China, Documented and Invented, by Charles Dee Mitchell
Texas Festival Fetes Chinese Photography, by Anjali Gupta
Sino Eyes: This year's FotoFest explores the ironies and intricacies of China, by David Theis
FOTOFEST2008: Inside China, by Patricia Covo Johnson
Lens on the Future, Editorial
The Camera as Weapon, by Lisa Gray
China, through a lens, by Douglas Britt
Photography from China 1934-2008
In praise of photo festivals and great curators
Past Lives in "Ethnography, Photojournalism and Propaganda: 1934-1975", by Kelly Klaasmeyer
FotoFest: "Independent Documentary Photography 1985-2008" Lu Nan is a camera-wielding humanist, by Kelly Klaasmeyer
Chinese Contemporary at FotoFest, by Kelly Klaasmeyer
Houston FotoFest highlights changing China, by Charles Dee Mitchell
FotoFest 2008, Review Part 1
Ethnography, Photojournalism and Propaganda
, by Chas Bowie
FotoFest 2008, Review Part 2
Independant Documentary
, by Chas Bowie
FotoFest 2008, Review Part 3, by Chas Bowie
Chinese Photography is not Only Documentary: an interview with Wendy watriss, by WU Ziru
Interview with XING Danwen on The Front Row, by Catherine Lu

For information or visuals from FOTOFEST2008-CHINA please contact:

Vinod Hopson
(713) 223.5522 ext 26


>> FOTOFEST2008 - CHINA, 28 JAN 2008

>> FOTOFEST2008 - a Citywide Celebration, 12 FEB 2008

>> FOTOFEST2008 - Asian Media Release, 19 FEB 2008

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