SESSION 3 - March 17 - 20, 2008

Please be advised that changes to this list may be made. Continue checking this list again as the review approaches as any changes will be posted here.

Burkhard Arnold
Pavel Banka
Sheyi Antony Bankale
Alexa Becker
Jen Bekman
Claire Carter
Jean Caslin
Jim Casper
Fernando Castro
Catherine Couturier
Darren Ching and Debra Klomp Ching
Stephen Cohen
Diana M. Edkins
Kate Stone Foss
Christian John Gerstheimer
Marek Grygiel
Elda Harrington
Marita Holdaway
Ingrid Fischer Jonge
Russell Joslin
Mindaugas Kavaliauskas
Cathy Kimball
Julie Kinzelman
Gilou Le Gruiec
Kevin Longino

Stephen Mayes
Nion McEvoy
Kevin Miller
Joan Morgenstern
Sarah Morthland
Alison Nordström
Ann Pallesen
Rixon Reed
David S. Rubin
Chuck Samuels
Elizabeth Shank
George Slade
Rod Slemmons
Mary Virginia Swanson
Barbara Tannenbaum
Christoph Tannert
Estela Treviño Tejeda
Juan Travnik
Addie Vassie
Ricardo Viera
Clint Willour
Rhonda Wilson
Madeline Yale
Del Zogg

Burkhard Arnold, Director
In Focus Gallery, Cologne, Germany

Burkhard Arnold is the founder, owner and director of the In Focus Gallery. In Focus is a gallery dedicated to international classic and contemporary photography, founded in 1989. The gallery does between 4 and 6 exhibitions a year. They also curate shows for other institutions, galleries and museums, including the Museum for Photography in Leipzig, the Museum Ludwig, and Museum for Concrete Art, Würzburg, and Städtisches Museum Heilbronn. They also publish books and catalogues regularly with the gallery’s artists, sometimes in cooperation with other galleries, publishers or institutions.

Mr. Arnold is interested in a wide range of photography including abstract, creative photography, documentary, and photojournalism. He is looking for new photography positions and authors who are already established artists.  He is not interested in computer or digital generated images.

Mr. Arnold can offer photographers the possibility of a single show at In Focus gallery, artist representation in Germany, the possibility of being included in a group show, the possibility of being included in theme group shows curated for other institutions and museums, and the possibility of being included in the galleries network to publishers, photo magazines, other galleries, and institutions.

Pavel Banka, Chief Editor, Co-Founder
FOTOGRAF Magazine, Prague, Czech Republic

Pavel Banka co-founded Fotograf magazine in 2002, and has been chief editor since then. Fotograf is a semi-annual comprehensive 120-page magazine that publishes the work of photographers and other artists working in photography and related arts.

Mr. Banka is most interested in seeing work which is personal, innovative and attempts to open the range of photography toward a new perspective of contemporary art. There are no restrictions for the subject of work; only the originality and the freshness are important! The Meeting Place has always been a great source of new artists to be published in Fotograf magazine. Mr. Banka looks forward to seeing the artists who will bring a new vision to the contemporary photography art scene. Interesting work is likely to be published, and opportunites for exhibition in the Czech Republic may open up.

Sheyi Antony Bankale, Editor and Founder
Next Level, London, England

Sheyi Antony Bankale is the Editor and Founder of Next Level magazine. Next Level is one of Europe’s leading art photography magazines with a dynamic mix of art photography and ideas. It features a diverse range of some of the world’s most exciting photo artists. It aims to bring awareness and debate to contemporary culture, showcasing and celebrating emerging and established artists, across various disciplines and alongside inspiring, provocative and critical writing. Mr. Bankale is also the Director of Creative Scape Ltd, publishers of Next Level books, which are distributed by Thames & Hudson, one of the leading publishers of international art books. In addition, he has consulted for Hype Gallery, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, and has also been a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster and City University, London.

Mr. Bankale is interested in contemporary art photography. He is not interested in photo journalism. He can help photographers in publishing work in Next Level magazine and monographs. Next Level is the hub between photo artists and curators, dealers, collectors, galleries and institutions.

Alexa Becker, Acquisitions Editor
Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany

Alexa Becker is the acquisitions editor for photography and art books for Kehrer Verlag, a publisher located in Heidelberg, Germany. Having obtained her Master's in Art History from the University of Heidelberg, she started her career at Kehrer in 2003, where she is now responsible for selecting and acquiring new photography and related projects including Jessica Backhaus's first photo book "Jesus and the Cherries" or the recently published title "Snowbound" by photographer Lisa M Robinson.

Ms. Becker provides artistic and marketing advice for photographers concerning the content and style of their work, such as the internationally renowned Frankfurt Book Fair. She thus offers the point of view of a publisher, especially in the European art and book market.

Maintaining a strong link to her background as an art historian, Ms. Becker continues to give invited lectures for photography exhibitions, and contributes to publications in the field. She enjoys helping photographers and others appreciate the special qualities present in their work - in particular discovering novel, genuine visions of the world.

Ms. Becker looks forward to the opportunity of FotoFest to share her experience with the attending photographers. She is not interested in seeing commercial work.

Jen Bekman, Gallery Owner
Jen Bekman Gallery, New York City

Jen Bekman is a gallery owner, a writer and a native New Yorker. Her eponymous gallery in New York City, which has been open since 2003, was the first in a series of projects that Ms. Bekman has founded with the mission to make art affordable by bringing together emerging artists and collectors. These projects have now grown into a variety of innovative programs which exist as Jen Bekman Projects. Jen Bekman gallery exhibits the work of emerging artists in the mediums of photography, works on paper, paintings and mixed media. The gallery's bi-annual photo competition, Hey, Hot Shot!, established in 2005, debuts five new talented photographers to the public twice a year, two of which then have dedicated shows at Jen Bekman Gallery. Her most recent venture is 20×200, a site that offers limited edition art prints at ridiculously affordable prices. Jen@Joe is her latest endeavor, featuring solo shows at the infamous Joe, the Art of Coffee cafe located on 13th street in New York City.

Jen Bekman Projects, the gallery, its exhibitions and Ms. Bekman herself have been featured in dozens of publications including The New York Times, Harper's, Art in America, Foam, Businessweek, Dwell, Der Spiegel and Le Monde. She has been a guest lecturer at The School of Visual Arts and the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University, she has served as a reviewer at Center's Review Santa Fe and was named an Innovator of the Year by American Photo. This year she's jurying the Singular Image Prize for Center and in May she'll be honored with the Rising Star Award from the Griffin Museum.

Ms. Bekman is most interested in looking at narrative bodies of work that involve portraits, landscapes, and interiors as well as work that is shot internationally. She is not interested in viewing work that is commercial, fashion, or traditional nature photos.

