FotoFest 2006

  Meeting Place 2006, Photo by Thaine Mansk

  Meeting Place 2006 Photo by Thaine Mansk

Reviewers Session 1: March 10 - 13, 2006

Peggy Sue Amison
Lucia Benicka
Sue Brisk
Suzanne Dechert
Burt & Missy Finger
Blake Fitch
Christian J. Gerstheimer
Zheng Gu
Ellen Handy
Melissa Harris
Virginia Heckert
Gary Hesse
Eva Hodek
Lisa Hostetler
W. M. Hunt
Michelle Jackson
Mindaugas Kavaliauskas
Thomas Kellner
Gordon MacDonald
John Mannion
Chuck Mobley
Alison D. Nordstrom
Samantha Profitt
Rixon Reed
Arianna Rinaldo
John Rohrbach
Miriam Romais
Mark Sealy
Barry Singer
Teresa Siza
Mary Virginia Swanson
Barbara Tannenbaum
Cynthia van Roden
Wolfgang Vollmer
Terri Whitlock
Tim Wride
Ireneusz Zjezdzalka

Reviewers Session 2: March 15 - 18, 2006

Lucia Benicka
John Bennette
Evgeny Berezner & Irina Tchmyreva
Vladimir Birgus
Chris Boot
Krzisztof Candrowicz
Xavier Canonne & Marck Vausort
Alejandro Castellanos
Kathy Aron Dowell
Bernd Fechner
Burt & Missy Finger
Roy Flukinger
Anna Gripp
Marek Grygiel
Francois Hebel
Eva Hodek
Razvan Ion
Hans-Michael Koetzle
Dewi Lewis
Celina Lunsford
Vaclav Macek
Stephen Mayes
Pedro Meyer
Charles Dee Mitchell
Robert Morton
Karla Osorio Netto

Christine Ollier
Joaquim Paiva
Rixon Reed, PhotoEye
Ernestine Ruben
Ariel Shanberg
Mary Virginia Swanson
Christoph Tannert
Finn Thrane
Katalin Timar
Issa Touma
Juan Travnik
Addie Vassie
Ricardo Viera
Enrica Vigano
Tim Wride

Reviewers Session 3: March 20 - 23, 2006

Pavel Banka
Jayne Baum
Linda Benedict-Jones
Lucia Benicka
Sian Bonnell
MaryAnn Camilleri
Gary Chassman
Brian Clamp
Joan Davidow
Diana Edkins
Mauro Fiorese
Juan Alberto Gaviria
Gigi Giannuzzi
Tom Gitterman
Elda Harrington
Eva Hodek
Russell Joslin
Paul Kopeikin
Angela Krass
Lesley Martin
Kate Menconeri
Yossi Milo
Sarah Morthland
Ute Noll
Ann Pallesen
Alan E. Rapp
Christopher Rauschenberg
Rixon Reed
Chuck Samuels
Johan Sjostrom
George Slade
Jean-Luc Soret
Juan Travnik
Katherine Ware
Rhonda Wilson
Manfred Zollner

Local Reviewers

Suzanne Bloom
Jean Caslin

John Cleary

R. Eric Davis
Allison Hunter
Julie Kinzelman
Kevin Longino

James E. Maloney
Joan Morgenstern
Ed Osowski
Anne Tucker
Clint Willour
Del Zog


FOTOFEST 2006 Reviewers

Peggy Sue Amison, Director - Reviewing March 10-13
Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, County Cork, Ireland
Peggy Sue Amison is the Director of the Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, County Cork Ireland. Originally from America, Peggy has been directing the Sirius for the past 5 years. Sirius is a non-profit, multidisciplinary arts centre that also runs an international artist in residency program, as well as developing visual arts exhibitions. Prior to her work with Sirius, Peggy exhibited as a fine art photographer and also wrote for a number of publications in the U.S. Sirius Arts Centre is looking for artists who might be interested in making work, or exhibiting in Ireland with a specific focus on issues surrounding global citizenship and identity. Peggy is most interested in looking at work by artist who are developing a body of work that goes beyond the surface into deeper issues of human existence and identity or with a different contemporary artistic vision.

Fred Baldwin, Chairman
FotoFest, Houston, Texas
Fred Baldwin is Chairman and co-founder of FotoFest. He has broad experience as a magazine and documentary photographer. Mr. Baldwin's documentary work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in many countries. He taught documentary photography at the University of Texas in Austin and the Photojournalism Program at the University of Houston. Under Mr. Baldwin's leadership, the Texas Commission on the Arts cited FotoFest as the "Best Cultural Organization in the State of Texas".

Pavel Banka, Chief Editor, Co-Founder - Reviewing: March 20-23
Fotograf, Prague, Brno, Czech Republic
Pavel Banka co-founded Fotograf in 1982 and has been chief editor since 2000. Fotograf is a semi-annual comprehensive 120-page magazine that publishes the work of photographers and other artists working in photography and related arts. Pavel Banka is most interested in seeing work which is personal, innovative and attempts to open the range of photography toward a new perspective of contemporary art. There are no restrictions for the subject of your work; only the originality and the freshness are important! Meeting Place has always been a great source of new artists to be published in Fotograf magazine.

Jayne H. Baum, Director - Reviewing: March 20-23
JHB Gallery, New York, NY
Jayne H. Baum established JHB Gallery in 1982, exhibiting emerging and renowned artists who were at the forefront of contemporary international photography. Many were pioneers of the fabricated image, computer generated photography, conceptually based imagery, installation and video. Exhibitions such as Odalisque and Voyeurism drew strong critical acclaim. The SoHo space closed in 1995, and JHB Gallery transitioned into a private firm that continues to advise, consult, and create art collections for private and public collections, museums, and corporate entities. Ms. Baum has also lectured and participated in public forums and panels discussing issues of contemporary art, criticism, and photography at various universities, institutions, and museums. JHB Gallery still promotes and represents artists, including Ellen Carey, Alain Fleischer, Scott Morgan, Yuki Onodera, Nigel Rolfe, and Ofer Wolberger. Ms. Baum is interested in viewing portfolios of work that are conceptual in basis and pushes the boundaries of what we know photography to be. Ms. Baum does not wish to see images that follow a more traditional path.

Linda Benedict-Jones, Executive Director - Reviewing: March 20-23
Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Since 1999, Linda Benedict-Jones has been the Executive Director of Silver Eye Center for Photography, the only non-profit art center in the Western Pennsylvania region that is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and appreciation of photography as an art and as a compelling form of visual communication. Silver Eye presents just four exhibitions each year in the Main Gallery and many of these tend to be traveling exhibitions dedicated to the work of major photographers. Current work by emerging and mid-career photographers is typically shown in our increasingly popular Members' Gallery and Members' Gallery Online where each year we exhibit a total of 48 photographers from around the country. Ms. Benedict-Jones is interested in seeing projects that deal with the problem of sprawl in North America as well as bodies of work about the recent hurricanes and devastation of the American landscape. She is not interested in seeing nude, fashion, or botanical studies.

Lucia Benická, Director/ Curator - Reviewing: March 10-23
Dom Fotografie / House of Photography, Poprad, Slovakia
Since 1996, Lucia Benická has been Director and Curator at Dom Fotografie in Poprad, Slovakia. At Dom fotografie, Ms. Beniká is responsible for running the international photography exchange projects including workshops, network seminars, and traveling exhibitions. Dom fotografie, Poprad is the only and specialized non-profit photographic institution ín Slovakia. Dom fotografie develops projects of national and international exchange such as exhibitions, workshops, artists-in-residency and educational programs and maintains the photographic archive focused on contemporary Slovak and Eastern European photography. Ms. Benická is seeking to review contemporary photography that illustrates a researched topic (night photography, bestiary - animals in contemporary photography, another landscape, or metaphors of mountain landscapes). Ms. Benická is most interested in new tendencies in contemporary photography, including photo-objects and installations. She is ONLY interested in seeing developed bodies of work. She does not want to review traditional landscape photography or documentary.

John Bennette - Reviewing: March 15-18
Collector, New York, New York
John A Bennette is a collector, instructor New School, New York, writer, lecturer and former Discovery Editor for 21st The Journal of Contemporary Photography. He is willing and interested in looking at most photography, and is known for working with emerging artists. For Mr. Bennette it is about discovery and seeing the new while still respecting the traditions and history of photography. He would like to see work by artists he has previously reviewed and to get feedback from them and continue the dialog.

Evgeny Berezner & Irina Tchmyreva -Reviewing: March 15-18
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
Evgeny Berezner is the Vice-Director of Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and Director of the Department for Photographic and Multimedia Projects. He started as a photographer and editor for photography in "Planeta" - the only publishing house in USSR that worked with photography. He was a curator of the first huge shows of photography in Perestroika times, "150 Years of Photography" (Moscow, 1989) and "Art of Contemporary Photography: Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia" (Moscow, 1994). In 2002, he co-curated with FotoFest, "Russian Pictorial Photography, 1890-1990." He has been reviewing and building contacts with photographers and institutions around Russia and abroad for many years. Mr. Berezner founded the The Department for Photographic and Multimedia Projects, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the only Russian contemporary photography museum in Russia. Evgeny Berezner is interested in all shapes of photography and visual arts.

Irina Tchmyreva is head researcher and curator, Moscow Museum of Modern Art in The Department for Photographic and Multimedia Projects. She has PhD in art history, is a curator and writes on photography. She has been working in a field of Russian photography during last 10 years. In 2002, she co-curated with FotoFest "Russian Pictorial Photography, 1890-1990." For last five years she has taught the history of photography and visual arts in Moscow State University for Printing Arts. She has publications in Russian and foreign editions, including Aperture (USA), European Photography (Germany), IMAGO (Slovakia), Fotografia Kvartalnik (Poland), Photo (France), Foto&Video (Russia) - being a member of editorial boards of few of them. Irina Tchmyreva is one of the founders and co-editor of Russian web-resource on photography She is most interested in seeing work that explores the relationship of photography to other media as well as contemporary fine art photography. Irina Tchmyreva can help photographers by promoting their work, including them in an exhibition, helping with the editing of work.

Vladimír Birgus - Reviewing: March 15-18
Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University, Opava, Czech Republic / Prague House of Photography and
Vladimír Birgus has been Head of the Institute of Creative Photography at the Silesian University in Opava since 1990 and Professor of the Department of Photography of the Film and Television Faculty, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and his photographs have been exhibited in over 50 one-person exhibitions. He has curated and co-curated a number of exhibitions in many museums and galleries in Europe and the USA and is curator of galleries Opera in Ostrava and Gallery of Photography, House of Art in Opava. He is a member of the Art Board of Prague House of Photography, Chief Editor of Photorevue, Czech editor of Imago magazine and collaborator of many other magazines including Fotograf, Photonews, European Photography etc. He can help photographers by including them in an exhibition, helping with the editing of work, and teaching how to make the appropriate contacts in the contemporary art world with dealers, galleries, and collectors. He is interested in many kinds of contemporary photography including documentary, photojournalism, portraits, staged photography etc. He does not wish to see traditional nudes, glamour photography, flowers or animals.

Suzanne Bloom
University of Houston, School of Art, Houston, TX
Suzanne Bloom is an artist and a Professor of Art, Coordinator of Photography/Digital Media, at the University of Houston where she has taught for thirty years. She and Ed Hill have produced art under the name MANUAL since 1974. A retrospective of MANUAL’s work organized by the International Center of Photography was shown at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in 2004. MANUAL’s work and expertise encompasss a whole range of photography, video and multimedia practices. They have been using the computer in relation to photography since the mid-1980s and are considered pioneers in the use of the digital in art making. Recently they were commissioned by the Hood Museum of Art to create 113 still-frame animations, as well as a HD video, of works of art from the Hood’s Collection. From 1984-1991 Bloom and Hill reviews and articles for Artforum. In 1987 they established the Website for digital imaging ( Ms. Bloom is interested in viewing all imagery with the exception of traditional nudes, flowers and other conventionally sentimental subject matter.

Sian Bonnell - Reviewing: March 20-23
Trace, Weymouth, Dorset, United Kingdom
Sian Bonnell's work has been published and exhibited throughout Europe and the United States. She is also well-known from her work on TRACE which is an artist-led non-profit project run from the artist's home in Weymouth, Dorset. Since its start in summer 2000,an average of four exhibitions every year have been held in the house. Several TRACE curated exhibitions are now being scheduled for public venues in the UK and Europe over 2004 - 5. Since 2002 talks and seminars have been held for each TRACE exhibition given by invited curators and writers from national galleries and museums including the V&A and Photographers Gallery in London. More recently TRACE has begun publishing artists' books for the 'Nexus' series of shows which commenced in autumn 2003. TRACE offers exhibition possibilities, small-scale publishing in-house, talks, seminars, and mentoring. Sian Bonnell is most interested in seeing conceptually strong and developed bodies of work and does not want to see any commercial work.

