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Sarah Reed Green
Sarah Greene Reed, Dante's Egg, 2002
Courtesy of Moody Gallery
I never throw anything away. My work forms from the miscellany that I keep around me. I was raised to have an equal appreciation for both high and low culture. This informs much about me: my sense of humor, my love of the mundane as well as the rare, the music that I listen to, the people I surround myself with, and, most important for this work, the objects I choose to collect.

I work digitally, collaging images from my collection, a hodgepodge with elements as diverse as postcards, objects with roosters on them, mid-century ceramics, plastic food, fabrics, bride and groom cake toppers, and things that are a very specific shade of light green. I sometimes work with photographs I have taken as well.

I strive to create a non-hierarchical playing field, a visual dumping ground, for objects that I find interesting, for their formal qualities, their implied narrative, or because they simply demand to be included. I am fascinated with color and, on a certain level, I could be happy making color compositions alone. However, my real satisfaction lies in combining these interests: layering, painting, masking, and rearranging until I reach the perfect balance of successful visual composition and charged dialogue between objects. In a nutshell, my collages are personal landscapes devised from a catalogue of images I have created over the years.

Sarah Reed Greene 2004

Sarah Reed Greene is represented by Moody Gallery, Houston.