Claire Carter, Curatorial Coordinator
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale, Arizona

Claire Carter is the Curatorial Coordinator at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts [SMoCA]. Ms. Carter is currently the in-house curator of two upcoming photography exhibitions at SMoCA. Since her arrival at the museum in October 2007, she has worked on the exhibition catalogues, Lyle Ashton Harris: Blow Up and Pae White: "Lisa, Bright and Dark." She also currently acts as image assistant to Liz Wells on her upcoming publication on landscape photography. Ms. Carter has reviewed and juried a number of exhibitions and is often invited to lead photography seminars at the Herberger School of Fine Art at Arizona State University. She earned her BA in Political Theory, Gender Studies and Art History at Indiana University and her MA in the History of Contemporary and Modern Art with an emphasis on photography at Christie's, London. While working at the Hulton Archive, London, one of the largest historical photography collections in the world, she conducted research on visual archives.

Ms. Carter looks forward to viewing maturing bodies of photography for exhibition. She is most interested in works in dialogue with the history of photography and contemporary art. She does not wish to see commercial work.

Jean Caslin, Founding Partner
Caslin Gregory & Associates, Houston, Texas

Jean Caslin is a founding partner of Caslin Gregory & Associates, Consultants to Arts & Culture. CG&A provides coaching for regional and national visual artists, as well as exhibition, fundraising, editorial and event planning services for artists and organizations. Along with Diane Griffin Gregory, she curated or coordinated six exhibitions in conjunction with FotoFest 2008. Ms. Caslin holds a BA in English and art history from Boston University and an MA in art history from Stanford University. During 26 years in non-profit arts management, she served as administrator, curator, educator, and fundraiser while fostering the careers of emerging and mid-career artists. From 1979 to 1988, she was assistant director of Photographic Resource Center at Boston University. Caslin served as executive director and curator of Houston Center for Photography from 1988 to 2005. Since 1981, she has taught courses in the history of photography at six colleges in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Texas. Her current course is "Contemporary Photography & FotoFest 2008" at University of Houston - Downtown. She also reviews portfolios for Photolucida, Center, and Society for Photographic Education. Jean Caslin wants to meet and support visual artists whose work shows innovative approaches to either traditional or experimental photography.

Jim Casper, Editor and Publisher
Lens Culture, Paris, France and Berkeley, California USA

Lens Culture is the world’s most popular online magazine about international contemporary photography, attracting more than one million unique visitors per year from more than 100 countries worldwide. Since early 2004, Jim Casper has edited and published Lens Culture; including writing articles, essays and criticism about photography; conducting, recording and publishing audio interviews with important photographers; and participating in portfolio reviews, conferences and photography festivals worldwide. Mr. Casper also serves on the board of directors of San Francisco’s PhotoAlliance, a non-profit educational organization. Prior to Lens Culture, Mr. Casper was founder and president of an international branding and design firm based in Berkeley, California for 20 years.

Several photographers whose work has first appeared in Lens Culture have since gained worldwide recognition, including new gallery representation, participation in solo and group exhibitions, promotion and profiles in high quality regional and international magazines and newspapers, commissions for new work, and sales of their artwork.

Mr. Casper is especially interested in exploring contemporary photography and how it interacts and overlaps with other art forms, mass media, and world cultures. Lens Culture features the work of photographers from all continents and various points of view: documentary, fine art, photojournalism, multimedia, lyrical, personal, abstract, human, and street photography. He is not particularly interested in commercial photography, fashion, stock, or work that relies largely on digital manipulation (except for digital multimedia/projections with sound).

In addition to being able to publish and promote a photographer’s work worldwide, Mr. Casper is known to be an insightful and honest reviewer of portfolios, offering useful and practical advice, as well as introductions and referrals to other photography professionals.

Fernando Castro, Curator of Photography
Sicardi Gallery, Houston, Texas

Fernando Castro is an artist, critic and curator. He studied philosophy at Rice University as a Fulbright scholar. He is a member of the art board of FotoFest and of the advisory board of the Houston Center for Photoography. He is a contributing editor of Aperture magazine, Art-Nexus, Literal, and Spot. Since 1996 he has been curator of photography at Sicardi Gallery (Houston) where he has curated "Traces on the Glass: The Photographic Work of Geraldo de Barros 1948-1951"(1998), "The Culture of Books and Light: The Photography of Abelardo Morell" (2001), etc. Mr. Castro has also curated numerous exhibits independently: "Modernity in the Southern Andes: Peruvian Photography 1900-1930"; "The Art of Risk / The Risk of Art" (Monterrey, 1999); "Stone" (Centro de la Imagen, 2004); and more recently, the group exhibit "With Others' Eyes" (Buenos Aires) and Pedro Meyer's "The States of Pedro Meyer" (the Universe). Since 1997 his own photographic work has taken a political turn under the title "Reasons of State." His most recent solo exhibit "The Ideology of Color" (2004) is now an on-line exhibition at the Lehigh University website. His works are in the permanent collections of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, The Dancing Bear Collection (New York), Lehigh University (Pennsylvania), Museo de Arte (Lima), the Harry Ransom Collection, etc. He currently lives and works in Houston.

Mr. Castro is interested in seeing all kinds of work. He can include works in shows he curates and he can refer artists to galleries and other curators. Mr. Castro can write about works of artists for different publications and can reflect with artists about their work.

Darren Ching and Debra Klomp Ching, Co-owners, Co-directors
Klompching Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

Darren Ching is the co-owner/co-director of the Klompching Gallery, located in the vibrant district of DUMBO in Brooklyn, New York. The gallery focus is contemporary photography by emerging talent, as well as under-recognized work by established photographers. A program of six exhibitions each year is accompanied by a carefully planned schedule of related artist talks and events. In addition to Klompching Gallery, Mr. Ching is also the Creative Director of PDN (Photo District News), the US Photo Editor for Magenta Magazine, and has reviewed portfolios at various photo events including FotoFest, Rhubarb-Rhubarb, CPW, Review Santa Fe, Griffin Museum, and CONTACT in Toronto. As a seasoned juror he has been a judge for the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward, PDN’s 30, Photolucida’s Critical Mass, Ozzie Awards, CPW’s 2006 A.I.R., NYU’s Daniel Rosenberg Fellowship, and the Society of Publication Designers. Mr. Ching is open to seeing a wide range of work, especially from cohesive bodies of work, and works in progress, that possess a high level of craftsmanship, conceptual strength, and a unique artistic vision suitable for exhibition. Mr. Ching can also offer general portfolio advice on presentation, impact, pacing, and why it does or does not work. However, he is not is not interested in viewing commercial, stock, or advertising work.