Chris Boot, Founder - Reviewing: March 15-18
Chris Boot, Ltd., London, United Kingdom
Chris Boot is Founder of Chris Boot, Ltd., a publishing and book packaging company in London, UK. Chris Boot set up his publishing imprint in 2003, after 20 years of working as a photographers' editor and agent (at Photofusion, London, and Magnum Photos, London and New York), and after 2 years as Editorial Director of Phaidon Press, London. Recent books include Our True Intent is All For Your Delight - the John Hinde Butlin's Photographs (2003), History by Luc Delahaye (a limited edition book, 2003), James and Other Apes by James Mollison (2004), Lodz Ghetto Album - Photographs by Henryk Ross (2004, winner of the Infinity Award for best book of 2004) and Things As They Are - Photojournalism in Context Since 1955 in association with World Press Photo (2006). He is also the author of Magnum Stories (Phaidon 2004). Mr. Boot is interested in reviewing documentary work and he can assist photographers with book publishing.

Sue Brisk, Editorial Director - Reviewing: March 10-13
Magnum Photos, New York, New York
Sue Brisk is the Editorial Director for North America for Magnum, and a former Bureau Chief for Sipa Press, and an Editorial Assistant for Newsweek Magazine. Magnum is a cooperative that was founded in 1947 by Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa, George Rodger and David Seymour. Ms. Brisk received a BFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute and a MS degree in Journalism from Boston University. Ms. Brisk offers artist guidance on how to get a project published in the editorial market, how to make a strong edit and presentation, and who to target as a realistic option. Ms. Brisk is most interested in reviewing long term documentary projects. Ms. Brisk is not interested in conceptual work and nature pictures.

MaryAnn Camilleri, Director and Founder - Reviewing: March 20-23
The Magenta Foundation, Toronto, Canada
Ms. Camilleri is the Founder of The Magenta Foundation (2004) and formerly was a free lance publisher having worked with Magnum Photos and leading publishers such as Prestel, Scalo, Phaidon, Powerhouse, and Penguin/Viking Books. The Magenta Foundation is the first of its kind charitable arts publishing house in Canada. Ms. Camilleri Foundation forges alliances with international curators, gallerists and artists to bring the most vital contemporary art to Canadian audiences. The Magenta Foundation intends to reintroduce the world to Canada and Canada to the world. Every year Magenta hosts an Emerging Photographers juried competition for ALL photographers 34 years of age and under in Canada, the US and the UK. The selected photographers work will appear in a published book, along with a large exhibition in Toronto, Canada. In reviewing portfolios, Ms. Camilleri is interested in complete bodies of work, with strong visual content for publishing. She is not interested in reviewing traditional landscape, nature photography, or conventional portraiture.

Krzysztof Candrowicz - Reviewing: March 15-18
International Festival of Photography, The Union of European Festivals of Photography, Lodz, Poland;;; and
Krzysztof Candrowicz is a founder and director of Foundation of Visual Education in the city of Lodz in Poland. The foundation has started organization of the International Festival of Photography in 2001 and now is preparing the fifth edition in 2006. Every year during the festival he coordinates 50 exhibitions and a numerous workshops, lectures, slide-shows and movie presentations. As a director and chief curator of this event, he established an association of 30 European festivals of photography, called PHOTO FESTIVAL UNION. The organization is responsible for common activities of European photo events, such as annual meetings, publications, photographic exchange and common promotion. From October 2005 he became also a director of Lodz Art Center, which will start its activity in May 2006, as a center of international art exchange in Poland. Mr. Candrowicz is interested in viewing work of international interest, particularly creative photography, documentary projects and new interdisciplinary approaches to the medium. He is not, however, interested in viewing nude, landscapes, flowers or glamour photography.

Xavier Canonne & Marc Vausort - Reviewing: March 15-18
Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi, Belgium
Xavier Canonne has been director of the Musée de la Photographie since March 2000. He has curated many exhibitions and has edited and written various books and studies, especially about surrealism. He was the curator and the author of the exhibition Intimate Man Ray (2003). Marc Vausort has been at the Musée de la Photographie for thirteen years and has been curator since 2000. Mr. Vausort previously worked in the print room of the Royal Library in Brussels. Mr. Vausort has curated many exhibitions about Belgian photographers but also, with Georges Vercheval, about the photographs of the Farm Security Administration. Mr. Canonne and Mr. Vausort are most interested in reviewing creative photography, documentary photography and photojournalism. They do not wish to review commercial works.

Jean Caslin, Partner
Caslin Gregory & Associates, Consultants to the Arts, Houston, Texas
Jean Caslin is a founding partner of Caslin Gregory & Associates Consultants to the Arts. CG&A provides coaching for visual artists, as well as exhibition, editorial and event planning services for artists and organizations. Her firm curated or coordinated nine exhibitions in conjunction with FotoFest 2006. She holds a BA in English and art history from Boston University and an MA in art history from Stanford University. During 26 years in non-profit arts management, she served as administrator, curator, educator, and fundraiser while fostering the careers of emerging and mid-career artists. From 1979 to 1988, she was assistant director of Photographic Resource Center at Boston University. Caslin served as executive director and curator of Houston Center for Photography from March 1988 through February 2005. She taught courses in the history of photography over a 20-year period at four colleges in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Texas. She also reviews portfolios at Photolucida, Santa Fe Center for Photography and Society for Photographic Education. Jean Caslin wants to meet and support artists whose work shows innovative approaches to either traditional or experimental photography.

Alejandro Castellanos, Director - Reviewing: March 15-18
Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, México
Alejandro Castellanos is a critic, professor, and curator. He serves as director of the Centro de la Imagen, which was founded in Mexico City in 1994. The Centro de la Imagen is one of the main spaces dedicated to the promotion of photography and related media in Latin America. Some of the projects it supports are: the magazine Luna Córnea, the Festical Fotoseptiembre and the Biennials of Photography and Photojournalism. Prior to this, Mr. Castellanos was publisher of the magazine Fotozoom, sub-director of the National Center for Visual Arts Investigation, and in 1993 he won a prize from the National Center for Visual Arts Research.

Fernando Castro
Critic/Curator, Houston, Texas
Fernando Castro is an independent artist, critic and independent curator affiliated with Sicardi Gallery, Gremillion Gallery, and FotoFest, and writes for Art-Nexus, Aperture, and Literal. He is a philosopher and artist who has referred and recommended artists to galleries, curators, collectors and publications. He has used works in shows he has curated. He has written about works of different artists. Most importantly, He has established friendships.

Gary Chassman, President - Reviewing: March 20-23
Verve Editions, Burlington, Vermont
Gary Chassman is President of Verve Editions, an independent producer of books and museum exhibitions in the areas of art, photography, and illustrated books. Verve collaborates with outstanding authors, artists, photographers, graphic designers and printers to create distinguished publications conceived to reach the widest possible audience. With over three decades in publishing, Gary Chassman has worked with many of the major publishers of illustrated books in the U.S. and Europe, along with museums such as the Smithsonian Institution, The Wiseman Art Museum, and the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. His exhibition and book on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King involved more than 100 artists. His most current exhibitions are "Protest in Montgomery," (Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts) and "Portraying Lincoln." He has published the work of classic photographers such as Edward S. Curtis as well as numerous contemporary photographers including Arno Minkkinen, Keri Pickett, Patty Carroll, and Lloyd Wolf. In addition to his activities as a book producer, Chassman provides assistance and consulting services for photographers and other visual artists.

Brian Paul Clamp - Reviewing: March 20-23
ClampArt, New York, New York
In 2000 Brian Paul Clamp opened ClampArt, a gallery in Chelsea specializing in modern and contemporary art with an emphasis on photography. ClampArt mounts six to eight exhibitions per year featuring the work of emerging and mid-career photographers. For eight years prior to opening ClampArt, Brian Paul Clamp served as the director of a gallery on Manhattan's Upper East Side that specializes in late 19th- and early 20th-century American art. Clamp has curated numerous photography shows at various venues throughout the United States, and has reviewed photographers' portfolios on dozens of panels over the past several years. Brian Paul Clamp is the author of fifteen publications on American art to date, and also occasionally contributes written work to various art periodicals. Mr. Clamp can offer exhibition opportunities at his gallery in Manhattan, in addition to other spaces where he occasionally curates shows He can also suggest alternative venues for work, and provide commentary on and critique of portfolios. Mr. Clamp is most interested in reviewing developed and innovative bodies of work suitable for exhibition in New York. All types of imagery are welcome-from documentary to landscape, still life to conceptual. However, Mr. Clamp is not interested in reviewing commercial work intended for stock or advertising.

John M. Cleary, Collector/Dealer
John Cleary Gallery, Houston, Texas
John Cleary has been a private collector for 25 years and a fine art photography dealer for 10 years. He is a member of the Houston Art Dealers Association and AIPAD (The Association of International Photography Dealers). In 1996 he opened the John Cleary Gallery in Houston. Mr. Cleary prefers to review black and white photography.

Joan Davidow, Director/Curator - Reviewing: March 20-23
The Dallas Center for Contemporary Art, Dallas, Texas
Joan Davidow serves as director/curator at The Dallas Center for Contemporary Art. As director for the five years, Davidow has changed the face of the museum by exhibiting more cutting-edge work. Focusing on emerging Texas contemporary art, Ms. Davidow's forte is to present theme-based exhibitions that juxtapose talents working on similar concepts. With a strong commitment to education, Davidow has invented an Art Think program that teaches all ages how to look at, think and talk about contemporary art as a launching pad for creative thought. Curating for a mid-sized museum, Ms. Davidow can give curatorial feedback, consider new artists for exhibitions and suggest career ideas. Most interested in pushing boundaries, Ms. Davidow appreciates conceptual, inventive approaches to photography and prefers not to see non-imaginative, traditional subject matter. She watches for work that stands up best to what's being done globally.

R. Eric Davis, Director
Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, Texas
R. Eric Davis is currently the director for Deborah Colton Gallery. He has previously served as Curatorial Assistant to the curators of photography and prints and drawings at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and as director for two other Houston galleries. His unique perspective on non-profit and commercial venues will allow Mr. Davis to provide a breadth of advice. The gallery, producing approximately 10 exhibitions a year, is founded on being an innovative showcase for ongoing presentation and promotion of strong historical and visionary contemporary artists world-wide, whose diverse practices include painting, works on paper, sculpture, video, photography, and conceptual future media installations. The gallery aspires to provide a forum through connecting Texas, national and international artists to make positive change. Mr. Davis would like to review work of contemporary international interest, including documentary, and bodies of work which possess new, innovative, or interdisciplinary approaches to photography and photo-related art (including video). He does not wish to review nudes, traditional landscapes, glamour, flowers, or architecture.

Suzanne Dechert,Founder and Director - Reviewing: March 10-13
Melkweg Galerie
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Suzanne Dechert is one of the leading founders and art directors of the Melkweg: International Center for music, dance, theater, cinema, photography and new media (1972). In 1985 Ms. Dechert was founder of the Melkweg Galerie, the first photogallery in Amsterdam. In the 1980s and '90s Ms. Dechert was an organizer and director of large international events and festivals concerning women, African culture, AIDS, gays, refugees, the environmental and homeless. Working in conjunction with World Press Photo, Médecins sans Frontières, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, organizations for the homeless, disabled people, children and art institutions Ms. Dechert helped present visual arts in combination with theater, music and workshops. She has curated numerous solo and group shows and enjoys curating themed-exhibitions (social, political, spiritual). Ms. Dechert is most interested in reviewing series of portraits and creative staged photography. She is not interested in reviewing nudes, architecture, fashion and advertising. Ms. Dechert can offer possibilities for solo or group exhibitions in the Melkweg Galerie.

Kathy Aron Dowell, Director/Curator - Reviewing: March 15-18
Society for Contemporary Photography, Kansas City, Missouri
Kathy Dowell has served as the Executive Director/Curator of the SCP for nearly seven years and oversees all of the organization's key activities. Through its exhibitions program, SCP promotes and explores the breadth of contemporary photo-media and its interconnections with wider art practices and ideas. Ms Dowell is most interested in seeing bodies of work which are complete and which possess new, innovative or interdisciplinary approaches to the medium. She does not wish to see traditional/conventional work best suited for commercial galleries; including nudes, landscapes, flowers, or abandoned buildings and graphic architecture. Ms. Dowell offers the potential for curated group and/or solo exhibitions at the SCP, and other venues she curates.

