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Jacob Aue Sobol
Jacob Aue Sobol, Untitled from the series Sabine, 2002 - 2002

In the year 2000 I traveled to Greenland to make a documentary about a settlement of only 150 people called Tiniteqilaaq. After five weeks I headed home with the sense that my village portrait was distorted. Four months later, I returned to face the society that had far more layers and levels of meaning than I had seen at first. I made friends among the hunters and resolved to test my strength against the basic, existential challenges of life on the east coast of Greenland. Behind this decision was my falling in love with Sabine. For two years I lived the life of a fisherman and a hunter with Sabine and her family in Tiniteqilaaq. With a small snapshot camera I photographed Sabine and all the emotions we shared. Sabine is Greenland.

This work won a 2006 World Press award. It is the subject of an essay written by Finn Thrane for the catalogue of this exhibit.