Debra Klomp Ching is the co-owner/co-director of the KLOMPCHING GALLERY, located in the vibrant district of DUMBO in Brooklyn, New York. The gallery exhibits and deals contemporary photography by emerging talent, as well as under-recognized work by established photographers. A program of six exhibitions each year is accompanied by a carefully planned schedule of related artist talks and events. Mrs Ching’s background includes positions as an educator on undergraduate photography programs, as a commissioner of new photographic work and as a curator of several exhibitions in the UK, Europe and the US. Her freelance writing has been published in Magenta Magazine, Aesthetica, photo-eye Booklist and PDN. She is one of the US Jurors for the 2008 Flash Forward Emerging Photographers Award and has reviewed portfolios at various photography events including Review Santa Fe, Rhubarb-Rhubarb, Center for Photography at Woodstock and powerHouse. Mrs. Ching is interested in seeing photography that demonstrates integrity of intent, a solid engagement with the medium, as well as aesthetic and/or narrative strength. Mrs. Ching can also provide general advice on the presentation of work for review. She is not interested in seeing advertising, fashion or stock photography.

Stephen Cohen, President
Stephen Cohen Gallery Los Angeles, California

Stephen Cohen is the owner of the Stephen Cohen Gallery in Los Angeles, which celebrates its 16th year in March. He is also the co-owner of the Cohen Amador Gallery in Manhattan since October of 2005.

Mr. Cohen runs Artfairs, Inc. which produces Photo L.A., Photo MIAMI and ART LA. Since 1992 he has produced almost forty art fairs including Photo San Francisco, Photo New York and The Vernacular Photography Fair.

He is a devoted collector of photography, painting, sculpture and photography books. His tastes are eclectic and he expects a tight presentation of a single body of work from a photographer and tends to have an emotional response to work more than cerebral. This will be his second time as a Meeting Place Reviewer.

Catherine Couturier
John Cleary Gallery, Houston, Texas

Catherine Couturier joined the John Cleary Gallery (est. 1996) as Director in 1999. Houston's premier fine art photography gallery is located on Gallery Row on Colquitt Street in Houston Texas, the gallery represents a range of contemporary artists including Thomas Kellner, Maggie Taylor, Jeff Conley, Ion Zupcu and Henry Horenstein, among many others. The Gallery participates in the major art fairs including AIPAD and Photo LA. Catherine is interested in seeing work of all subjects that is fully realized and ready for representation. She is not interested in seeing social documentary work or book projects.

Diana M. Edkins, Director of Exhibitions and
Limited-Edition Photographs

Aperture Foundation, New York, New York

Diana Edkins is director of Aperture Foundation's traveling exhibitions program as well as the exhibitions program at Aperture's space in Chelsea. She also runs the limited-edition photographs department. Since her arrival at Aperture in October 2002 she has placed many of Aperture's existing exhibitions worldwide as well as collaborating with photographers such as Stephen Shore, Joan Fontcuberta, Bruno Rosier, Gary Schneider and institutions such as Ellis Island in creating exhibitions of their work. Before her position at Aperture, she organized and curated the photographic archive at Condé Nast Publications. This became a vital source for magazines worldwide as well as numerous books and videos. She edited a number of books from the collection over the years. Prior to her many years at Condé Nast she worked with John Szarkowski in the Department of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art and worked with and studied under Beaumont Newhall. She has worked as an archivist, curator, editor, and appraiser.

Ms. Edkins has reviewed and juried numerous exhibitions and competitions. With her experience from these diverse areas of photography she has gained an interest in and insight into a great diversity of photography. She enjoys seeing how individual visions are shaped, but is not partial to one area of photography.

Kate Stone Foss, Photography Director
Dwell Magazine, San Francisco, CA

Kate Stone Foss is the photography director of Dwell Magazine. She was born and raised in the Arkansas Ozarks though her career began amongst the crystalline lakes of Minneapolis. While there she served as a studio manager for a large commercial photo studio and also freelanced as a photo producer, film production coordinator, and wardrobe/prop stylist. In 2000 she moved to San Francisco and began working as an art buyer for advertising mammoth Publicis and Hal Riney. After leaving Publicis, she freelanced as an art buyer/photo producer for clients such as Apple Computer, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, and Anderson DDB. In 2003, Kate joined Dwell as the Photo Editor and has worked to build a photo team of 4, as well as develop and fine-tune the photographic visual language of the Magazine. Kate's varied background gives her a unique and holistic understanding of photography that aids her on her daily quest for that perfect picture.

Ms. Foss is interested in reviewing environmental portraiture, landscape, photo esssays/fine art, environmental still-life, and travel. She does not wish to review: product photography, architecture/interiors, News/Reportage.

She can provide photographers insight into the business of photography both from the studio and the client perspective, within both advertising and publishing industries. Ms. Foss can also offer visual critique of work. As an editor she is experienced in narrowing large bodies of work into smaller collections that can tell a compelling story. She can voice opinions on photography trends, what a photographer can do to make their individual work stand out within the saturated industry. She can inspire photographers by identifying their visual strengths and brainstorming ideas for growth in order to create a consistent, photographic look.

Christian John Gerstheimer, Curator
El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, Texas

The El Paso Museum of Art is the art museum of the City of El Paso and a major cultural and educational resource for the surrounding region. Located on the boundary of Texas, New Mexico and Mexico the Museum is situated within the world’s largest international border community with a metropolitan population of 3 million people. The Museum which opened a new 104,000 sq. ft. building in 1998, houses a permanent collection of over 5,000 works of art.  In 2010 EPMA will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The collection includes European art from the 13th- 18th centuries, American art from the 18th-21st centuries, Mexican colonial art from the 18th -19th centuries and contemporary art including photography and video.

Christian Gerstheimer, a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Michigan State University, is the Curator of the El Paso Museum of Art in El Paso, Texas. He has curated one-person exhibitions for artists including: Peter Max, Annabel Livermore, John Ward, Linda Ridgway, Teodulo Romulo, Michael P. Berman and Camille Utterback. He has curated group exhibitions that have traveled including Ambiguous Beauty and Clay and Ash: New Work by Sandria Hu. Recently. He curated a group exhibition entitled, Sister Cities Testing Boundaries: Art and Artists Along the US/Mexico Border. In addition, he authored artist essays for the Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Photography, 2005 and for Texas 100, 2006, a collection catalog published by the El Paso Museum of Art.

Mr. Gerstheimer is interested in seeing all art photography and documentary projects with new and informed social points of view.