Diana Edkins, Director of Exhibitions and Limited-Edition Photographs - Reviewing: March 20-23
Aperture Foundation, New York, NY
Diana Edkins is director of Aperture Foundation's traveling exhibitions program as well as the exhibitions program at Aperture's new space in Chelsea. She also runs the limited-edition photographs department. Since her arrival at Aperture in October 2002 she has placed many of Aperture's existing exhibitions worldwide as well as collaborating with photographers such as Stephen Shore, Joan Fontcuberta, Bruno Rosier, Gary Schneider and institutions such as Ellis Island in creating exhibitions of their work. Before her position at Aperture, she organized and curated the photographic archive at Condé Nast Publications. This became a vital source for magazines worldwide as well as numerous books and videos. She edited a number of books from the collection over the years. Prior to her many years at Condé Nast she worked with John Szarkowski in the Department of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art and worked with and studied under Beaumont Newhall. She has worked as an archivist, curator, editor, and appraiser. Ms. Edkins has reviewed and juried numerous exhibitions and competitions. With her experience from these diverse areas of photography she has gained an interest in and insight into a great diversity of photography. She enjoys seeing how individual visions are shaped, but is not partial to one area of photography.

Dr Bernd Fechner - Reviewing: March 15-18, Berlin, Germany and
In 2001 Dr. Bernd Fechner established "" in Berlin, the German agency for fine art photography. "" is an agency for art photography which represents and consults on all issues of photography in the art market, contracts, publishing, fundraising and royalties. For the last two years "" has directed Fotobild, the German Photographer's Fair. Dr. Fechner is member of the board of the German Society for Photography (DGPh) and the jury of Artcologne and has worked with well known photographers and international art and lifestyle magazines as the director of the PR and marketing department of Benedikt Taschen in Cologne. He is interested in any area of photography and offers insight in presentation ideas particularly any photographic project which is good for a gallery or museums, exhibitions and equally good for an eight or sixteen page feature in a public magazine.

Burt Finger - Reviewing: March 10-18
Photographs do not bend Galley, Dallas, Texas
Burt Finger is the director and co-owner of Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery. The gallery specializes in exhibiting contemporary works including conceptual, documentary, and social landscape. He and his wife, Missy, opened this gallery in 1995. Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery is approaching its eleventh year next month. The gallery specializes in exhibiting contemporary works including conceptual, documentary, and social landscape. It also focuses on the 1970's era of conceptual works and performance art. Also exhibited are vintage photographs by early 20th Century Masters. Before 1995 Burt was a private dealer in photography and antiques. Prior to this, Mr. Finger has had many interests and careers. While he was a photographer in the 1970s, he studied art and was exhibited in various galleries in Texas including the Contemporary Art Museum in Houston. He also taught photography at the University of North Texas. His current position as gallery director involves curatorial duties, research and sales. He also curates exhibitions outside the gallery for non-profit spaces. Mr. Finger is asking that photographers submit work that brings new vision and ideas to the art of photography.

Missy Finger - Reviewing: March 10-18
Photographs do not Bend, Dallas, Texas
Missy Finger is co-owner of Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery. The gallery specializes in exhibiting contemporary works including conceptual, documentary, and social landscape. Her partnership at the gallery involves curating exhibitions, writing, sales, publicity and research. She co-founded the gallery with her husband, Burt Finger, in 1995. Prior to opening the gallery, she and her husband acted as private dealers in fine art and antiques. Ms. Finger would like to review work that is challenging, unexpected. Works that are not confined to the image on the paper are of interest. She wishes not to view conventional nudes or conventional landscape.

Blake Fitch, Executive Director - Reviewing: March 10-13
Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, Massachusetts
Blake Fitch is the Executive Director and Curator of the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA. The Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston, Massachusetts is a small photography museum whose mission is to promote an appreciation of photographic art and a broader understanding of its visual, emotional and social impact. Fitch herself is a fine art and documentary photographer and holds a B.F.A. in Photography and a minor in photo history from Pratt. Additionally, she has pursued M.F.A. studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and holds a M.A. in Arts Administration from Boston University. Ms. Fitch is most interested in seeing completed bodies of work that are ready for exhibition and particularly interested in unique approaches to documentary work, though open to most any challenging, well thought out good work.

Mauro Fiorese, Consultant Curator - Reviewing: March 20-23
Centro Internazionale di Fotografia Scavi Scaligeri, Verona, Italy
Since 2005 Mauro Fiorese has worked as a consultant curator for exhibitions programs and for cultural activities such as workshops and lectures for contemporary photographers. Mauro Fiorese is a professor of Language and History of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the University of Verona in Italy. His works have been exhibited worldwide and are part of several private and public institutions such as the Bibliothèque nationale de France, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the Centro Internazionale di Fotografia Scavi Scaligeri in Verona. He can provide the opportunity of exhibiting and selling photographers works to the Centro Internazionale di Fotografia Scavi Scaligeri and to other private galleries in Italy. He is interested in seeing committed, conceptual bodies of works by young and established photographers/artists with a consistent, personal style and language. Mauro Fiorese is not interested in seeing commercial or sport photography.

Roy Flukinger, Reviewing: March 15-18
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas, Austin, Texas
Roy Flukinger is the present Research Curator of Photography and former Senior Curator of Photography and Film of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at The University of Texas at Austin. He holds degrees from Tulane University and from UT Austin, and teaches as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at The University. He has published and lectured extensively in the fields of regional, cultural and contemporary photography and the history of art and photography, and has produced or participated in nearly eighty exhibitions. The Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center of The University of Texas at Austin's collection has grown to encompass five million prints, negatives and transparencies, a research library of some 35,000 volumes of books and periodicals, numerous archives, and many holdings of photographic apparatus, manuscripts and memorabilia. Mr. Flukinger has been an adjunct assistant professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science and the Department of Art History at the University of Texas, as well as the Department of Art at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Mr. Flukinger is interested in reviewing all types of photography. He is not interested in looking at amateur photography.

Juan Alberto Gaviria - Reviewing: March 20-23
Centro Colombo Americano, Medellìn, Columbia and
Juan Alberto Gaviria is Director of Visual Arts for the Centro Colombo Americano (CCA) and also co-curator of FOTOFIESTA MEDELLIN. He has created and managed the most important international arts exchange program in Colombia, working with numerous institutions around the country. Mr. Gaviria has a strong commitment to international arts exchange and has placed a strong emphasis on photography since the mid 1980s. Most recently he participated as co-curator for the newly created photography biennial, FOTOFIESTA MEDELLIN. The Centro Colombo Americano, founded in 1947, is a private non-profit international cultural center devoted to academic and cultural exchange while promoting the multicultural diversity of the world we live in. The main program areas include foreign language learning, cinema, visual arts, and residencies for artists, lecture series, dance, library programs and academic exchange. The CCA produces publications in the areas of cinema and the visual arts. Mr. Gaviria is interested in reviewing a wide range of work, including both traditional and more avant garde work that will be considered for exhibitions and or residency projects at the Centro as well as for FOTOFIESTA MEDELLIN which is co-produced by the CCA and the Museum of Antioquia.

Christian John Gerstheimer, Curator - Reviewing: March 10-13
El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, Texas
In over two years as curator at The El Paso Museum of Art Christian Gerstheimer has curated exhibitions of the work of photographers such as Emmet Gowin, John Ward, Linda Ridgway and Michael P. Berman. While the El Paso Museum of Art is not specifically a photography museum it has actively collected and exhibited the work of contemporary photographers since its foundation forty years ago. Mr. Gerstheimer is also the author of various artist essays in the soon to be published Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Photography and is interested in seeing all types of art photography as well as artist's projects that incorporate photography. Documentary/photojournalistic work about contemporary issues that display a high understanding of the medium will also be considered.

Tom Gitterman - Reviewing: March 20-23
Gitterman Gallery, New York, NY
Tom Gitterman is the founder of the Gitterman Gallery which specializes in the medium of photography. The Gallery is concerned with exhibiting and representing artists and estates while also maintaining an inventory of work in a full range of styles and periods. He has also acted as the director of the Howard Greenberg Gallery and Gallery 292, and worked for the Zabriskie and Pace/MacGill Galleries. He offers and honest reaction to the work, ideas to help contextualize it within the history of art, the medium and the market place, and suggestions for editing, presentation, and direction. He is not interested in commercial photography.

Gigi Giannuzzi, Publisher and Director - Reviewing: March 20-23
Trolley Books, London, United Kingdom
Mr. Giannuzzi began his publishing career with Rizzoli and later founded his own independent publishing enterprise Westzone in 1997. Since 2001 he has been the publisher and director of Trolley books whose focus is reportage, social documentary and photojournalism. Several of the Trolley books are the work of Magnum photographers including Philip Jones' seminal work in Viet Nam. Trolley has published over 40 titles in 4 years with a diverse often daring subject matter that is not always conventionally easy to look at but whose stories are important. Mr. Giannuzzi is most interested in reviewing photojournalist, reportage, and social documentary work. He is not interested in reviewing photography without an issue or an interesting story behind it.

Anna Gripp - Reviewing: March 15-18
PHOTONEWS, Hamburg, Germany
Anna Gripp has been Editor of PHOTONEWS since 1989 and today shares the position of Chief Editor with Denis Brudna. PHOTONEWS is a magazine focused on the cultural aspects of photography. It is published ten times per year in German and is distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with worldwide subscriptions. PHOTONEWS reports on international festivals and events related to photography, publishes interviews with interesting persons from the photography scene, exhibition and book reviews, recent news from universities, scholarships and prizes. In each issue PHOTONEWS publishes a mixture of different portfolios of emerging and established artists, documentary, photojournalism, conceptual, and fine art. Anna Gripp is open to different fields of photography. She does not wish to see traditional nudes or flowers and commercial work for advertising.

Marek Grygiel, Curator - Reviewing: March 15-18
Centre for Contemporary Art., Mala Gallery ZPAF-CSW, Gazeta Wyborcza daily newspaper, Warsaw, Poland
Marek Grygiel has been the director of the Mala Gallery of the Union of Polish Art Photographers and CCA in Warsaw since 1982. The Mala Gallery is one of oldest and most independently active places for photography in Poland and Europe and he has personally overseen the curation of over 300 exhibitions. Mr. Grygiel is also the curator for the Centre of Contemporary Art in Warsaw and a Honorary Member of the Union Polish Art Photographers. He has curated international photo exhibitions in Germany, Austria, France, Lithuania, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Great Britain, Estonia, and Japan. He is the founder and editor in chief of the Fototapeta magazine, the picture editor in Gazeta Wyborcza daily newspaper, and he cooperates with art and photography magazines, Exit, Imago, Obieg. His major focus is on contemporary photography as art form and also some new documentary and journalistic photography connected with mass media. He is interested in viewing conceptual, experimental, humanistic photography and issue-oriented work.

Zheng Gu, Vice Director - Reviewing: March 10-13
Center for Visual Cultural Studies, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
Gu Zheng is an author, lecturer and Vice Director for the Center for Visual Cultural Studies, Fudan University. Gu Zheng has curated 10 shows in the U.S., China, Korea and Japan including the Chinese section of the 2002 Asia Photo Biennale, "Shifting Views: Chinese Urban Documentary Photography;" and "Between Memory and Reality;" Mr. Zheng is most interested in viewing photojournalism, new documentary and art photography. Gu Zheng can provide information and lectures regarding contemporary Chinese photography. He is not interested in viewing traditional landscapes, nudes and portraiture.

Ellen Handy- Reviewing: March 10-13
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas, Austin, TX
Ellen Handy is Executive Curator of Photography and Visual Collections at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, which houses one of the world’s greatest of photography, including the first photograph ever made. The Ransom Center regularly acquires works by outstanding contemporary photographers and maintains active photography exhibition, publishing and lecture programs. Ms. Handy formerly served as curator of collections at the International Center of Photography in New York, and has taught history of photography and art at many universities, as well as writing art criticism for a variety of publications. She is seeking photographs of interest to the Ransom Center, and can also give practical advice regarding how curators tend to respond to new work and the photographers who make it. She offers photographers dialogue about the place of their work within the larger critical framework of the medium and within contemporary art and photographic practice. Ms. Handy is open to most photographic subjects, genres and media, but is not interested in seeing conventional images of flowers, nudes, travel and the like.

Elda Harrington, Director - Reviewing: March 20-23
Encuentros Abiertos, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Elda Harrington has been the Co-Director of Encuentros Abiertos de Fotografia for 16 years and the director of the Escuela Argentina de Fotografia since 1987. She is also the president of Luz Austral Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting photography in Argentina. Ms. Harrington is an international curator for Argentine photography, an independent photographer, publisher of photo catalogs and advisor to the Cultural Department of the Argentine Foreign Ministry. She is active as a reviewer in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, US, Spain and France. Ms. Harrington is interested in reviewing all types of photography except photojournalism and advertising. She can provide an opportunity for invitations to exhibit and participate at the Encuentros Abiertos-Festival of Light in Argentina August 2006.

Melissa Harris, Editor - Reviewing: March 10-13
Aperture Magazine
Melissa Harris is Editor-in-Chief of Aperture magazine, and editor/curator of selected books and exhibitions. She also writes for various arts and culture publications, and teaches at NYU and Columbia. Aperture foundation began in 1952 as a not-for-profit arts institution dedicated to advancing fine photography. Aperture magazine purpose is to serve the medium, and photography users and fine art lovers worldwide. Ms. Harris is interested in work that is at least one year in progress, challenging, focused, and controversial is fine. She is not interested in banal photography. Ms. Harris can offer photographers the opportunity to be published.

