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FOTOFEST2010 Exhibitions - Submissions


For FOTOFEST2010, FotoFest is focusing on contemporary work by U.S. Photographers with invited curators

Please Note: FotoFest IS NOT accepting submission for its curated exhibits.

FotoFest is accepting submissions ONLY FOR PARTICIPATING SPACES. This includes over 100 non-profit, commercial, artist run, corporate, retail and, restaurant galleries. A list of Participating Spaces can be seen on the FOTOFEST2008 Participating Spaces page

FotoFest will post and maintain FOTOFEST2010 Submission web pages for submitting artists’ work, CV, exhibition requirements, and space preferences. Participating Spaces will be made aware of the website and have the opportunity to review artists’ submissions. Only Participating Spaces will be able to view these web pages  

FotoFest will conduct a jury process for submissions with the FotoFest staff and Art Board.  Submissions that are nominated by the jury will then be posted on the FOTOFEST2010 Submission web pages. Once an artist has been selected by a Participating Space, FotoFest will put the artist directly in contact with the Participating Space and indicate on the web site that a Participating Space has made a selection.

Artists chosen for exhibition by Participating Spaces need to handle all arrangements with that space. FotoFest will NOT be directly sponsoring these exhibits.

Because FotoFest is receiving an increasing number of submissions each Biennial and because the FotoFest staff is very small in number, we are trying to simplify and streamline the submission process. We are doing this not only for our own sanity, but also for the benefit of artists and Participating Spaces. FotoFest was founded by artists, and we know how much effort it is to organize work for submission. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES!


We give priority to coherent bodies of work that have a clear idea or concept behind them. The work should reflect your ability to translate an idea into visual imagery. This may be traditional chemical photography, digital photography, photo-based multi media work, film, video, or web-based work.

Monday, October 3, 2008 – Monday, February 9, 2009
  • Mail a written statement about the work you wish to submit. The statement should not be longer than two pages. It must clearly define the purpose of the work, the medium, and the size of the work and/or installation.

  • Send no more than ten (10) images with this written statement. We will only accept  DIGITAL FILES in the JPEG (.jpg) or TIFF (.tif) FORMAT. The images must be formatted at least 72DPI, 5 x 7 inches, RGB color, no more then 1MB. CD/DVD should be PC formatted. The images MUST be images that relate to the body of work you are proposing.

  • Please include a separate caption sheet, including the following information for each image: title, medium, year, dimensions, any special installation requirements.

  • Please also include a space preference: non-profit, commercial, artist run, corporate, retail or restaurant galleries or all of these spaces. 

  • Include a Curriculum Vitae: one-page summary or longer resume, with all contact information

  • These submissions will not be returned. FotoFest receives so many submissions that we are not able to return them promptly.

These materials MUST be received at FotoFest offices by Monday, February 9, 2009. This IS NOT a mail by date.

The Submissions period has closed. Submissions received after February 9, 2009 WILL NOT be reviewed.

If your work falls within the context of the theme and goes through the first round of jurying,  you will be notified and your work will be posted on the FOTOFEST2010 Submission web pages. Selection and presentation on the FotoFest website does not guarantee an exhibition during the FOTOFEST2010 Biennial.


Please note that FotoFest is not responsible for exhibitions that may or may not result from this submission process.  The Participating Space or exhibit site that may select your work IS responsible for the physical space, installation, insurance, framing, travel arrangements, or FOTOFEST2010 catalogue page(s).

Please direct any questions about this process to Jennifer Ward, FotoFest Exhibitions Coordinator,