Marek Grygiel, Curator
Centre for Contemporary Art, Gazeta Wyborcza, Warsaw, Poland

Marek Grygiel is the curator for the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, and Honorary Member of the Union of Polish Art Photographers. Prior to that, he was director of the Mala Gallery from 1982 to 2006. He has curated over 300 photo exhibitions in Germany, Austria, France, Lithuania, Slovakia, Sweden Denmark, Estonia, Great Britain, Hungary and Japan. Mr. Grygiel has been a jury in many international photographic competitions. He has been cooperating as curator and consultant with international festivals of photography in Bratislava, Paris, Cracow, Lodz, Kaunas, and Moscow. Mr. Grygiel is the founder and editor in chief of the Fototapeta magazine (in the internet since 1997), the picture editor in Gazeta Wyborcza daily newspaper, and he cooperates with art and photography magazines, Exit, Imago, Obieg.

Mr. Grygiel’s major focus is on contemporary photography as an art form. He is also interested in new documentary and journalistic photography connected with mass media, and he is interested in viewing conceptual, humanistic photography and issue-oriented work.

Elda Harrington, Director
Encuentros Abiertos - Buenos Aires, Argentina and

Elda Harrington is the Director of Encuentros Abiertos since 1989 and the director of the Escuela Argentina de Fotografia since 1987. She is also the president of Luz Austral Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting photography in Argentina. Ms. Harrington is an international curator for Argentine photography, an independent photographer and had been the photographic advisor to the Cultural Department of the Argentine Foreign Ministry. She is active as a reviewer in Latin America, North America and Europe.

Ms. Harrington is interested in reviewing creative photography and new media. She is not interested in reviewing commercial Works. She can provide an opportunity for invitations to exhibit and participate at the Encuentros Abiertos-Festival of Light in Argentina.

Marita Holdaway, Gallery Owner
Benham Gallery, Seattle, Washington

Marita Holdaway has owned and operated Benham Gallery in Seattle since 1987. Dedicated to emerging and mid-career fine art photographers, she reviews over 1,000 portfolios annually.

Ms. Holdaway has presented workshops for artists nationally and internationally helping them further their careers by developing their professional tools for finding and successfully approaching appropriate venues. She has received awards and recognition from organizations and institutions she has worked with and travel grants to attend international conferences. As an invited reviewer and speaker, she has attended over a dozen photo festivals in the USA, Latin America and Europe.

Ms. Holdaway likes to look at anything and she is happy to offer advice for all types of photography. She prefers to see a well defined body of work that reflects the artist’s intent when creating it. Photographers should look at her web site at the past 3 years of exhibitions to get an idea of what she has been exhibiting and at the artists she represents. She does not wish to review anorexic young people, works void of emotion, or works overly affected with Photoshop techniques.

She can advise photographers on a variety of topics pertaining to supporting a career as a photographer working in the fine art arena. She can help photographers recognize their style, edit their work and define appropriate ”fine art” practices like pricing, editions and presenting if they are unsure and new to the market. She can also offer “out-of-the-box” ideas for finding markets and support for artists’ photography and projects.

Ingrid Fischer Jonge, Director
Museet for Fotokunst, Odense, Denmark

Ingrid Fischer Jonge holds a master’s degree in Art History with emphasis on contemporary photography. Ms. Jonge established The National Museum of Photography at The Royal Library in Copenhagen, Denmark where she was Head of the Museum, Head Cultural Activities and in charge of The Department of Maps, Prints and Photographs from 1994-2007. Now Ms. Jonge is the director of Museet for Fotokunst (The Museum of Photographic Arts) at Brandts in Odense, Denmark. She has curated many exhibitions and has written numerous books and studies.

Ms. Jonge is most interested in viewing contemporary art photography.

Russell Joslin, Owner, Editor and Publisher
Shots Magazine. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Edited and published by photographer Russell Joslin, Shots Magazine is an independent, reader-supported, quarterly journal of fine art photography known for its democratic presentation of work by a variety of photographers from around the world. Often described as a “photographer’s photography magazine”, Shots reaches a wide audience that includes not only photographers, but also educators, gallery directors, museums, and others interested in photography.

Mr. Joslin offers the opportunity of publication in Shots, and he is interested in seeing developed bodies of work. Mr. Joslin is also interested in meeting with photographers who are open to honest dialogue/feedback and the discussion of ideas related to their work. Shots does not publish stock or commercial photography.

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, Director
F Galerija/ Kaunas Photo, Kaunas, Lithuania and

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas is the founder of the only annual festival of Photography in the Baltic states, Kaunas Photo and of F Galerija, a non-profit gallery of photography. Kaunas Photo started in 2004 and it is in its fifth edition.  The Kaunas Photo festival includes numerous exhibitions, night-shows, portfolio reviews, workshops, conferences and other satellite events. Kaunas Photo Days is a member of the Photo Festival European Union and Festival of Light.

Mr. Kavaliauskas is open to a variety of styles and approaches in photography, but he puts main emphasis on creative, social, photojournalism photography, where visual impact is dominating over conceptual backgrounds. Purely commercial photography would be the least interesting field to Mr. Kavaliauskas.

He can offer photographers exhibitions in Lithuania and neighbouring countries.

Cathy Kimball, Executive Director
San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, California

Cathy Kimball is the Executive Director of the San Jose Institute of Contemporary art, responsible for artistic programming and administration. During her seven-year tenure at the ICA she has implemented a number of new programs including an annual "NextNew" presentation focusing on emerging artists working in diverse media, as well as the ICA's "Night Moves" program, which includes multi-media installations that project in the front windows of the gallery from dusk until dawn. Visible only after dark, this series of installations makes contemporary art immediately available for viewing, and provides a unique forum for new media artist. She has curated several dozen exhibitions during the past 7 years at the ICA. Ms. Kimball came to the ICA from the San Jose Museum of Art where she served as curator for four years. During her tenure at SJMA, she curated a number of high-profile exhibitions, including Alternating Currents: American Art in the Age of Technology, Selections from the Permanent Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art, and Surroundings: Responses to the American Landscape, also curated from the Whitney's permanent collection. Before moving to the West Coast in 1995, Ms. Kimball was the curator at the New Jersey Center for Visual Arts in Summit.

Ms. Kimball would appreciate seeing a wide diversity of work. In addition to always being on the look out for talented artists to exhibit at the ICA, Ms. Kimball is familiar with a number of galleries in California that emphasize photography, as well as Museum's with a interest in collecting photography, and is always happy to recommend someone she feel merits attention.

Julie Kinzelman, President
Kinzelman Art Consulting

Julie Kinzelman is the President and Senior Project Manager on all projects. For six years Kinzelman Art Consulting has been providing arts-management services including: art acquisition advisement for corporate, institutional and private collections. Since 1995 Julie Kinzelman has been providing art consulting expertise to clients in the areas of acquisitions, collections management, curating exhibitions, educational art programming, public relations and marketing. From 1992-1995 Ms. Kinzelman worked at the George Eastman House, Museum of Film and Photography, Rochester, NY. In 1994 Ms. Kinzelman received her Master of Imaging Arts and Sciences, Fine Art Photography from The Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY and her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography from Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas. Ms. Kinzelman is interested in reviewing innovative or interdisciplinary approaches to photography in addition to fine art landscape imagery. She is not interested in viewing socio-political, documentary, environmental, nude/glamour, or flower photography. She can advise and assist photographers with appropriate ways of presenting their portfolios and work for consideration by Corporate Consultants and Collectors. She can also advise on aesthetic considerations that may assist photographers with content, composition, concept, printing and presentation.