François Hébel, Director - Reviewing: March 15-18
Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles, France
François Hébel has directed many photography festivals including the Magnum Photos and Magnum International, and continues to direct the Rencontres d'Arles photo festival. He is the director of the FNAC photo galleries in France and Belgium and has published many books. He is interested in honestly reviewing innovative photography that pushes the medium in new esthetical directions. He has no interest in classical and academic work.

Virginia Heckert, Associate Curator,Department of Photographs - Reviewing: March 10-13
J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California
Virginia Heckert joined the curatorial staff of the J. Paul Getty's renown Department of Photographs in November of 2005, following a four-year tenure as the inaugural William and Sarah Ross Soter Curator of Photography at the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach, FL. The Getty's Department of Photographs was formed from nine important private collections and parts of several others in mid-1984. Comprising European and American photographs that span the history of photography from its invention to the present day, it is the only collection at the Getty Museum to include modern and contemporary art. While the Getty's strengths are evenly divided between the 19th and 20th centuries, the work of our times has become increasingly relevant to the Museum's mission; FotoFest thus provides an opportunity for its staff to be well informed about current practices. Ms. Heckert is most interested in seeing the work of photographers who have already had some exposure to the art market in the form of gallery or museum exhibitions, and whose work demonstrates a dialogue with both traditional and more experimental forms of photographic practice.

Gary Hesse, Reviewing: March 10-13
RayKo Photo Center, San Francisco, California
Gary Hesse is currently the director/curator of the RayKo Photo Center, prior to his appointment in 2004, Hesse was the associate director of Light Work, a non-profit organization supporting emerging and under represented artists through exhibitions, publications, and residencies. The RayKo Photo Center is a unique artist-run photographic arts center that has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area photographic community since 1990 through exhibitions, lectures, and educational programming. In 2004 the organization opened a brand new and expanded facility in the city's Museum District dedicated to the creation, presentation, and appreciation of contemporary photography. The RayKo Photo Center serves to advance public appreciation of photography and create opportunities for regional and national artists to create and present their work in stimulating environment which fosters creation, experimentation and innovation. Mr. Hesse is interested in reviewing all types of photography and related media for future group and solo exhibitions. He does not wish to view commercial or stock photography

Eva Marlene Hodek, Director - Reviewing: March 10-23
Prague House of Photography, Prague, Czech Republic
Eva Hodek is a curator, critic and teacher of photography, external member of the Selection Board of Czech Ministry of Culture (Foreign Department), and the Director of the Prague House of Photography (PHP), a non-profit institution / center dedicated to photography. The PHP has presented both classic and contemporary photography, domestic and international photographers, with special exhibits devoted to the cultural / art heritage of Czech Avant-Garde Photography. My interest is, among others, viewing portrait and documentary photography. I would like to see conceptual, experimental and issue-oriented work that operates within a social or cultural context, works employing a social or political theme in addition to fine art photography and architecture. She is open to new trends and to any innovative / creative approaches to the medium across all genres. Ms. Hodek is not interested in reviewing photojournalism, commercial work, decorative photography, editorial photography, photo installations, nude or glamour photography, traditional landscapes or flowers. Ms. Hodek can provide the opportunity of exhibiting and presenting photographer's work at the Prague House of Photography or in other galleries and institutions in the Czech Republic.

Lisa Hostetler, Assistant Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs - Reviewing: March 10-13
Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Lisa Hostetler is currently the assistant curator of prints, drawings and photographs at the Milwaukee Art Museum. She received her BA in Art History from New York University and holds a PhD in the History of Art from Princeton University. She came to Milwaukee in April of 2005 after four years in the Department of Photographs at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and several prior years at the Howard Greenberg Gallery. From 2000 to 2002, she taught the History of Photography as an adjunct professor at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She brings to The Meeting Place a curatorial eye well schooled in the medium's history and attuned to contemporary issues in the field, and she will happily share her extensive knowledge of museum and gallery procedures with aspiring photographers. For exceptional work, exhibition and/or acquisition opportunities at the Milwaukee Art Museum are a possibility. She looks forward to seeing and discussing new work with participating photographers, but is not particularly interested in the following areas: commercial photography, fashion/glamour photography, and predictable images in traditional photographic genres. Innovative street photography, well-developed bodies of work in conceptual art, and experimental approaches to aesthetic problems are of special interest to her.

W.M. Hunt, Bill Hunt - Reviewing: March 10-13
Hasted Hunt, New York, New York
W.M. Hunt - Bill Hunt - is a New York-based collector, curator and consultant, a champion of photography. He is one of the partner's in Hasted Hunt. His Collection Dancing Bear consists of magical, heart-stopping images of people whose eyes cannot be seen; the collection has been profiled in The New York Times, Art News, and other publications and on PBS. In the past year Sans Regard or No Eyes, Looking at Collection Dancing Bear was exhibited at the Rencontres d'Arles in France and at the Musee d'Elysee in Lasaunne, Switzerland. He is the Chairman of the Center for Photography at Woodstock and the former Chairman of Photographers + Friends United Against AIDS. He serves on the Board of the W. Eugene Smith Fund, and he was the head juror for this year's Smith Award. For Photo District News he produces and moderates a series of panels, "Your Picture ... ". and he is an adjunct professor at the School of Visual Arts. Mr. Hunt is most interested in reviewing work that work that demonstrates an independent and innovative thinking. His is not interested in viewing montages, nude studies (erotic work is fine), or works in progress. Bill Hunt can offer a critical assessment or try to stimulate a way of thinking about the marketing and promotion of an artist's work.

Allison Hunter, Executive Director
Houston Center for Photography, Houston, Texas
Allison Hunter is Executive Director of the Houston Center for Photography. Before working at HCP, Hunter was Artistic Director of De Santos Gallery in Houston. She was Curatorial Assistant for the Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery in Saratoga Springs, New York and worked for other commercial galleries in New York and Lausanne, Switzerland. Hunter taught university-level visual art (Computer Art, Cyber Art, and Web Design) courses for several years after completing her MFA in Electronic Art from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Hunter writes about art for national publications such as HOW design, Sculpture, and electronicbookreview. She has edited SPOT magazine for the past 3 years. Ms. Hunter is most interested in reviewing work that re-defines photography through experimental or conceptual strategies. She welcomes multi-media work, installation, as well as traditional media. Photo-based projects for SPOT magazine are also of interest. She is not interested in reviewing Commercial photography and "babescapes." Ms. Hunter can respond to artwork with a contemporary eye, advise artists on sequencing images in their portfolio, suggest appropriate venues in the US and Europe (particularly Houston and New York).

Razvan Ion, Editor - Reviewing: March 15-18
Pavilion Magazine, Bucharest, Romania and and
Media artist and theoretician. Editor of the contemporary art magazine artphoto distributed world-wide. He published recently his artist book "visual_witness". Visiting lecturer at various universities and art centers like University of California Berkeley, Headlans Center for the Arts San Francisco and Art Academy Timisoara. As artist he exhibited around the world including latest "Going Public" curated by Claudia Zanfi, "identity_factories" curated by Eugen Radescu and "Distance" curated by Zsolt Petranyi. Creator of the art group and reader "Critical Factor". Curator of "The Art, Tehnology and Culture" lectures series in Bucharest and one of the initiators of Tart (art magazines network) []. He is also the director of Bucharest Biennial (former artphoto festival). Razvan ion can publish the work in the magazine and can recomend artists for Bucharest Biennale and for many other art events where he is member of advisory board. He is interested in reviewing contemporary artwork.

Michelle Jackson, Senior Art Buyer - Reviewing: March 10-13
Snap Indigo, New York, New York
Michelle Jackson spent the last 10 years working in New York as an Art Buyer in commercial advertising for a variety of companies, including Grey Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi and J. Walter Thompson producing a variety of campaigns for clients such as Tanqueray, Starburst and Nokia. In the Fall of 2005, Michelle founded her own company in order to expand her work in the photography industry. She continues her work as an Art Buyer while running a bimonthly photography series at the Half King in Chelsea and working on a variety of curatorial projects. Ms. Jackson brings a keen understanding of the commercial photography industry and offers the potential of hanging exhibitions at the Half King and other area venues. Ms. Jackson is particularly interested in photojournalism, documentary, portrait and fashion photography. She is does not wish to see architecture or flowers.

Russell Joslin, Editor - Reviewing: March 20-23
Shots Magazine
Russell Joslin is the Owner/ Editor, and Publisher of Shots Magazine. Shots is an independent, reader-supported, quarterly journal of fine art photography known for its democratic presentation of work by a variety of photographers from around the world. Often described as a "photographer's photography magazine, " Shots reaches a broad audience that includes not only photographers, but also educators, gallery directors, museums, and others interested in photography. Joslin offers the opportunity of publication of photographers' work in Shots, and is interested in seeing developed bodies of thought-provoking imagery of all types and subject matter, but does not wish to review floral, glamour, wildlife, architectural, or traditional landscape photography.

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas - Reviewing: March 10-13
Vsl “Sviesos rastas” - F Galerija/Kaunas Photo Days, Kaunas, Lithuania
Mindaugas Kavaliauskas is the founder of the only festival of Photography in the Baltic states, Kaunas Photo Days and F Galerija ir Kaunas. The 2006 Kaunas Photo days theme is "Time." Kaunas Photo Days consists of 30+ exhibitions, portfolio reviews, workshops, conferences and other satellite events. Kaunas Photo Days is a founding member of the Photo Festival Union. Mr. Kavaliauskas wants to review work that has strong visual content such as time, contemporary landscapes, consumer society, photographic montage, staged photography and optical manipulation. He does not want to review glamour, war photography and images of violence. Mr. Kavaliauskas can exhibit work within Lithuanian galleries, include work in national and international publication and promote interesting work within the network of Photofestivals in Europe.

Thomas Kellner - Reviewing: March 10-13
Photographers:network, Siegen, Germany,
Thomas Kellner is an artist, teacher and collector who manages an artist-to-artist project called "photographers:network."(2004). Every year he invites 100 artists to participate in an international juried show, based on trading prints. Thomas Kellner is a photographer, teacher, curator and collector and actively organizes networks with fellow artists. Together with his partner he runs a gallery in Siegen/Germany and is well connected to all kinds of exhibition possibilities and media in Germany and Europe. Mr. Kellner is able to provide advice on how to create your own career or to involve you in his projects and exhibitions. Thomas is interested in seeing all kinds of work, but with an individual and strong visual language. Thomas Kellner is not interested in reviewing commercial or stock photography.

Julie Kinzelman, President
Kinzelman Art Consulting
Julie Kinzelman is the President and Senior Project Manager on all projects. For six years Kinzelman Art Consulting has been providing arts-management services including: art acquisition advisement for corporate, institutional and private collections. Since 1995 Julie Kinzelman has been providing art consulting expertise to clients in the areas of acquisitions, collections management, curating exhibitions, educational art programming, public relations and marketing. From 1992-1995 Ms. Kinzelman worked at the George Eastman House, Museum of Film and Photography, Rochester, NY. In 1994 Ms. Kinzelman received her Master of Imaging Arts and Sciences, Fine Art Photography from The Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY and her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography from Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas. I am interested in reviewing innovative or interdisciplinary approaches to photography in addition to fine art landscape imagery. I am not interested in viewing Socio-Political, Documentary, Environmental, Nude/Glamour, or Flower Photography. I can advise and assist photographers with appropriate ways of presenting their portfolios and work for consideration by Corporate Consultants and Collectors. I can also advise on aesthetic considerations that may assist photographers with content, composition, concept, printing and presentation.

Hans-Michael Koetzle, Editor - Reviewing: March 15-18
Leica World Magazine, Munich, Germany
Hans-Michael Koetzle is working as a freelance art critic, writer, editor and exhibition curator, based in Munich (Germany). Beside his activities for museums, galleries and print media he is editor of Leica World magazine since 1996. Leica World is published twice a year by Leica Camera AG, Solms, Germany. With it's big format, extraordinary printing and classic design Leica World tries to be a distinguished platform for contemporary photography between photojournalism, documentary and art. Portfolios go from 6 up to 12 pages in superb black and white or color printing quality. Photo essays, reportages or series published in Leica World can also enter the international Leica Gallery program, where Mr. Koetzle is part of the jury. Mr. Koetzle is interested in viewing work which follows an idea, is based on a concept and shows visual strength. If the work is not yet ready to be published, Mr. Koetzle is able to give advice or develop together with the photographer future possibilities to bring the work to an audience.

Paul Kopeikin - Reviewing: March 20-23
Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles, California
Paul Kopeikin has owned and operated the Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles for over fourteen years. During that time he has curated over 100 exhibitions in the gallery as well as judging numerous competitions. He is most interested in seeing contemporary color work. He is least interested in reviewing traditional black and white work. Mr. Kopeikin can represent, exhibit and /or purchase work.

