film is marked by the terror that the boy, now an adult, inflicts within two other suburban homes. Rarely seen on screen, he is just a shadow, a presence felt within the architecture itself, until the end of the film. In Halloween, there are several key moments when the architecture of the house prevents the main character from escaping. During these scenes, the suburban house becomes a menacing space that complements the threat posed by the film's antagonist.

Stephanie Martz 2004