Report on FOTOFEST2008


Reviewers Lunch

Meeting Place reviewers meet every day for lunch. In order to make sure that everybody gets to know their colleagues, the reviewers introduce themselves on the first day of the four day review session. This is aimed at increasing networking possibilities for the participants.The ZHUANG Xueben exhibit from 1934 received a lot of attention from the public.


Artists were provided with an opportunity to gain a working understanding of the contemporary Ďmarketí, from commercial galleries to the internet. It included placing work in corporate and editorial environments, licensing images for commercial illustration, and using the Web and multimedia platforms as a global marketing tool. How to best work with galleries, non-profit spaces and the international photography festival circuit, was discussed along with the most effective ways to gain exposure for the artistís work.

A one-day seminar, Publishing Photo Books Today, described the choices available to artists in photo book publication. Discussion ranged from traditional publishing to "print-on-demand" techniques. Case studies of successful book publishing experiences were presented by both artists who described how they went about marketing their handmade books, as well as who pursued artists more traditional publishing opportunities.

photo by Heather Hughes

Hewlett-Packard was a major sponsor of FOTOFEST. Outside of the Meeting Place, photographers were able to sign up on a first-come-first-serve basis to have prints made on the new Z class professional printers. Here Harald Johnson, from HP, describes the advantages of the Z 3100 printer that is in the process of printing from a digital file that one of the Meeting Place artists brought

Eighty percent of the FOTOFEST2008 - CHINA exhibitions were printed on HP Z type printers in GAO Lei's Q-Image Studio in Beijing with support and cooperation of China HP.

Festival of Light Meeting - working lunch in progress:

A one day meeting of the Festival of Light (FOL) was held during FotoFest on March 16, 2008. This was the 12th meeting of the organization. FOL is a loose knit organization for friends that forms an umbrella for the Websites of 32 festivals around the world. It has been in existence since 2000 and FOL convenes meetings two or three times a year in member countries. The last two were held in 2007 in Lodz, Poland and Brasilia, Brazil. The purpose of FOL is to exchange information, occasionally to organize letter writing campaigns to assist festivals in the group who more need support from their funders. We also exchange interns for administrative training on occasion. FotoFest has benefited from interns from Greece, Slovakia and Brazil.

Thirteen festivals were represented from the following places: Berlin, Germany; Birmingham, UK: Brasilia, Brazil; Buenos Aries, Argentina; Cork. Ireland; Houston, TX; Mexico, DF; Lima, Peru; Lodz, Poland; Montreal, Canada; Odense, Denmark; Portland, OR; and Vilnius, Lithuania.

For further information on FOL:

School Tours to Exhibitions

Furr High School students are struck by the strong Chinese documentary work at Winter Street Studios.

(Above) Students at Winter Street Studio. (Below) Students at FotoFest Vine Street HQ.

Private Parties for Reviewers and Exhibiting Artists

Corporate Parties for Everybody

CEO of Baume & Mercier, Michelle Nieto gave a party at HCP that attracted some flashy ladies.

After 14 portfolio reviews itís important to unwind at the parties. The president of Baume & Mercier (New York) and the CEO (Switzerland) get their picture taken at the HCP reception.

A Private Party to Help Artist Sell Work

Wu Jialin has retired from his position as photographers for a news agency in Kunming. He lives on a small pension but his photography is supported by sales. FotoFest organized a private party to help him continue his important documentary work on Yunan Province.

Saying Goodbye

The last of the Chinese artists are leaving and LI Lang gives a print to FotoFest.

GAO Lei departs and so does Sarah. We miss both of them but hope to get Sarah back soon.

Photographs taken with a Leica Digilux 2

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