Angela Krass, Consultant/Editor - Reviewing: March 20-23
FOTO-PROJX and Graphis, York and Los Angeles USA
Angela Krass has produced hundreds of commercials, music videos and television projects. In 2000 she ventured into the still photography world as a marketing consultant for American Showcase where she produced, edited and marketed the advertising industry tome KLIK from Volume 8 through 11. The success of these books lead her to consult for Graphis Press and the "Photography Profile," featuring exceptional work from emerging new talents as well as established artists from all over the world. Late in 2004 she formed FOTOPROJX, a consultancy focusing on marketing for the arts; agenting art with photographers, publishers, galleries and art institutions. Angela Krass is interested in reviewing a wide range of work, but prefer seeing creative, comprehensive bodies of work that are ready to market or those seeking evaluation of work in progress. She would like to see any work that would allow her to review its publishing or exhibition potential. Ms. Krass is not interested in photo illustration and commercial stock photography.

Dewi Lewis - Reviewing: March 15-18
Dewi Lewis Publishing, Manchester, United Kingdom
Dewi Lewis has extensive experience of working within the arts, specializing in cultural development projects. He began publishing photography books over 20 years ago, and establishing his own company in 1994. He has published the work of many leading international photographers including Simon Norfolk, Martin Parr, Bruce Gilden, Bill Brandt, William Klein. He is also the author of Publishing Photography which won PhotoEye's Photography Resource Book of the Year award in 1999. Mr. Lewis can bring a realistic understanding of the world market for photography to photographers. Mr. Lewis is interested in viewing work of international interest, particularly photojournalism, new documentary, and landscape. He is not, however, interested in viewing nude photography.

Kevin Longino, Managing Director
Watermark Fine Art Photographs and Books, Houston, TX
Kevin Longino is the Managing Director of Watermark Fine Art Photographs and Books. The gallery has been open for 2 years and specializes in contemporary photographic art and features emerging to mid-career photographic artists. Mr. Longino is a founder and part-owner of the Gallery and is responsible for managing the artists’ relationships, exhibition selections and client development. Formerly, Mr. Longino was affiliated with the high-tech industry. Mr. Longino and Watermark are most interested in seeing new approaches to traditional subjects, techniques and alternative processes. Watermark gallery is not interested in reviewing work that is overtly sexual or violent. Watermark can provide feedback to new photographers on presenting their work and developing relationships with galleries. Waterman also has plans to increase its representation of photographers over the next year.

Celina Lunsford, Artistic Director - Reviewing: March 15-18
Fotografie Forum international, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Celina Lunsford is a curator and consultant for Fotografie Forum international and a critic and author on photography. She is a European representative of the Imogen Cunningham Trust, guest curator for the Goethe Institut, Frankfurt am Main; juror and consultant for Slow Exposures, Georgia, USA. Ms. Lunsford is a commissioned writer for revised edition of the Witkin Photography Collectors Guide (2006), IRIS (UK), publication on Still-Lifes (2005) and Photo Technik International Magazine, Hamburg. Her professional experience spans over 20 years of curating and organizing photographic exhibitions throughout the world Ms. Lunsford is interested in viewing well developed projects of journalistic or fine art photographic quality which are fresh for the exhibition or publication. She is not interested in viewing commercial or advertising photography. She can provide advice on editing and marketing your work and exhibitions.

Gordon MacDonald - Reviewing: March 10-13
Photoworks, UK
Gordon Macdonald has been the editor, curator and projects manager of Photoworks magazine, based in Brighton, England, since its inception in 2003. Photoworks is a visual arts organization based in the South East of England. We commission new photography projects, produce exhibitions and publications, and initiate research and education programs. He is most interested in reviewing all contemporary photographic works for magazine publication. He will be curating a science/art exhibition and publication in 2007. Gordon MacDonald is not interested in reviewing nude studies, glamour photography or platinum prints of landscapes. He can publish work in Photoworks magazine, commission photographers to work in the UK and select work for group and solo exhibitions in the UK.

Vaclav Macek - Reviewing: March 15-18
FOTOFO Foundation, Bratislava, Slovakia
Vaclav Macek is the Director of the Mesiac fotografie (the Month of Photography), which is the most important photography festival in Central Europe. The festival was founded in 1991 and presents between 30-40 exhibitions from all over the world each year. Vaclay Macek is interested in reviewing a range of work, particularly documentary projects.

James E. Maloney
Private Collector, Houston, Texas
Mr. James E. Maloney has worked with the photography accessions committee at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. He is also a former member of the board of directors for FotoFest and the Houston Center for Photography. Mr. Maloney is most interested in viewing European, Eastern Europe, sheet photography and new techniques. He is not interested in reviewing landscapes.

John Wesley Mannion - Reviewing: March 10-13
Light Work/Community Darkrooms, Syracuse, New York
Since 1973, Light Work/ Community Darkrooms has provided direct support to artists working in photography and digital imaging through exhibitions, lectures, classes, artists residencies, publications and other related projects. John Wesley Mannion has been the Digital Imaging Lab Manager at LW/CD for the past five years. John teaches Syracuse University's advanced digital photography classes as well as graduate classes in the School of Information Studies. John is willing to look at a variety of work in any stage of process, but is most interested in artists who are looking to produce their work digitally. He is looking for potential Artist-in-Residence and can assist artists in understanding the possibilities for the production of their work

Lesley A. Martin, Executive Editor- Reviewing: March 20-23
Aperture Foundation, New York, New York
Lesley A. Martin is executive editor of the book-publishing program at the Aperture Foundation, where she has worked on-and-off for the past ten years. In between stints at Aperture, she served as Senior Editor and Production Director at Umbrage Editions. Her writing has been published in Aperture, American Photo, DoubleTake, and Interiors magazine, among other publications. She is the editor of over forty books on photography, including Reflex: A Vik Muniz Primer; and Model American: Katy Grannan. Aperture was founded in 1952 as a not-for-profit arts organization and publisher dedicated to promoting photography as a unique form of artistic expression.
Reaching a worldwide audience, Aperture¹s programs include Aperture magazine, book publishing, traveling exhibitions, education and outreach programming. Lesley is interested in looking at strong, well-developed work that pushes the boundaries of photography, combines genres in interesting ways, and otherwise defies expectations. Most of all, I am interested in meeting with photographers who are open to honest feedback and discussion of ideas. I can help with shaping book projects toward potential publication, whether or not they are projects that would be appropriate for Aperture.

Stephen Mayes, Director - Reviewing: March 15-18
Image Archive at Art + Commerce, New York
Stephen Mayes has worked with photography, art and journalism for 20 years. He is Director of the Image Archive at Art + Commerce, the New York agency representing photographers working across the fields of fashion, art and commerce. Stephen previously worked as Director of Network Photographers, an independent reportage agency and he went on to develop creative strategies for major commercial agencies as Creative Director of Getty Images and CEO of Photonica in USA. While Creative Director of Stephen worked with many contemporary artists including Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Richard Misrach and others. Stephen has curated several photographic exhibitions including "Positive Lives" which continues to tour in four continents. He has written and broadcast extensively on the ethics and a reality of photographic practices, and is currently the Secretary to the jury of the World Press Photo competition. Stephen is interested in seeing project work and can advise on commercial opportunities including publishing and distribution. He is not interested in seeing fashion work.

Kate Menconeri, Program Director - Reviewing: March 20-23
Center for Photography at Woodstock
As the Program Director of the Center for Photography at Woodstock, Kate Menconeri conceptualizes and directs CPW's year-round creative and educational offerings. Founded in 1977, CPW is dedicated to supporting the creation, education, and presentation of the photographic arts. Menconeri, who has been with CPW since 1995, has curated numerous solo and group shows including Foreign Affair, True Story, Invisible Cities, and co-curated with Ariel Shanberg, Managing Eden, which traveled to the University of North Texas in Denton. She is the co-editor of PHOTOGRAPHY Quarterly Magazine and produces CPW's nationally distinguished Woodstock Photography Workshop and Lecture series. In addition to her work at CPW Ms. Menconeri most recently served as a juror for the 21st Annual PDN / Nikon Self Promotion Awards, PhotoLucida's Critical Mass, and has been reviewing portfolios at Fotofest since 2000. As a reviewer, Kate offers participants professional development, supportive guidance, and curatorial insight, as well as CPW's diverse program opportunities. She is most interested in seeing innovative, cohesive, and meaningful bodies of contemporary creative photography with a strong concept or theme. Please note that CPW rarely exhibits traditional photojournalism, nudes, landscapes, nature, and commercial work for stock or advertising.

Pedro Meyer, Editor-in-Chief - Reviewing: March 15-18
ZoneZero, Mexico City, Mexico
ZoneZero is a site on the internet, dedicated to photography and its journey from the analog to digital world. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the on-line publication of photographic work, discussion forums, editorial reviews and articles regarding photography. ZoneZero has been operating for 12 years from its headquarters in Mexico City with Pedro Meyer as Editor-in-Chief. Hosting the work of more than a 1000 photographers from all over the world ZoneZero is viewed by an average of 500,000 visitors a month. 55 million webpages at the ZoneZero website have been visited over the last 12 months. Pedro Meyer is one Latin America's most prominent photographers who from the seventies on expanded the awareness of international circles about the work done by his colleagues in Latin America. He has also contributed significantly with his pioneering work to bridge the transition between traditional photography and digital-image making. His work has been exhibited in over 120 collective exhibitions, and more than 100 solo presentations. He has been recipient of awards both in Mexico and abroad, amongst which he counts grants from the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Rockefeller Foundation. His latest show "The Camera's Brushes" features a series of large-scale portraits taken during a religious procession in Trenedad, Brazil. This work combines the painterly with the hyper-real. He is most interested in reviewing non-commercial porfolios. As head of ZoneZero he can publish fresh and exciting new work in a world-reknown virutal gallery.

Yossi Milo, President - Reviewing: March 20-23
Yossi Milo Gallery, New York, New York
Yossi Milo is the Director of the Yossi Milo Gallery in New York City. Established in 1997 the gallery is dedicated to presenting the work of emerging and established photographers and has grown into a well-respected venue for contemporary photography. The photographers represented by the gallery come from a vast array of backgrounds and include Loretta Lux, Shelby Lee Adams, Simen Johan, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Lise Sarfati, and Nicholas Nixon. Mr. Milo is best known for finding emerging talent and presenting exhibitions of never before seen work. Yossi Milo sits on the Board of the Center for Photography at Woodstock and has done portfolio reviews and lectures across the United States. He is most interested in seeing completed work in the area of Fine Art Photography, including digital work.

Charles Dee Mitchell - Reviewing: March 15-18
Freelance Art Critic, Dallas, TX USA
Charles Dee Mitchell has been writing about contemporary art for the past 25 years. He is currently a regular contributor to Art in America and the Dallas Morning News. He has contributed catalog essays to exhibitions at The Dallas Museum of Art, The Columbus Art Museum (Columbus, OH), as well as other museum and gallery spaces. As a curator he has worked with both commercial and academic venues. He strongest interests are in documentary projects and photo journalism, but he does not want to limit his reviews to only those areas. He is not interested in glamour photography or fashion. A thirty year career in book retailing has kept him in close contact with art and photography publishing both here and abroad, For photographers interested in developing book projects he can advise on both how to shape the project and suggest potential markets.

Chuck Mobley - Reviewing: March 10-13
SF Camerawork, San Francisco, California
Chuck Mobley is currently the associate director of San Francisco Camerawork. Camerawork is a nonprofit organization established in 1974 to support the work of emerging and mid-career artists who explore new directions in photography and related media. Through exhibitions, publications, and educational programs, Camerawork aims to stimulate public dialogue and inquiry about contemporary image-making. Mr. Mobley offers the potential for group and/or solo exhibitions at Camerawork as well as inclusion in the organization's publication, Camerawork: A Journal of Photographic Arts. Mr. Mobley is most interested in work that may be a hybrid of different mediums or that utilize antiquarian processes by emerging artists. He is not interested in seeing traditional nudes, landscapes, or commercial photography.

