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Henrik Saxgreen
Henrik Saxgreen, Donkey in Front of Mosque Rafah, 2001

Gaza is a strip of land measuring 6 by 45 kilometres. It is inhabited by approximately one million Palestinians During the month I spent in Gaza I passed the Kfar Derom checkpoint nearly every day, and often while I was waiting to get through, I would get out of my car to take pictures. Usually this presented no problem. But when suddenly one day I got shot at while doing what I used to do, I understood the full extent of the terror that the Palestinians are subjected to: never knowing when they will get fired at! I found this extremely provoking, and it almost ruined the rest of my stay in Gaza. It left me with a feeling of insecurity that I found very difficult to handle. I stayed in Gaza for the duration of October 2001 with the purpose of investigating the physical environment that appears to breed young men who are prepared to sacrifice their lives uncompromisingly - in an attempt to show the environment that will influence still more future suicide bombers.