Gilou Le Gruiec, Director
Gallery Vu, Paris, France

Gallery Vu is a commercial gallery, dedicated to photography, representing contemporary photographers such as Michael Ackerman, Denis Darzacq, Bernard Faucon and others. The Gallery puts together six shows a year with individual shows and shows that create a dialogue between two or three photographers. Gallery Vu has been in operation for 10 years. Gallery Vu strives to promote, defend and discover new photographers. Gilou Le Gruiec worked at the Agency Vu for 7 years until 1998 when Gallery Vu was launched and she became its director. She also organizes exhibitions for European festivals and photography centers.

Ms. Le Gruiec is interested in personal work that questions content and form. She does no want to see commercial work. She can advise photographers about exhibition and publishing venues in Europe.

Kevin Longino, Managing Director
Watermark Fine Art Photographs and Books, Houston, TX

Kevin Longino is a joint owner of Watermark Fine Art Photographs and Books. Opened in 2004, the gallery specializes in contemporary fine art photography, with a focus on emerging to mid-career artists. They are committed to advancing photography as an art form and bringing new, contemporary photographers to Houston. Mr. Longino is interested in seeing new perspectives on landscapes, portraits, abstracts, documentary, and architecture while using traditional, new or alternative processes.

Stephen Mayes, Chief Operating Officer
Image Source, New York, New York

Stephen’s fascination with photography has led him to work in the diverse areas of photojournalism, fashion, art and commerce. Since launching his photographic career as a press photographer in England, Mr. Mayes has worked as a director of Network Photographers, a co-operative of world-leading photojournalists, also as SVP Content for Getty Images, and as a creative director of, working with artists as Damien Hirst, Ed Ruscha, Richard Misrach and others. Mr. Mayes spent three years as US CEO of Photonica and most recently worked with Art + Commerce in New York. He is currently COO (The Americas) for Image Source, a UK stock enterprise, and a Board member of VII Photo agency.

Mr. Mayes is interested in seeing representational work with conceptual and metaphoric substance. His interests include documentary, commercial and art photography. He is not interested in reviewing conceptual work.

Photographers can look to Mr. Mayes for information and advice on finding markets for their work and how to represent themselves effectively. Ask him about editing, portfolio structure, how to approach clients and financial expectations, also copyright, trademark and other legal issues.

Nion McEvoy, Chief Editor
Chronicle Books LLC, San Francisco, California

Nion McEvoy is the Chairman and CEO of Chronicle Books LLC and of The McEvoy Group LLC. Chronicle Books, based in San Francisco, California is known for its excellence in design and production, and the strong popular appeal of its titles. In addition, Chronicle Books creates notecards, calendars, and stationery.

Mr. McEvoy joined Chronicle Books in 1986, and served as Editor-in-Chief of the adult trade division until he acquired the company through The McEvoy Group in February 2000. The McEvoy Group has since acquired becker&mayer! LLC, a dynamic book packager in Bellevue, Washington, and New York-based Spin magazine. The McEvoy Group is also a majority partner in San Francisco's Hartle Media, publishers of 7x7 magazine and California Home & Design magazine.

Mr. McEvoy worked previously in the business affairs departments of the William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills and of Wescom Productions. He is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz and Hastings College of the Law. He currently serves on the boards of SFJAZZ, the UCSC Foundation, the Tricycle Foundation, and the Photography Accessions Subcommittee of SF MOMA.

Kevin Miller, Director and Senior Curator
Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach, Florida

The Southeast Museum of Photography is a public museum specializing in the collection and exhibition of photography, in all its forms. The museum is located in Florida and is dedicated to the advancement of photography through public exhibitions of all forms of vintage and contemporary photography, and historical research, publications and public programming. It maintains a significant permanent collection with strengths in general photographic history and documentary photography.

Kevin Miller is the Director and Senior Curator of the Southeast Museum of Photography. Since 2001 he has curated and presented more that 50 exhibitions and produced numerous exhibition catalogues and texts. With a background and studies in Photographic History and Theory, Art History and Museum Studies, he has previously held positions as the Department Chair of Visual Arts at Daytona Beach College and as the head of photographic studies at Charles Sturt University and the Melbourne School of Art, both in Australia. He holds graduate qualifications from Southern Illinois University and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

The museum produces seven exhibition seasons each year featuring works in eleven separate exhibitions. Contemporary and emerging photographers are presented in regular thematic or topic based survey exhibitions and as part of the Fresh Work exhibition series.

Mr. Miller is interested in reviewing developed bodies of work in a wide range of genres for potential inclusion in future museum exhibitions.

Joan Morgenstern
Independent Collector, Houston, Texas

Joan Morgenstern is a long time Houston collector of photography and has been involved in the fine arts community for many years. She is a past President of Houston Center for Photography. She is currently CoChair of the Art Committee for the Robert I. Kahn Gallery at Congregation Emanu El and she is a member of the Photography Accessions Committee at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

She is interested in many different types of photography and processes. She is also interested in work with Jewish subject matter.

Sarah Morthland, Appraiser
Archive Consulting and Management Services LLC,
New York, New York

Sarah Morthland is a certified appraiser specializing in 19th – 21st century documentary and fine art photography.  She oversees several large private photography collections and in that capacity serves as an acquisitions advisor to her clients.  Before becoming an appraiser, she served for many years as the director of Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York.  In 1992, in association with Greenberg, she founded Gallery 292 in Soho, a small exhibition space devoted to photography and fine photographic books.  In 1996 she opened Sarah Morthland Gallery, one of the pioneering galleries in the Chelsea art district of Manhattan, and the first to feature vintage and contemporary photography.  Her most recent curatorial project was the organization of an exhibition in Budapest of photographs by André Kertész.  Ms. Morthland is often called upon to jury exhibitions and review portfolios, and she maintains a broad interest in all facets of the medium.

She is particularly interested in extended projects, and appreciates works that incorporate a specific attention to the medium of photography and its relationship to the expression of an image.