Joan Morgenstern
Private Collector, Houston, Texas
Joan Morgenstern is a private collector living in Houston and is involved in various aspects of the photographic community. Her collection is varied and eclectic. She is co-chair of the Robert I. Kahn Gallery of Congregation Emanu El, which has an extensive collection of Jewish Artwork, including a number of photographs. The work that is exhibited and collected by the gallery includes Jewish subjects, or subjects of a moral or ethical nature. Rarely are shows dealing with the Holocaust exhibited because of the existence of the Houston Holocaust Museum. She is also a member of the Photography Accessions Committee at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Sarah Morthland, Director - Reviewing: March 20-23
Archive Consulting and Management Services LLC, New York, NY
Sarah Morthland has worked in the field of photography for over 25 years. In 1996, after serving for nine years as the director of the Howard Greenberg Gallery and founding Gallery 292 in New York, she departed to open Sarah Morthland Gallery, the first gallery devoted to photography in the Chelsea art district of Manhattan. In 1998, she also developed Archive Consulting and Management Services, an appraisal business that specializes in estate and collection management. Ms. Morthland is a longterm member of the Board of Advisors for the Center for Photography at Woodstock. She is most interested in seeing black, white and color fine art photography and the contemporary use of 19th century and other alternative processes, with an emphasis on in-depth projects, and offers advice in pursuing and completing a project, editing a body of work, portfolio presentation, and historic and contemporary contextualization. She does not wish to see advertising and other commercial type photographs, traditional landscapes, traditional documentary projects.

Karla Osorio Netto, Executive Director/Curator - Reviewing: March 15-18
FOTO ARTE FESTIVAL, Brasilia, Brazil
Karla Osorio Netto is a lawyer and art historian, a contemporary art collector and the executive director/curator of FOTO ARTE FESTIVAL in Brasília, Brazil, which has existed since 2002 and is one of the most important photographic festivals in Brazil dedicated to photography and new media. The Festival is coordinated by the ARTE 21 office of consultancy and becoming a non profit arts organization. Previously occurring every year, the festival will now be a biennial, and produce some exhibitions year round. From 2006 on it will offer a national prize of photography, and the other years a complete festival with several (around 70 exhibitions), portfolio reviews, lectures and workshops. Mrs. Osorio is also a publisher of art books, specialized in contemporary art and photography. Mrs.Osorio is most interested in seeing bodies of work which are (or nearly) complete and which possess new, innovative or interdisciplinary approaches to the medium and intend to be closer to a contemporary art work. She does not wish to see traditional nudes, landscapes and flowers.

Robert Morton, President - Reviewing: March 15-18
Aspetuck Press, Redding, CT, USA
Robert Morton is the president of Aspetuck Press, which is a book publishing consulting firm, specializing in art and photographically illustrated books, catalogues, and exhibitions. Robert Morton was a picture editor and series editor with Time-Life Books in the 1960s, and served as editor-in-chief at New York Graphic Society (now Bulfinch Press), Harry N. Abrams, Inc., and Aperture Foundation Book Division. During this time Morton edited books by Henri Cartier Bresson, Richard Avedon, Ansel Adams, Edward Steichen, Andreas Feininger, Elliot Erwitt, O. Winston Link, and many others. Since 1994 he has been a freelance editor of books, a book packager, and a consultant on photographic book publishing. He has recently served as curator of a major photographic exhibition for a New York museum. He is interested in reviewing significant bodies of work that have potential as books; the content/subject matter may be anything. He is not interested in abstract work or highly manipulated work of pure imagination. Robert Morton can offer photographers insights into the viability of their work in book form, suggestions on finding a publisher, making presentations, and concluding an arrangement. In a few cases, he may offer to take a project on as agent or packager

Alison Nordström, Curator of Photographs - Reviewing: March 10-13
George Eastman House/International Museum of Photography and Film, Rochester, New York
Alison Nordström is the Curator of Photographs at George Eastman House, the oldest and largest museum of photography in the world. Its collection includes more than 400,000 photographs covering the history of the medium from daguerreotype to digital. She is responsible for acquisitions and exhibitions and is the USA Director of the Ryerson University M.A. program in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management. Formerly the Director and Senior Curator of the Southeast Museum of Photography, she is widely published and has produced over 100 photographic exhibitions. She holds a PhD in Cultural and Visual Studies. Nordström offers photographers a critical assessment of their work and its presentation as well as the possibility of exhibition, publication and acquisition by GEH. She is currently interested in experimental work in progress including video mixed media and web-based practice as well as work with political content and work related to teenagers. She is not interested in viewing traditional nudes, landscape or travel work, or work that employs infra-red, solarization, or basic photoshop for its effects.

Ute Noll - Reviewing: March 20-23
Frankfurter Rundschau Magazine, Frankfurt, Germany
Ute Noll is picture editor of the Frankfurter Rundschau Magazine, the award winning weekend supplement of the national daily newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau. Weekly she has published Portfolios on emerging and established artists in her section "Focus on..." for nearly six years now. The magazine mainly produces color material. In the editorial section of the magazine, she is known for using cutting edge photography, which on occasion generates the editorial theme. For the weekly politics supplements of the paper Ute Noll is also known for combining editorial issues with issue orientated art projects in a way that it is a completion for both parts. In her group show "extrem" 2004 in Frankfurt she showed some of her dicoveries from Fotofest 2003: Dave Anderson, Sian Bonnell, Allison Hunter, Jennifer Long, Nathalie Latham. Most recently Ute Noll has started to teach part-timeat the university of applied arts in Dortmund. In the reviews Ms. Noll wants to see innovative and cutting edge photography in all aspects of art, fashion, cultural,social, political,documentary, and staged photography. She does not want to see traditional nudes and landscape photography.

Christine Ollier, Artistic Director - Reviewing: March 15-18
Gallery Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris, France - Brussels/Belgium
Ms. Ollier is the Artistic Director and Cofounder of Gallery Les Filles du Calvaire, a commercial institution specializing in contemporary art. Formerly Ms. Ollier was an antiques dealer, art historian, curator, gallery director in New York. She has also served as President of a non-profit association that networked art exchanges between galleries other arts organizations and promoted cultural events. Ms. Ollier is interested in reviewing contemporary staged, narrative and documentary photography. She is not interested in reviewing photography that is photojournalistic, classic, nude or erotic in nature. Ms. Ollier can advise phographers about the French and European contemporary art scene and help them make connections with curators, festival directors and galleries.

Edward J. Osowski, Ph.D.
Collector, Houston, Texas
Since September 2003, Edward Osowski has been employed as a photography consultant with Royka Auctioneer and Appraiser. He served four terms as resident of the board of Houston Center for Photography (1993-1997). At HCP he has been a regular contributor to Spot Magazine with reviews of books and exhibitions. Since 2001 he has been a member of the Board of Directors of Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts, where he focused his attention on assisting with the development of the museum's holdings of new photography and with locating funding sources for the Museum's anticipated celebration of 100 years of exhibiting photography later this year. Mr. Osowski is interested in reviewing work by photographers who have not had much exposure. He is interested in documentary/photo-journalism and is also interested in photographers working with 19th century techniques. Mr. Osowski is not interested in installation pieces or digital work. He will be able to assist photographers in strengthening the verbal aspect of their presentations.

Joaquim Paiva - Reviewing: March 15-18
Madrid, Spain;
Joaquim Paiva has been photographing, curating, lecturing, and observing the international contemporary visual arts scene since the mid 1970s. Mr. Paiva translated Susan Sontag's book On Photography into Portuguese. He is also a photographer concerned with the medium as a means for self-expression. Parts of his collection has been exhibited at home and abroad, including Buenos Aires 1997, FotoFest Houston 1998, Lima 1999, Paris 2001, São Paulo 2002 and Nice-France 2005. An important book on Mr Paiva´s collection was published in Brazil in 2003 with 275 images by 97 photographers. Joaquim Paiva is interested in reviewing all types of work particularly creative, experimental bodies of work in which the photographer is committed to quality, innovative and contemporary issues. Mr. Paiva can assist photographers by purchasing photographs, curating exhibitions, and helping photographers make connections with galleries and institutions in Brazil and Spain.

Ann Pallesen, Gallery Director - Reviewing: March 20-23
Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, Washington
Ann Pallesen is an artist, lecturer, curator, panelist and the Gallery Director of PCNW (Photographic Center Northwest), a non-profit dedicated to offering fine art photography education, supporting the arts community, and enhancing public awareness of fine art photography since 1988. The Center fosters community through gallery exhibits and receptions, lectures, projects with other arts organizations, artists-in-residence,events for members, darkrooms used by students and renters, and subsidized programs for youth. Ms. Pallesen has curated and organized over 100 exhibitions and lectures in Seattle, by artists such as Gertrude Blom, Elinor Carucci, Keith Carter, Bruce Davidson, Harold E. Edgerton, Elliott Erwitt, Arthur Fellig (Weegee), Jason Fulford, Graciela Iturbide, Chris Jordan, Alberto Korda, Andrew Miksys, Bill Owens, Ken Rosenthal, Marla Sweeney, Hiroshi Watanabe & Beth Yarnelle Edwards. Ms. Pallesen is interested in reviewing comprehensive bodies of work for exhibition. She is not interested in reviewing traditional landscapes & nudes, nature photography, or commercial work. Ms. Pallesen can assist photographers with gallery exhibitions, lectures, workshops/classes, and artist in residencies.

Samantha Profitt - Reviewing: March 10-13
Gerald Peters Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Samantha Profitt is currently the photography specialist at the Gerald Peters Gallery Dallas. She has been with the gallery for almost two years and is actively developing a photography department in conjunction with Gerald Peters sister galleries in New York City and Santa Fe, New Mexico. During her short tenure, Samantha has been instrumental in securing membership with AIPAD as well as increasing the gallery's presence at photography related fairs, publications and exhibitions including a full retrospective of Irving Penn. Ms. Profitt can provide a realistic understanding of the gallery world and advice about proper protocol for approaching galleries for possible representation. She also offers the potential for a summer exhibition at the esteemed gallery. Ms. Profitt is interested in seeing solid (or nearly so) bodies of work that explore a complete aesthetic, intellectual or photographic idea. She does not wish to view installation specific, commercial or nude photography.

Alan E. Rapp, Senior Editor - Reviewing: March 20-23
Chronicle Books, San Francisco, California
Alan Rapp is the editor of art, design, and photography books at Chronicle Books, where he has worked in both publicity and editorial for more than twelve years. He is also a writer who contributes criticism to such publications as photo-eye Booklist, San Francisco Magazine, and Metropolis. Chronicle Books is one of the most widely admired illustrated trade publishers in the U.S., with an Adult, Children's, and Gift division, as well as several distribution clients. As a photo book editor, Mr. Rapp has worked with such photographers as Nick Brandt, Elinor Carucci, Henry Horenstein, Danny Lyon, Jim Marshall, and Michael Rauner to bring their visions to finished book form. Mr. Rapp will be primarily educating photographers on the publishing process and how they can best position their work for book publication. Mr. Rapp is most interested in reviewing uniquely conceived and executed work which explore little-known subjects, or have a formal, biographical, or conceptual twist. This can encompass a photographer's unique vision of place, self, and family, or be shown in documentary work of subjects which lie on societal or historical fringes (or which have been merely forgotten). Mr. Rapp is less interested in reviewing traditional landscape or nature photography, or conventional portraiture.

Christopher Rauschenberg - Reviewing: March 10-23
Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA
Christopher Rauschenberg is co-director and board chairman of Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Blue Sky was established in 1975 by Rauschenberg and 4 other photographers. Since then he has co-curated 539 solo shows by 467 different artists, and 42 group shows, and has edited and produced over 50 publications. Rauschenberg has been a photographer since 1973 and has had 74 solo shows in six countries. Blue Sky Gallery is a non-profit artists' space which produces 20 to 24 solo exhibitions per year and an occasional group show every couple of years or so. We produce a yearbook that reproduces 6 images for each show. Our focus and passion is on promoting emerging artists (like you) through exhibitions. While Christopher Rauschenberg likes to look at everything, Blue Sky does not tend to exhibit classic traditional nudes, portraits or landscapes. The landscapes that they show are usually documentary and sociological rather than scenic or abstract.

Rixon Reed - Reviewing: March 10-23
Photo-eye Books and Prints, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Rixon Reed is the founder and director of photo-eye and Founded in 1979, photo-eye has been the leading resource for art photography books.'s Photographer's Showcase and are the web's premier showcases for fine-art photography. Mr. Reed is interested in seeing cohesive bodies of work from photographers with fresh viewpoints for possible exhibition in's Photographer's Showcase,, or photo-eye Gallery, Santa Fe. He is also interested in seeing book projects.

Arianna Rinaldo - Reviewing: March 10-13
Freelance Photo Editor and Curator, Milan, Italy
Arianna Rinaldo is currently based in Milano and works as a freelance photoeditor, researcher and curator. She is the former Photo Editor of Colors magazine and before that managed the archives of Magnum Photos in New York. She collaborates with various Italian magazines and freelances as photo editor and image consultant (last endeavor is the Spanish documentary magazine Ojodepez#2). For the past year she has been mainly working as a consultant for Marka, an online photo agency that is in the process of enriching its collection of stock images with a newer and fresher style. Ms. Rinaldo's primary goal with Marka is seeking documentary work by foreign photographers to distribute in Italy and internationally through Marka¹s network. She offers to find a suitable publication for documentary work that qualifies, as well as possible distribution for stock-oriented photographers. Her curatorial activity focuses on new emerging talents and special photo projects. Ms. Rinaldo is open to see a variety of work. She is also interested in strong single images that possess a visual impact as possible editorial or commercial stock. Ms. Rinaldo's main interest is documentary photography and social reportage with an innovative style suitable for either publication or exhibition. She is not interested in reviewing fashion photography.

