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Soren Lose
Soren Lose, Konstantia, 2004

Each of the hotel works are based on three sequential holiday snap-shots that were photographed in different time intervals on package tours to Greece (Grand Hotel and Konstantia) and Tenerife (Los Gigantes) during the late 1960s.

The slides were found in a flea market. Even though they are interpreted as stereotypical holiday snap-shots at first glance, they seem astonishing tightly composed and photographed. Each image was shot three or more times from exactly the same vantage point and camera angle. Some have only a few seconds intervals, others have hours or days in between, like single frames cut out of a movie.  In the final version, each original slide series is digitally scanned, layered and then compressed into a single image. The perception of time in the image becomes more fluid and ambiguous, since the very basic conception of the snap-shot, to grasp a moment in time and place, is questioned.