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Michele Grinstead
Michele Grinstead, Domestic Bliss #11, 2003
In this series of photographs, Domestic Bliss, value-laden images are projected into domestic environments. The landscape images were taken during my travels over the last 10 years. They include New Mexico, Scotland, and the Texas coast. By projecting landscapes into my own surroundings, I create a fantasy, an escape from the ordinary trappings of an urban lifestyle.

Several images in this series capture a darker side, reminding the viewer that modern man has created forces that to some extent have separated us from the natural world. Projections of industrial pollution exemplify this separation.

By re-examining my disconnection from nature, I think about where I live, in an air-conditioned box cut off from the outdoor environment. In these images, I try to reconnect, to make nature a part of the everyday.

Michele Grinstead 2004