John Rohrbach - Reviewing: March 10-13
Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas
John Rohrbach is senior curator of photographs at the Amon Carter Museum, a museum of American art. He joined the museum in 1992. Since the museum opened in 1961 it has built an extensive collection of 30,000 American photographs that span the history of the medium from 1840 to the present. Collection strengths include landscape and modernist work. The collection also includes the archives of photographers Laura Gilpin, Eliot Porter, Nell Dorr, Carlotta Corpron, Erwin Smith, and Karl Struss. Acquisition of contemporary work is limited due to fiscal constraints and is focused primarily on outstanding work that is cognizant of photography's historical roots. A recent building expansion delivered 3,700 square feet of gallery space devoted to photography, though exhibition opportunities for contemporary photographers are quite limited. Mr. Rohrbach is most interested in viewing completed bodies of work created in the United States which build on photography's traditions, but which take those traditions in substantively new directions. He does not wish to see nudes or traditional nature photographs.

Miriam Romais - Reviewing: March 10-13
En Foco, Inc., Bronx, New York
Miriam Romais is the Executive Director for En Foco and the Editor for Nueva Luz photographic journal. She has served as its Managing Director for 13 years, in addition to being a photographer and curator. En Foco is a non-profit photography organization, founded in 1974 to nurture, publish and exhibit photographers of Latino, African, Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American heritage. The publication Nueva Luz is national in scope and is the premier magazine in its field. The annual New Works Photography Awards program selects three photographers per year from a national call for entries who receive an honorarium and photo-related materials to create new work. Ms. Romais offers publication and exhibition possibilities, also comments on general presentation. Ms. Romais is most interested in reviewing in-depth fine art and documentary work by serious emerging and mid-career photographers of African, Asian, Latino, Native American and Pacific Islander heritage. Black and white work is preferred, since the magazine only publishes one artist per year working in color. Ms. Romais is least interested in reviewing commercial, advertising or stock photography.

Ernestine Ruben - Reviewing: March 15-18
University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Ernestine Ruben is a consultant to the National Advisory Board of the University of Michigan Museum of Art, where she has served for five years. The Art Museum, which is attracting national attention because of its present exhibition and rebuilding program, is now establishing a new study and exhibition center devoted to photography. It has already embarked on dynamic photographic exhibitions and acquisitions programs. Ms. Ruben has been an art teacher for many years and also does international workshops about personal vision and extensions of photography. She is particularly interested in helping the individual artist clear paths for greater productivity and take risks in new directions. For the past twenty-five years, her work has been exhibited and published extensively. It is found in museum and private collections internationally. A recent published book, In Human Touch, won a University of Michigan award. Ms. Ruben who collects photography both privately and publicly is interested in purchasing innovative conceptual photography. She is also willing to make recommendations to help artists connect internationally with galleries, institutions, and other artists for possible exhibitions.

Chuck Samuels, Administrative Director - Reviewing: March 20-23
Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal, Montréal, Québec, Canada
First presented in 1989, Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal is an international biennale of contemporary photography. Chuck Samuels has been the Administrative Director of the event since it became an autonomous, non-profit organization in September 2002. Every two years Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal explores a theme proposed by a guest curator through a series of mostly contemporary photography exhibitions, a colloquium, artists' talks, a publication and other related activities. The biennale presents work by emerging, mid-career, and established artists from Canada and abroad. Chuck is also an artist whose work has been exhibited, published, and collected internationally since 1980 and he very occasionally writes on photography for arts magazines.

Mark Sealy, Director - Reviewing: March 10-13
Autograph ABP, London, United Kingdom
Before becoming Director of Autograph ABP (Association of Black Photographers) in 1991 Mark Sealy worked for a major newspaper on Fleet street and for three years with Network Documentary Photographers in both development of reportage features, syndication and sales. He has curated several major international photography exhibitions, and lectured extensively throughout the UK and abroad. He and writes for several journals. Along with his role at Autograph he acts as an independent photographic consultant and is a regular advisor to Amnesty International's Media Awards Team. In 1998 he co-curated Revealing Views: Images on Ireland at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Mark Sealy has recently completed a new book project with Phaidon Press Limited titled "Different" on photography and identity with Professor Stuart Hall. He was until recently a purchaser for the Arts Council of England's Fine Arts Collection. He currently sits on the board of directors for Photoworks in Brighton and Space Studios in London he has recently agreed to be the advisor to an emergent group of artists known as Wallsend. He is now developing a £6.5 million capital building project in partnership with the Institute of International Visual Arts. This will be the first new build visual arts project in London for over 40 years to be developed mainly with Arts Council Lottery funds which is due for completion in 2007.

Ariel Shanberg, Executive Director - Reviewing: March 15-18
Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock, New York
As the Executive Director of the Center for Photography at Woodstock, Ariel Shanberg provides the organization’s vision and leadership. Founded in 1977, CPW is dedicated to supporting the creation, education, and presentation of the photographic arts with year-round offerings including solo & group exhibitions, workshops, lectures, PHOTOGRAPHY Quarterly magazine, residencies for artists of color, & services for artists. Through these services, CPW helps advance the development and careers of emerging artists working in photography and related media. Shanberg who has been with CPW since 1999, serves as the co-editor of PHOTOGRAPHY Quarterly. He has curated numerous exhibitions; contributed essays for publications; served as guest lectured at FIT and Syracuse University, and reviewed portfolios at SPE, Rhubarb Rhubarb, and Fotofest. As a reviewer, Mr. Shanberg offers participants, professional development, guidance, and curatorial insight, as well as CPW’s diverse program opportunities available to artists. He is most interested in viewing innovative, cohesive bodies of work with a strong concept or theme. Please note that CPW rarely exhibits traditional photojournalism, nudes, landscapes, nature, and commercial work for stock or advertising.

Maria Tereza Siza - Reviewing: March 10-13
Portuguese Centre for Photography/Ministry of Culture, Director
Tereza Siza is Director of the Portuguese Centre for Photography/Ministry of Culture. The Portuguese Centre for Photography (C.P.F.) is a public service created by the Ministry of Culture in 1997 in order to ensure a national policy regarding photography. Ms. Siza is an inependent curator of several exhibitions and photographic projects; photographer Prior to her working with CPF, Ms. Siza taught high school level courses in Philosophy, Communication and Photography in addition to teaching photography at Cooperativa de Ensino Superior Árvore (Porto). Ms. Siza was also Director of the University Studies of Photography at Cooperativa de Ensino Superior Árvore from 1986 to 1988/89. Ms. Siza is willing to review any type of artwork. She can assist photographers in finding exhibitions opportunities in Europe and making Acquisitions for the Portuguese National Collection.

Barry Singer - Reviewing: March 10-13
Barry Singer Gallery, Petaluma, California
Barry Singer has been involved with the photographic image for over 30 years. Graduate trained in photography, he has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions. In 1977 he founded Singer Printing Co. an offset lithography business specializing in two-color duotone reproduction of black and white photographs for photography books, catalogues and announcements for top galleries and museums in the country. In 1991 he became the Executor for Lou Stoumen Estate, administered through the Museum of Photographic Arts, San DiegoMr. Singer is responsible for the Lou Stoumen Prize a bi-annual cash award ($35,000) made to mid career photographers. This position was an impetus for him to become a private dealer. In 1998, he opened the Barry Singer Gallery and specializes in vintage and contemporary work. Barry Singer is most interested in seeing completed bodies of work that possess the artist's clear intent and personal voice. Color and BW photography are of interest as well as alternative and experimental work. No glamour or nude photography.

Johan Sjöström - Reviewing: March 20-23
BildMuseet, Umea University, Sweden
Johan Sjöström (b 1975) has been a curator at BildMuseet in Umea, Sweden since 1998. BildMuseet is a museum of international contemporary art and visual culture, and one of the leading institutions of its kind in Scandinavia and Europe. With 6 exhibition halls and it houses approximately 12-15 exhibitions per year. Mr. Sjöström has been invited to review and lecture at numerous international photo events and has contributed to magazines such as Artphoto and Paletten, and is also the editor of several publications including "Lara Baladi - Kai'ro", "The Politics of Place"; "Mats Hjelm: Trilogy"; "Mirror's Edge", and "Head North". Mr. Sjöström can offer solo or group shows at BildMuseet and is most interested in reviewing creative, conceptually oriented photography and new media, political and multicultural issues, postmodern landscape, issues of gender, identity and sexuality. He is not interested in reviewing traditional documentary, classical nudes and landscapes or commercial work.

George Slade, Artistic Director, Lead Curator - Reviewing: March 20-23
Minnesota Center for Photography, Minneapolis, Minnesota
George Slade has been the artistic director and lead curator of the non-profit Minnesota Center for Photography since August 2003, after serving as a curator, editor, writer, and advisor to the organization since 1992. His academic background includes an American Studies degree from Yale, and he has written, curated, and lectured widely on photography since the early 1990s. Slade would like to meet artists with well-developed projects who are interested in being considered for exhibition at MCP and in receiving some quick, intuitive feedback about their work. The Center is the upper Midwest's sole organization devoted to exhibiting, creating, and appreciating fine photography by emerging and accomplished artists. There are no geographic or stylistic limitations on its exhibition program, though new directions and new approaches within traditional genres are generally preferred. In 2006 MCP will have six exhibitions in its main gallery space, and generally seeks work that has socio-cultural motivations or that explores new territory in photographic esthetics. Strictly formal or decorative images are of less interest.

Jean-Luc Soret, Director of the Festival @rt Outsiders, New Media Art Curator - Reviewing: March 20-23
Maison Européenne de la Photographie (M.E.P.) Paris, France
Jean-Luc Soret is the executive director/curator and co-founder of the @rt Outsiders International Festival (2000) with Henry Chapier at the European House of Photography in Paris. This annual show is devoted to digital art and to cutting-edge creations. Previous shows include: Image (2000), Avatar (2001), Bio Art (2002), Space Art (2003), Censorship (2004), and digital Brazil (2005). Mr. Soret has collaborated on the multimedia stage management of Marcel Landowski's opera "The Fool," produced by the Théâtre du Châtelet (2004). He teaches at Paris the University of Panthéon/Sorbonne and he is a member of the MIR european consortium (Microgravity Interdisciplinary Research); Advisory Commitee of Leonardo/Olats (Fr); Leonardo Space Art Working Group (Usa) and of the Zero Gravity Arts Consortium (Usa). Mr. Soret is also president of the SpaceArtOne agency dedicated the promotion of Space Art. Mr. Soret is interested in reviewing innovative photography associated with science and/or new media. He can reference registrants' work in his database and advise them concerning the French institutions which could be interested in their work.

Mary Virginia Swanson - 3/9-3/19
M. V. Swanson & Associates Offices in Tucson, Arizona and New York City/USA
Prior to establishing her marketing/consulting firm, Ms. Swanson was the founder/director of Swanstock, an innovative agency managing licensing rights for fine art photographers. Ms. Swanson lectures frequently on marketing and collecting photography, and teaches workshops for artists on presenting their work to appropriate markets. She is a strong advocate for emerging artists, and through her volunteerism and non-profit Board activities works tirelessly to bring relevant education and marketing opportunities to photographers. Ms. Swanson is happy to look at any work at The Meeting Place, whether it is evolving or fully realized bodies of work of any subject or genre. Ms. Swanson will look at any type of work. She endeavors to help artists on presentation and market awareness.

Barbara Tannenbaum, Chief Curator and Head of Public Programs - Reviewing: March 10-13
Akron Art Museum, Akron, Ohio
Barbara Tannenbaum, Chief Curator and Head of Public Programs, has organized over forty-five exhibitions for the Akron Art Museum since she started working there in 1985. These include the first large-scale international exhibition chronicling women's achievements in fine art photography, co-curated with Naomi Rosenblum, and the 1991 Ralph Eugene Meatyard retrospective, co-curated with David Jacobs. Dr. Tannenbaum guides the selection process for the museum's annual Knight Purchase Prize for Photographic Media, awarded to those who have made a major contribution to the photographic arts, and serves on the Photolucida National Advisory Board. The Akron Art Museum, founded in 1922, is a museum of modern and contemporary art with a collection of around 3,300 works, almost half of which are photographs. The museum's galleries are currently closed due to construction of a new building and are scheduled to reopen in early 2007, tripling the institution's size. Dr. Tannenbaum is interested in seeing many different kinds of work, but prefers not to review photography that is primarily commercial in nature. Nudity is okay as long as it is truly at the service of artistic expression.