Alison Nordström, Curator of Photographs
George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film, Rochester, New York

Alison Nordström is Curator of Photographs at George Eastman House, the oldest and largest museum of photography in the United States. She was the Founding Director and Senior Curator of the Southeast Museum of Photography in Daytona Beach, Florida from 1991 to 2002. There, she curated over 100 exhibitions of photography including the popular biennial series Fresh Work, and major surveys of landscape, portraiture, travel photographs and journalism. At George Eastman House, she has initiated the contemporary biennial Vital Signs, and has curated Paris: Photographs by Eugene Atget and Christopher Rauschenberg, Why Look at Animals?, Know War, and Found: Photographs by Gerald Slota. She writes and lectures extensively on contemporary photography. Dr. Nordström holds a BA in English Literature, an MLS with museum emphasis, and a PhD in Cultural and Visual Studies.

Dr. Nordström's interests are wide: photo essays, book dummies, (especially unpublished first books), work with political content, work smaller than 8X10, work from outside the USA, and work in progress. She is not interested in nudes, infrared, polacolor transfers, and commercial work except photojournalism.

Her reviews are good sources for critique. She can edit, publish, exhibit, acquire, befriend, encourage, question, and recommend.

Ann Pallesen, Gallery Director
Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, WA, USA

Ann Pallesen is the Gallery Director of the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle, WA; a position she has held since 1996. The PCNW gallery exhibits the work of both emerging and established artists working in the photographic medium. Ms. Pallesen has curated and installed over 100 exhibitions including the work of Julie Blackmon, Elliott Erwitt, Graciela Iturbide, Chris Jordan, Mary Ellen Mark, Ken Rosenthal and Hiroshi Watanabe. She has coordinated dozens of lectures with artists and curators, and regularly appears at portfolio review events, on panel discussions and has served as a juror for several non-PCNW exhibitions. She is an active photographer herself and has exhibited her work around the Northwest.

Ms. Pallesen is interested in reviewing comprehensive fine art bodies of work for exhibition. She does not wish to review commercial work. Ms. Pallesen can offer the opportunity for gallery shows, teaching position referrals, and printing sponsorship opportunities.

Rixon Reed, Founder and Director
Photo-eye Books and Prints, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rixon Reed is the director of photo-eye and Founded in 1979, photo-eye has been the leading resource for art photography books.’s Photographer's Showcase and are the web's premier showcases for fine-art photography.

Mr. Reed is interested in seeing cohesive bodies of work from photographers with fresh viewpoints for possible exhibition in's Photographer's Showcase,, or photo-eye Gallery, Santa Fe. He is also interested in seeing book projects.

David S. Rubin, The Brown Foundation Curator of Contemporary Art
San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio, TX

David S. Rubin has been an active figure in the contemporary arts field for over thirty years, having worked as a curator, art historian, critic, lecturer, juror, and artist. In 2006 he assumed the position of The Brown Foundation Curator of Contemporary Art at the San Antonio Museum of Art. He previously held curatorial posts at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, Phoenix Art Museum, and Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art (now MOCA Cleveland), among others. Rubin has been a member of the International Association of Art Critics since 1980. He has also served as U.S. Commissioner for the Cuenca Bienal of Painting in Ecuador and as an international juror for the Florence Biennale. Over the years, Rubin has organized numerous solo and thematic exhibitions on a wide variety of contemporary art topics, including images of the cross, the American flag, rock-and-roll culture, and bird culture. In 2000, he curated and wrote the catalog for Photography Now, an international survey of cutting-edge photography and in 2002, he organized the retrospective exhibition of New Orleans-based photographer David Halliday. Rubin is currently working on Chocolate: A Photography Exhibition, which features work by artists who use chocolate as resource for making photographs: Frederic Lebain (Paris); Priscilla Monge (Costa Rica); Vik Muniz (Brazil/New York); and Chuck Ramirez (San Antonio). As a pluralist, Rubin is interested in all genres and styles of art; as a populist, he believes that art is for everyone. In terms of contemporary photography, he is interested in traditional modes as well as new media and digital formats.

Chuck Samuels, Administrative Director
Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal, Canada

First presented in 1989, Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal is an international biennale of contemporary photography. Chuck Samuels has been the Administrative Director of the event since it became an autonomous, non-profit organization in September 2002. Every two years Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal explores a theme proposed by a guest curator through a series of mostly contemporary photography exhibitions, a colloquium, artists’ talks, a publication and other related activities. The biennale presents works by emerging, mid-career, and established artists from Canada and abroad. Mr. Samuels is also an artist whose work has been exhibited, published, and collected internationally since 1980 and he, very occasionally, writes on photography for arts magazines.

As Administrative Director, Mr. Samuels is able to bring artists’ work to the attention of the biennale’s guest curators as well as various local and international curators, gallery directors, festival directors, and writers. He is also able to give the artists he reviews a brief but practical overview of the art photography scene in Canada and how to approach penetrating it.

Mr. Samuels is very interested in viewing contemporary (conceptual, post-modern, interdisciplinary, etc.) work. He is not, however, interested in viewing traditional or classical (nude, landscape, glamour, commercial, documentary, photojournalistic, etc.) photography.

Elizabeth Shank, Director
Silverstein Photography, New York, New York

Elizabeth Shank is the director of Silverstein Photography in New York. At the gallery, she works closely with both living photographers and photographers' estates, including Leonard Freed, Andre Kertesz, Nathan Lyons, Marvin Newman, Rosalind Solomon, Zoe Strauss, and Joel-Peter Witkin on developing exhibitions, creating book projects, and managing archives. Ms. Shank works with young photographers at the gallery's 20th Street location, which showcases emerging artists, as well as during the Silverstein Photography Annual exhibition.

Ms. Shank began her career at Magnum Photos in New York promoting its comprehensive archive. At Magnum, she worked with such luminary photographers as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bruce Davidson, and Elliot Erwitt. She also worked at the Whitney Museum in the Education and Development departments.

Ms. Shank is interested in reviewing fine art photography, creative photography, and conceptual photography. She can offer portfolio critique, advice on how to approach fine art galleries, and provide potential contacts at other galleries.

George Slade, Artistic Director
Minnesota Center for Photography, Minneapolis, Minnesota

George Slade has been the artistic director and lead curator of the non-profit Minnesota Center for Photography since August 2003, after serving as a curator, editor, writer, and advisor to the organization since 1992. His academic background includes an American Studies degree from Yale, and he has written, curated, and lectured widely on photography since the early 1990s. The Center is the upper Midwest's sole organization devoted to exhibiting, creating, and appreciating fine photography by emerging and accomplished artists. There are no geographic or stylistic limitations on its exhibition program, though new directions and new approaches within traditional genres are generally preferred. In 2006 MCP will have six exhibitions in its main gallery space, and generally seeks work that has socio-cultural motivations or that explores new territory in photographic esthetics. Strictly formal or decorative images are of less interest.

Mr. Slade would like to meet artists with well-developed projects who are interested in being considered for exhibition at MCP and in receiving some quick, intuitive feedback about their work.

