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Because FotoFest is receiving an increasing number of submissions each Biennial and because the FotoFest staff is very small in number, we have to try to simplify and streamline the submission process. We are doing this not only for our own sanity, but also for your benefit. FotoFest was founded by artists, and we know how much effort it is to organize work for submission. SO PLEASE FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES!

For both themes, The Earth and Artists Responding to Violence, we are interested in coherent bodies of work that have a clear idea or concept behind them. The work should reflect the ability to translate an idea into visual imagery. The imagery can be still imagery and it can be cross-disciplinary photo-related work. It can include film, video, or web-based work.

STEP ONE: November 1, 2004-January 31, 2005

  • Mail a written statement about the work you wish to submit for ONE of the two themes. The statement should not be longer than two pages. It must clearly define the purpose of the work, what the medium is being used for the work, the size of the work and/or installation.

  • Send five Images (no more than five) with the written statement. We will accept CDs, slides, and prints (NOT exhibition prints). The images MUST be images that relate to the body of work you are proposing.

  • The images must be accompanied by this information: title, medium, year, dimensions, any special installation requirements.

  • Include a Curriculum Vitae: one-page summary or longer resume, with all contact information

  • These submissions will not be returned. FotoFest receives so many submissions that we are not able to return them promptly.

These materials MUST be sent to FotoFest between November 2004 and January 2005.

Please mail submissions to:

FotoFest 2006
Attn: Jennifer Ward
1113 Vine Street, Suite 101
Houston, Texas, 77002

If your work falls within the context of what FotoFest intends to do with these themes, we will notify you of the need for more work and how the work should be sent.

Please note that FotoFest curates, commissions, and presents no more than 15-25 shows within the whole Biennial. FotoFest controls a very limited number of spaces. There are 80+ other spaces -- galleries, museums, and artists spaces organize their own shows. Some of their shows follow the Biennial themes and some don?t. You may contact these spaces directly.. Look at FotoFest 2004 Exhibitions ? Participating Spaces for the list of spaces that participated in the last Biennial, FotoFest 2004.

For FotoFest 2006, FotoFest may invite 5-6 international curators to create shows for FotoFest. If we do this, there will be a fewer number of shows curated directly by FotoFest.

Please direct any questions about this process to Jennifer Ward, FotoFest Exhibitions Coordinator.