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Participating Spaces are museums, commercial galleries, non-profit spaces,  artist-run spaces, corporate spaces, and retail establishments that choose to exhibit photographic art as part of the FOTOFEST Biennial. Participating Spaces participate in the longest-running International Biennial of photography in the United States and are an important part of each FOTOFEST Biennial. In 2008 over 120 spaces across the Houston-area participated in FOTOFEST Biennial 2008 by exhibiting photo-related art.

If you are interested in being a Participating Space during the FOTOFEST Biennial 2010 please complete this form [PS10_participation.pdf].

Participation includes listings in the FotoFest Biennial Events/Exhibitions Map, Calendar and other promotional materials distributed at locations throughout the city. Inclusion in the Map/Calendar is a free service provided by FotoFest. 35,000 copies of the citywide Event and Exhibit Maps are printed in late February-early March 2010 and will be mailed nationally and internationally.

Additionally, Participating Spaces have the opportunity to promote their exhibits in the FOTOFEST Biennial 2010 Catalogue at a subsidized price. The catalogue is the Biennial’s official publication. It is distributed locally, nationally, and internationally.

FotoFest Artist Submission Web Galleries

FotoFest accepted submissions of contemporary work about the United States from photographic artists of all nationalities. Submitted work was reviewed by the FotoFest staff and Art Board and selected submissions are posted on the FotoFest website for review only by Participating Spaces. If you are a Participating Space interested in viewing the submissions gallery, please contact Jennifer Ward at

As usual, Participating Spaces are welcome to present work of their own choosing. Artists selected from the FOTOFEST Biennial 2010 Submissions website are not FotoFest-sponsored exhibits. Participating Spaces are responsible for art installation, framing, insurance, and FOTOFEST Biennial 2010 catalogue pages.

A listing of 2008 Participating Spaces is available on the FotoFest website at:

NEW Schedule for Biennial Map/Calendar and Catalogue

Based on suggestions from the FOTOFEST2008 Participating Space Questionnaires, the deadlines for the Map/Calendar and Catalogue will be earlier for FOTOFEST Biennial 2010. This is to enable FotoFest to distribute them earlier.  We plan to distribute the Map/Calendar in early to mid February. We plan to distribute the catalogue in late February.

FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2009
Participating Spaces complete and return the participation form with their latest phone numbers, address, website, contact person and email for FOTOFEST Biennial 2010. The form is available online and can be submitted electronically, via mail or fax.

FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2009
FotoFest will mail Map/Calendar and Catalogue information packet to Participating Spaces.  This packet will include Catalogue prices. Prices will also be posted on the FotoFest website at that time. All spaces are listed on the Biennial Map/Calendar for free.

FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2009
Spaces return catalogue request form.

Deadline for all Map/Calendar and Catalogue information.
No exceptions will be made!
Spaces that don’t yet have full information confirmed - title, opening date of the exhibition, artist names, etc - should submit all information that they do have. FotoFest can list spaces on the Map/Calendar without the all of the information. Information will be updated on the FotoFest website once it has been finalized. PLEASE NOTE:  A discount will be offered on the cost of FotoFest catalogue pages to participants that submit their catalogue information by August 31.

FotoFest will distribute the Map/Calendar.     

FotoFest will distribute the Catalogue.

FotoFest will begin to list all 2010 Participating Spaces, with links, on the FotoFest website in August 2009.   This is a free service to participating Spaces.

As stated above, listings on the Map/Calendar are free to Participating Spaces. FotoFest produces 35,000 copies of the Map/Calendar. It is mailed and distributed nationally and internationally.

There is a fee for inclusion in the FOTOFEST Biennial 2010 Catalogue.  Catalogue details and prices will be posted on the FotoFest website and sent to Participating Spaces May 22, 2009.

The catalogue fee is subsidized by FotoFest. The FotoFest catalogue is distributed free to all local, national and international curators, publishers and collectors participating in the Meeting Place portfolio reviews as well as credentialed press coming to FotoFest.

The best way to stay up to date on Meeting Place news and deadlines is by subscribing to the FotoFest Newsletter.