Rod Slemmons, Director
Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College Chicago

The Museum of Contemporary Photography has been opened since 1983. Rod Slemmons has been its director since 2002. He has been a teacher of photography and photo history for 20 years, and he has been a curator of photography for 20 years.

Mr. Slemmons is interested in new conceptual work, journalism, and recent documentary. He is not interested in landscape, nature, and family portraits. He can potentially offer photographers inclusion in exhibitions and permanent collections, connections with curators internationally, and the possibility of publications.

Mary Virginia Swanson, Creative Consultant
Mary Virginia Swanson & Associates and

Mary Virginia Swanson makes it her goal to help photographers find the strengths in their work and identify appreciative audiences for their prints, exhibitions, editorial and licensing placement.  Ms. Swanson has a diverse professional background, having coordinated educational, publication and exhibitions programs for a wide range of institutions and businesses in the field of photography and is considered an expert in the area of marketing and licensing fine art. It was during her tenure heading special projects at Magnum Photos that she recognized the opportunities for artists to develop second markets for their work, and in 1991 she founded SWANSTOCK, an innovative agency managing licensing rights for fine art photographers. Her workshops and lectures on the subjects of marketing opportunities and awareness have proven to aid photographers in moving their careers to the next level. She also consults with business and agencies in the photographic industry to aid in their awareness of contemporary photography.

Ms. Swanson currently works individually with photographers as a marketing consultant to guide artist in their careers. She maintains a popular blog about marketing and she is the author of her self-published Finding Your Audience: A Guide To Marketing Your Creative Photography (2008).

Ms. Swanson is happy to review portfolios of all kinds, be it work in progress or completed projects and will offer artists advice on reaching their targeted audience.

Barbara Tannenbaum, Director of Curatorial Affairs
Akron Art Museum, Akron, Ohio

Barbara Tannenbaum, Director of Curatorial Affairs, has organized over 50 exhibitions for the Akron Art Museum since she started there in 1985.  These include the first large-scale international exhibition chronicling women’s historic achievements in fine art photography, co-curated with Naomi Rosenblum, and the 1991 Ralph Eugene Meatyard retrospective, co-curated with David Jacobs.  Dr. Tannenbaum has authored numerous publications including major books on Ralph Eugene Meatyard (Rizzoli) and on the museum’s collection, and lectured throughout the U.S. and in Canada and China.  She guides the selection process for the museum's annual Knight Purchase Prize for Photographic Media for those who have made a major contribution to the photographic arts, and serves on the Photo Lucida National Advisory Board. 

The Akron Art Museum, founded in 1922, is a museum of modern and contemporary art with a collection of 3,700 works, 48% of which are photographs.  In July 2007 the museum added a new landmark building that increased its total size to 83,000 sq. ft.  Akron presents 12-14 exhibitions annually, including those in a gallery dedicated to photography.

Dr. Tannenbaum has advice and guidance to offer, but cautions photographers that only very rarely do her reviews lead to exhibitions, purchases and articles.  She is interested in seeing many different kinds of work, but prefers not to review photography that is primarily commercial in nature.  Nudity is okay as long as it is truly at the service of artistic expression.

Christoph Tannert, Director
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin is an International Artists in Residence Center that has been in existence since 1975. More than 750 artists from all over the world have been there. Within the scope of the Studio Programme, the Künstlerhaus Bethanien provides curatorial support for realising projects, provision of workshops and technical infrastructure (including qualified personnel), presentation of the projects produced in the Künstlerhaus, publicity work for all events, permanent mediation of contacts to international curators, art critics, and publicists. For the period of their stay (12 months), the grantees receive a monthly subsidy. Acceptance into the International Studio Programme is based on the decision of a jury. Since 2000, Mr. Tannert has been Managing Director as well as Chief Curator for the visual arts section. Mr. Tannert studied Art History at the Berlin Humboldt University and has been working as an art critic, curator and exhibition manager since 1981. He directed various international exhibition and book projects. Besides his work as a curator and writer, he directs the "2ndPhotofestival Mannheim_Ludwigshafen_Heidelberg 2007", one of the Inter¬national Festivals of Photography and Visual Arts in Germany.

Mr. Tannert is most interest in reviewing artistic and documentary work that seem to understand the roots of the past, while successfully moving forward with new and exciting ideas in photography and video. In the near future, Mr. Tannert will be curating exhibitions on young Photography for 2009.

He is most interested in reviewing creative photography, documentary photography and photojournalism. Mr. Tannert does not wish to review commercial works. He can help photographers with networking and promotion opportunities in Germany and Europe.

Juan Travnik, Director
La FotoGalería del Teatro San Martín,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Juan Travnik, an experienced teacher and curator in the field of creative photography, is recognized as one of the most important contemporary photographers of his country. He has participated in many individual and group exhibitions all over the world and was a founding member of the Consejo Argentino de Fotografía. He has been awarded the fellowship of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation (2006). Mr. Travnik is Director of La FotoGalería del Teatro San Martín, founded in 1985. This gallery has a program of at least 12 exhibitions annually and balances the participation of emerging and established photographers. He is also Director of the EspacioFotográfico de la Ribera and Curator of Encuentros Abiertos de Fotografia. He can provide the opportunity to exhibit and present photographer’s work in Argentina.

Mr. Travnik is interested in seeing straight photography, essays on different subjects, new trends, new visions, digital photography and mixed media. He is not interested in viewing commercial photography.

Estela Treviño Tejeda, Artistic Director
Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, Mexico

Estela Treviño is a curator and an art historian. Ms. Treviño studied art restoration, and then did a specialization in Applied Museum Studies at the National School of Conservation, where she was also a professor. She has received two fellowships for her museum work, one by the Embassy of France in 1991, and in 1998 from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid.

Ms. Treviño has curated several exhibitions and publications, which include the following: "Africa, a Common Territory", Luna Cornea (1997), The Language of Colour as a Photographer: William Eggleston, 2000; Object Found: Homage to Manuel Alvarez Bravo, 2002 both shows in the Centro de la Imagen. Appointment With the Mirror, co-curated with Alfonso Morales for the Fundación Televisa at the University Museum of Arts and Sciences, 2002; Contemporary Reality Photographic Document, Photo Festival, Huesca, Spain, 2004, 160 years of Photography, Centro de la Imagen, 2004. She was co-coordinator of the group exhibit Lines of Loss curated by Gabriel Orozco at the Artist Space Gallery in New York, 1998.

Ms. Treviño is coordinator of the Biennials of Photography and the Fotoseptiembre festival since 1995.

