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FOTOFEST2008 - Publications and Catalogue

I. THE FOTOFEST2008 Catalogue




The 2008 Biennial Catalogue is the publication of record for the Biennial. The format will follow the conventions set in previous years. As a Participating Space, you may be a part of the Catalogue.

We are now organizing the catalogue. We are offering the following options for inclusion in the catalogue. Please note that the prices reflect printing costs only. FotoFest absorbs design, administration and production costs.

If you are interested in participating in the FOTOFEST2008 Catalogue, please indicate your interest by filling out the online form at the bottom of the page AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Black and White Pages
1 page with text and 1 B&W image on the same page: $340
2 pages with text on the 1st page and 1 B&W image on the other: $400
Additional B&W images: $45 per image
Additional Pages: $75 per page

Color Pages
1 page with text and 1 color image on the same page: $500
2 pages with text on the 1st page and 1 color image on the other: $590
Additional color images: $85 per image
Additional Pages: $120 per page

Monday, September 17, 2007:
All materials, (text, visuals and payment), are due by this date. All text, (exhibition title, essay, captions and artists bios) must be submitted in MS Word format on a PC formatted floppy disk, ZIP or CD (No Mac formatted disks will be accepted).

>> Catalogue Reservation Form (PS08_catalogue.pdf)

Information submitted via disk should include the following:

Name of Space:
Type of Space: Museum, College & University, Non-Profit Art Space, Non-Profit Space, Commerical Galleries, Corporate Space, Retail or Restaurant Space, Artist Studio.
Title of Exhibition:
Exhibiting Artist(s):
Text/Essay: Please note: Essays have ranged from 100 to 200 words for a single page. The amount of text will determine the size of the image.

*If you quote from a text or art review it is necessary to include footnotes. (See Footnote format)
Author of Essay:
Caption Information:
Caption Information: Artist Name, Title, Date, Medium, Courtesy of Gallery (if applicable)
Short Biography for Each Exhibiting Artist and Curator (see example):

Please remember copy will be formatted by the catalogue designer. Please do not use special fonts or caps.


Name of Space: Sicardi Gallery
Type of Space: Commercial Gallery
Title of Exhibition: Points of Fact
Exhibiting Artist(s): Miguel Angel Rojas

Sample Text/Essay: (from FOTOFEST2006 Catalogue)

Miguel Angel Rojas is one of the handful of Colombian artists who use the processes, semantics, and Pragmatics of the medium of photography to expose unexpected layers of reality. These layers involve not only Rojas’s sexual preferences and interests, but also the sociopolitical circumstances of his life. An early series of photographs from the Faenza cinemas in Bogotá (2001), also using coca-leaf dots, takes off from Roy Lichtenstein’s As I opened fire (1964) except the cartoon strips captions Lichtenstein included in his triptych have been changed to the single phrase “Addiction Storm.” Rojas appropriated a jaguar from Colombian truck iconography, which he rendered with confetti dots of U.S. dollars, in a work titled It’s Better ot be Rich Than Poor (2001). “I tried to address the theme of drug-trafficking from several angles: the presence of empire, the acculturation caused by the immorality and corruption that are the direct consequence of easy money,” says Rojas. (1)

Sample Footnote: Author, Title, Publisher, Year, Page Number
1. Miguel Angel Rojas, conversation with Hans-Michael Herzog, in Cantos Cuentos Colombianos: Contemporary Colombian Art, exh. Cat. (Zurich: Daros Latinamerica, 2004) p. 104. Please refer to MLA or other writing style guides for additional examples
Author of Essay: Fernando Castro
Sample Caption Format: Miguel Angel Rojas, From the series Antropofagia No. 1, 1979-2004, Silver Gelatin Prints, Courtesy of ______________

Narrative paragraph of 5 to 12 sentences, not more than 100 words. Because you are most familiar with your exhibiting artists' accomplishments, we ask that you crate the concise biography. Do NOT send long vita or artists' resumes. We will have to return them to you for rewriting.

If an individual curator has been important in organizing the show and you want to credit the curator. Please send biography (follow directions for artist's biography).

Sample Biography:
(from FOTOFEST2006 and 2004 Catalogue)
Miguel Angel Rojas
Miguel Angel Rojas, one of the most important Latin American photographs from Bogotá, has shown his work in exhibitions through out the world, including shows at Museo Daros Latinamerica, Zurich; Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Miami Art Museum; Museo de Art Moderno Bogotá; Museo de Arte Conemporaneo (MARCO), Monterrey, Mexico; Museum of Modern Art, New York; and the Museum Ludwig, Cologne. His work is found in many permanent collections, including those of The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Museo Daros Latinamerica, Zurich; Casa de las Americas, Havana; Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas; and the Museo de Arte Moderno, Bogotá.

When writing the biographical paragraph, if you list a gallery or museum also include the city the gallery or museum is located. When lisiting a book or publication also include the publisher, city, and year.

All visuals must be in the form of high quality digital files.

Digital files MUST be accompanied by a proof print that you want the printer to use as a reference for reproducing your catalogue image.

The digital files must be at least:
- 300 DPI and no larger then 8.5 x 11 inch
- CMYK (RGB and Pantone colors will not print correctly) or Gray Scale
- Save as a TIFF
- Include a proof print
- If your black and white image has a tone to it then save as CMYK and please note the tone on the proof print.
- If you unable to provide a digital file then a print or transparency is acceptable.

Receipt of your check or credit card information with your material by September 17, 2007 with an authorized signature for the full amount of your catalogue pages will guarantee space for your organization’s exhibit in the FOTOFEST2008 Catalogue. Confirmation of payment will be sent to you for your records.

All Participating Spaces that participate in the FOTOFEST2008 Catalogue will receive two complimentary copies. Additional copies for artists will be available at a 25% discount.

Spaces interested in selling the catalogue will receive a 40% discount if they purchase. If catalogues are consigned then a 20% discount will be offered.

FotoFest will produce a map and schedule listing venues, exhibits events and openings at all Participating Spaces. There is no charge for inclusion on the map.

Information about exhibits that will be included on the map are due no later than September 17, 2007.

Information required: Name of Space, Exhibition Title, Exhibiting Artist, Gallery Hours of Operation, Opening Night Date and Time, Exhibition Theme (China, Transformation, Neither), Wheelchair Accessible.

To make information about all FOTOFEST2008 exhibitions available to the press, we will keep a file at FotoFest Headquarters with all written and visual materials about exhibitions at Participating Spaces.

Additionally, FOTOFEST2008 Participating Spaces will be listed along with exhibition titles on our web site this summer and a list will accompany the initial Press Release scheduled for mailing in fall 2007.

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