Report on FOTOFEST2008

PART VI - Evening With The Artist

The Meeting Place is divided into four sessions of four days each. On the third day of each session all the artists registered for the Meeting Place are given an opportunity to lay out their work for reviewers, artists, and the public to have a look at their work. This event turns out to be kind of a work party as out vodka sponsor, 42 Below, is pouring free Martinis for the crowd. This did not seem to inhibit the photography lovers and there were a lot of sales taking for this three hour event. This kind of informal public review was also something we did in China, minus the Vodka. However, this was something that was done at Rhubarb Rhubarb in Birmingham, UK, and in Photo Lucida in Portland, OR so this was by no means a FotoFest original. It was a great Success and the event was packed on all of the fours evenings that we did it. Our local Press Sponsor Houston Press kept things hopping with a Disk Jockey who stimulated our ears in perfect harmony with the Martinis provided by our Vodka sponsor 42 Below.

42 Below and the disk jockey made put everybody was in the mood to enjoy photography.

Photographs taken with a Leica Digilux 2

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