Addie Vassie, Owner / Director
Gallery Vassie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Gallery Vassie was established in 2003. Addie Vassie is the owner/director. Ms. Vassie works also as a freelance curator, consultant and writer. She represents a broad spectrum of work from both historical and contemporary photographers. One of Ms. Vassie's primary goals is to make photography accessible to every kind of collector -from museum and corporate collections, to the well-established individual collectors and the ‘beginner’. Prior to moving to Amsterdam, Ms. Vassie spent almost eight curatorial years at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. She then took up the position of Curator & Gallery Manager with a photography gallery in Notting Hill, London, where her primary aim was curating and co-ordinating an intensive ongoing exhibition programme.

Ms. Vassie is interested in seeing well developed projects. She is not interested in seeing nudes and commercial work. She can offer advice on editing, presenting, and organising images for presentations, exhibitions and publications.

Ricardo Viera, Professor of Art, Director/Curator
Lehigh University Art Galleries/Museum Operation, Bethlehem, PA

Ricardo Viera is a professor of art, and since 1974, Director/Curator of the Lehigh University Art Galleries/Museum Operation, where he has established a visual laboratory program with the LUAG work/study collection and the nationally recognized collection of Latin American photography and video. He has organized, curated, co-curated and served as consultant to important exhibitions, among the most recent are "Viajeros: North American Artist/Photographers Images of Cuba," LUAG 2006, Miami-Dade College, Wolfson Campus Gallery, Miami, as part of SPE National Conference, 2007; "Latin American Photography 2 from the LUAG Collection, 2006; "Hector Mendez Caratini: The Eye of Memory," El Museo del Barrio, NYC, 2006;  "Lies and Dustograms:" Maria Martinez Canas & Kim Brown, Dos Santos Gallery, FotoFest Houston, 2006; "Our Journey, Our Stories," Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives Traveling Exhibition, 2004-06.

Professor Viera is interested in all kinds of creative endeavors, in traditional, digital and new media. He is open to all types of work. He can offer possible exhibitions, purchases, and visiting artist opportunities.

Clint Willour, Curator
Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, Texas

Clint Willour has been curator of the Galveston Arts Center for the past seventeen years and has been an art professional for thirty-five years. He is active on boards of numerous arts organizations in Texas and has served as a juror for over sixty competitions in his career. Mr. Willour curates 24 exhibitions per year in Galveston, and serves regularly as a guest curator for institutions throughout the state of Texas and beyond. He is known for the multi disciplinary focus of his taste. He is a past President of the Board of the Houston Center for Photography and a current member of their Programming Committee, Chair of the Photography Accessions Sub-committee of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, a member of the Art Board of FotoFest, Houston, board member of Photo Forum at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and has been a Meeting Place reviewer at every FotoFest, Houston, (and Beijing, China) as well as reviewing portfolios for the Houston Center for Photography; the Texas Photographic Society; Photo Americas in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Photolucida in Portland, Oregon; Critical Mass, Portland, Oregon; Review Santa Fe, New Mexico; Photo NOLA, in New Orleans; Mois de la Photo in Montreal, Quebec; Les Rencontres d'Arles, France; Photo Primavera in Barcelona, Spain and the Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mr. Willour does not wish to review commercial work or work he has reviewed previously.

Rhonda Wilson, Director
Rhubarb-Rhubarb, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Rhonda Wilson is the Creative Director of Rhubarb-Rhubarb - an organization set up in 1993 dedicated to the professional development of photographers through mentoring courses, international exhibitions and Rhubarb-Rhubarb - The UK's International Festival of the Image.

Ms. Wilson trained as a magazine journalist and later went on to be a director of Ten.8 - the seminal international paperback, based in Birmingham. In the 80's she made two photographic campaigns about the representation of women around low pay and homelessness, which traveled internationally and formed the core of a solo show at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford in 1989. Ms. Wilson has written for Ten.8, Katalog, Portfolio, Creative Camera, Artists Newsletter, and was the writer/editor of 'Seeing the Light - The Photographers Guide to Enterprise', published in 1993. For eight years she lectured in professional development on the Photography BA Course at Nottingham Trent and is currently the external examiner for the BA Photography Course at London College of Communications. For Rhubarb 2007 she curated 'Otherlands', including work by Jens Olaf Lasthein, Maargje de Maar, Frederic Delangle, Reiner Reidler, Phil Brookes, Anoek Steketee, Phil Toledano, Lori Nix and Vee Speers, which then went on to the Lianzhou International Photography Festival in China.

Ms. Wilson is most interested in reviewing fine art photography/documentary, which has an aesthetic but is driven by ideas and concepts. No nudity please. Ms. Wilson can offer advice on developing confidence and sense of self in relation to marketing materials, publishing and exhibiting, including approaches to galleries and publishers.

Madeline Yale, Executive Director & Curator
Houston Center for Photography, Houston, Texas

Madeline Yale is Houston Center for Photography's Executive Director and Curator. HCP's mission is to increase society's understanding and appreciation of photography and its evolving role in contemporary culture. Founded in 1981, HCP strives to encourage artists, build audiences, stimulate dialogue, and promote inquiry about photography and related media through education, exhibitions, publications, fellowship programs, and community collaboration. Recent exhibition projects include Txt Me L8r, a celebration of mobile technology in partnership with Aurora Picture Show, and Reality Interrupted, featuring the work of the Sanchez Brothers. On view during FOTOFEST2008 at HCP is Jeff Liao's Habitat 7 and Susan Meiselas' project Mined in China. Ms. Yale also serves on the editorial board of SPOT magazine, a biannual publication that includes portfolios, exhibition and book reviews, and articles on contemporary photography. Prior to joining HCP, she managed the photographic estate of Todd Webb (1905-2000), served as a photographic archivist, and organized exhibitions on photography and contemporary art in the US and Europe.

Ms. Yale is open to view a broad of photography. She is specifically interested in work that fits into one or several of the following contexts: artist as performer, humans' relationship to the environment, group dynamics, and cultural ethos and identity. She does not want to see work that she has previously reviewed.

Del Zogg
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Houston, TX, USA

Del Zogg has held the position of Manager of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's Works on Paper Study Center since 2002. Prior to that he was employed (1981-2002) at the George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography & Film in Rochester, NY. He holds a bachelor's degree in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master's degree from Syracuse University. His photographs are part of the permanent collection of several major museums.

Mr. Zogg has participated in portfolio reviews for FotoFest, the Houston Center for Photography, Atlanta Celebrates Photography, and Photo Lucida. He has curated several exhibitions at both Eastman House and MFAH, and recently taught The Big Picture: An Illustrated History of Photography for Rice University's Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies. He is also scheduled to teach a photographic history workshop during the summer of 2008 for the Alfred C. Glassell School of Art of the MFAH.

Mr. Zogg is most interested in work that shows a mature vision no matter what the age of the artist. Antique or alternative photographic processes are of interest as are traditional imaging processes. Large format inkjet color images or digitally manipulated images are not of interest.

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