Christopher Tannert - Reviewing: March 15-18
Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, Germany
Christopher Tannert is an art historian, art critic and curator. He is the Founder (1975) and Director (since 2000) of International Artists in Residence and he has been a Board Member of European Photography for 10 year. Mr. Tannert is most interested in seeing bodies of work which are complete and which possess new, innovative or interdisciplinary approaches to the medium. He is open for different topics but not interested in work of a pornographic nature. Mr. Tannert can assist photographers in artistic dialogues and viewing work of an international interest.

Finn Thrane - Reviewing: March 15-18
Museet for Fotokunst, Odense, Denmark
Finn Thrane is a self-taught photographer and artist in the field of photography and worked for a few years as an independent photographer along with teaching at a folk high school. He holds a master's degree in literature and film science from Copenhagen University, has a basic course from the Danish Film School, and later studied photography in France, Italy and Sweden. He is the founding director of Museet for Fotokunst (The Museum of Photographic Arts) at Brandts Klaedefabrik in Odense, Denmark 1985, and curated more than 200 shows for his own institution as well as for museums in Scandinavia and for festivals in Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia and the USA. He has written numerous of analytic articles for Danish and foreign monographs and since 1988 been co-editing the bilingual photo-magazine KATALOG. In 2000 Mr. Thrane initiated the international festival of photography, "Odense Foto Triennial", and is for the moment arranging its third version for October 2006 on the theme of 'food'. Finn Thrane is interested in all types of independent and innovative photography, conceptual as well as subjective documentary, but prefers not to have to deal with fancy commercial photography.

Katalin Timar, Curator - Reviewing: March 15-18
Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary
Katalin Timar is a curator, art critic and lecturer of contemporary art at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest. She has earned an MA in art history, and researched a PhD topic related to the theory of photography. Ms. Timar has lecturer on multimedia theory at the University of Design in Budapest, participated in the Getty Summer Institute in Art History and Visual Studies at the Univ. of Rochester in 1999, provided a paper at the CAA congress in 2001, and is program director of conferences on photography. She is most interested in reviewing new, innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to the medium (and to traditional genres). She is not interested in viewing traditional nudes, landscapes and flowers. She can provide photographers the means and methods of putting together a body of work for exhibition, and information about the European infrastructure of photography

Issa Touma, - Reviewing: March 15-18
Arab Photographer and Curator
Issa Touma (Syria, 1962) is a self-taught photographer who in 1992 established the first photography gallery in the Middle East, Black and White Gallery. After its closure in 1995 he opened Le Pont Gallery, which continues to be the only gallery dedicated to photography in the region. In 1996, he served as art director for the first European-Arab jazz festival in Aleppo, Syria. In 1997, he founded one of the first contemporary, international photography events in the Middle East, the International Photography Festival in Aleppo. The event has grown from 600 visitors in its first year to more than 7,000 in 2004. Since 1999, he has been the organizer of the International Woman's Art Festival in Syria, an event that features fine art, multimedia and performing art. The activities of Touma and his group, the Le Pont Organization, which includes the gallery, the Photography Festival and the Woman's Art Festival, annually draws in excess of 25,000 visitors, including international students, diplomats and the general public.

Juan Travnik - Reviewing: March 15-23
Director of La FotoGalería del Teatro San Martín
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Juan Travnik, an experienced teacher and curator in the field of creative photography, is recognized as one of the most important contemporary photographers of his country. He has participated in many individual and group exhibitions all over the world and was a founding member of the Consejo Argentino de Fotografía. Mr. Travnik is director of La FotoGalería del Teatro San Martín, founded in 1985. This gallery has a program of at least 12 exhibitions annually and balances the participation of emerging and established photographers. He is also director of the EspacioFotográfico de la Ribera and curator of Encuentros Abiertos de Fotografia. He can provide the opportunity to exhibit and present photographer's work in Argentina. Mr. Travnik is interested in seeing straight photography, essays on different subjects, new trends, new visions, digital photography and mixed media. He is not interested in viewing commercial photography.

Anne Wilkes Tucker -
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Houston, Texas
Anne Tucker is the Gus and Lyndall Wortham curator of photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, where she has worked since 1976. She founded the Photography Department at the museum, which now has a collection of over 20,000 photographs. She has curated over two-dozen exhibitions, including retrospectives for Robert Frank, Ray K. Metzker, George Krause, Richard Misrach and Brassaï. Most of these exhibitions were accompanied by a publication. Ms. Tucker has published many articles and lectured around the world. She has been awarded fellowships by the National Endowment for the Arts, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, and the Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and the Humanities, and received an Alumnae Achievement award from Randolph Macon Woman's College.

Cynthia van Roden Photographic Collection Manager - Reviewing: March 10-13
Hallmark's Creative Collection , Hallmark Cards, Kansas City, Missouri

Cynthia van Roden is Hallmark's first Photography Editor. She edited one million images to identify work to be digitized for Hallmark's Creative Photography Collection and now manages this collection. Ms. vanRoden began her career as a photographer then moved to the Time/Life Picture Collection. She has worked with news/feature agency SIPA Press and a myriad of magazines from Fortune, Money, EW and the start up of Conde Nast Traveler. She was Photography Director for Times Mirror Magazines (TMM) where she created a centralized photography department for 16 of the (then) TMM titles (Golf, Ski, Skiing, Field & Stream,Yachting, Popular Science, etc.). Ms. vanRoden is interested in viewing fresh, pictorial approaches to florals, pets, spiritual or symbolic landscapes (not too dark); seasonal and holiday icons including various religions and ethnicity; people/children/pets at play and in relationships; family photographs with proper releases. Imagery must possess emotion and/or storytelling, updated lighting and styling. She is not interested in seeing travel, fashion/glamour, nudes, news. The Creative Photography Collection is similar to a customized stock agency built exclusively for Hallmark. We are one of the few creative companies that hire full-time photographers, stylists, producers and photographic art directors - other than photo agencies. Ms. vanRoden enjoys working with developing talent and referring creative people to my colleagues across the industry.

Addie Vassie - Reviewing: March 15-18
The hug Gallery for International Photography, Amsterdam, Netherlands
British gallery Director and Owner Addie Vassie (née Elliott) works not only as a gallerist, but also as a freelance curator, consultant and writer through her space 'hug', which represents 25 international photographic artists, both contemporary and historical. The hug Gallery is a forum for showcasing the work of these artists and represents both well established and up and coming photographers, from a broad range of nationalities. 'hug' operates an intensive programme hosting a new exhibition on average every 5-7 weeks. One of Ms. Vassie's most recent external projects was the guest curating of the exhibition 'Made in Britain: Contemporary British Photography' at The Huis Marseille Institute for Photography & FOAM (Foto Museum), in Amsterdam, in March to June 2005 and the writing of the accompanying publication. Prior to moving to Amsterdam, Ms Vassie spent almost eight curatorial years at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Ms Vassie is interested in seeing bodies of work, which are already complete,or nearing completion, both contemporary and historical. She is not interested in seeing commercial photography, traditional landscapes or nudes.

Richard Viera, Professor of Art and Design/ Curator - Reviewing: March 15-18
Lehigh University Art Galleries/Museum Operation, Bethlehem, Pennslyvania
Ricardo Viera is Professor of Art and Director/Curator of Lehigh University Art Galleries/Museum Operation. The LUAG mission promotes visual literacy across the disciplines as an alternative to the classroom, where all temporary exhibitions and the permanent collection serve as an educational laboratory. The photography collection holds more than 2500 images from most periods and topics in the history of the photographic medium. The collection features a strong and integral Latin American, Caribbean and USA Latino component. Professor Viera is most interested in seeing bodies of works dealing with new ideas/new approaches, either in wet or dry photography as contemporary art and new media (video art, virtual reality).

Enrica Viganò, Artistic director - Reviewing: March 15-18
FOTO&PHOTO, Milan, Italy
Enrica Viganò is the artistic director of the annual photography festival, Foto&Photo, held in Cesano Maderno, Milan since 2001. She is also owner of the agency, Admira, which is dedicated to the organization of cultural events in photography. She is also director of the gallery ClicArt in Milano, which concentrates on the promotion of emerging photographers. Ms. Viganò has curated many travelling shows and is part of the PhotoEspaña staff in Madrid as director of Campus, a program of workshops, after being coordinator of international projects and guest curator. Ms. Viganò is interested in reviewing all types of work except commercial photography. She can help photographers show their work in Italy and the art world in general.

Wolfgang Vollmer - Reviewing: March 10-13
CAMERA AUSTRIA International, Graz, Austria, and Berlin, Germany
Wolfgang Vollmer is an artist, and author. He curated the 1.Daegu Photobiennale in Korea in October 2006, and has been working as a curator for the Photographische Sammlung in Cologne, Germany. Since 1984, he has been an editor for CAMERA AUSTRIA international (Graz/Berlin), which is dedicated to the artistic and theoretical exploration of photography in the context of contemporary visual art, new media and social developments. Special attention is given to current approaches that focus on the forms of photography and new media, their modes of operation and patterns of reception against the background of overall cultural conditions. Beside his editorial work for CAMERA AUSTRIA, Mr. Vollmer works as a critic for numerous magazines on contemporary art. Mr. Vollmer is interested in contemporary photography and video works, with emphasis on conceptual and documentary works. He doesn't want to review traditional nudes. Wolfgang Vollmer can offer to publish artist's work in the magazine CAMERA AUSTRIA, or to exhibit their work at the exhibition place of CAMERA AUSTRIA.

Katherine Ware, Curator of Photographs - Reviewing: March 20-23
Philadelphia Museum of Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Katherine Ware is Curator of Photographs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Alfred Stieglitz Center for Photography in the Department of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs. She has organized numerous exhibitions from the permanent collection. Ware is co-author of Dreaming in Black and White: Photography at the Julien Levy Gallery, a book being published in conjunction with the Museum's summer 2006 exhibition of its recently acquired Julien Levy collection of photographs. She previously served as Assistant Curator in the Department of Photographs at the J. Paul Getty Museum. Ware is the author of the book Elemental Landscapes: Photographs by Harry Callahan (Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2001) and several essays. The Philadelphia Museum of Art presents one major photography show a year in its Berman and Stieglitz Galleries; two to three photography exhibitions are offered annually in its Julien Levy Gallery, a space dedicated to photography that will be relocated to the Museum's Perelman Building in 2007. The Museum maintains an active acquisitions program, enhancing the permanent collection with both historic and contemporary works. Ms. Ware is interested in a wide range of contemporary images connected to fairly resolved bodies of work and is a stickler for content.

Terri Whitlock - Reviewing: March 10-13
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, California
Terri Whitlock is a curatorial associate in the department of photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. SFMOMA began exhibiting and collecting photographs in 1935-the same year it opened. Today its collection spans the entire history of the medium, with strength in modernist and contemporary genres while also representing historic and vernacular forms of photographic practice. In her five years at SFMOMA Ms. Whitlock has worked on photography acquisitions and exhibitions and is currently co-curating a group exhibition that addresses the relationship between the artist and the museum. Her area of focus is contemporary photography and she can offer photographers dialogue on their work, as well as guidance on appropriate contacts, presentation strategies, and directions to pursue. She is most interested in seeing idea-driven work, including photography that explores a relationship to other media. She does not wish to see neo-Pictorialist work, commercial photography, or photojournalism.

Clint Willour, Executive Director and Curator - Reviewing: March 15-18
Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, Texas
Clint Willour, Curator of the Galveston Arts Center for the past sixteen years, has been an art professional for thirty-five years. He is active on boards of numerous art organizations in Texas, nationally and internationally and has served as a juror for over fifty competitions in his career. He curates 24 exhibitions per year in Galveston, and serves regularly as a guest curator for institutions throughout the state of Texas. He is known for the multi disciplinary focus of his taste. He is a past President of the Board of the Houston Center for Photography and a current member of the programming Committee, Chair of the Photography Accessions Sub-committee of the MFAH (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston), a member of the Art Committee of FotoFest, Houston, Board member of Photo Forum at the MFAH, and has been a meeting place reviewer at every FotoFest Houston, as well as reviewing portfolios for the Houston Center for Photography; the Texas Photographic Society; Photo Americus in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Photolucida in Portland, Oregon; Photo Primavera in Barcelona, Spain and the Central Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He does not wish to view commercial photography or work he has previously reviewed.

Rhonda Wilson & Lorna-Mary Webb - Reviewing: March 20-23
Rhubarb-Rhubarb - The UK's International Festival of the Image, Birmingham UK
Rhonda Wilson is the Director of Seeing the Light, which hosts Rhubarb-Rhubarb, where she holds the post of Creative Director. Seeing the Light mentors programs for emerging photographers of all ages and creates exhibitions ranging from young artists (5-9 years old) to internationally renowned names. Rhubarb has the reputation as the best folio review in Europe, with its unique on-line booking system, leading to consistently high percentages of exhibitions and commissions for photographers. Both companies create projects which build confidence and visibility for the artists involved. Ms. Wilson is a writer, photographer and publisher and has exhibited internationally. She is director of Ten.8 photo magazine and contributor to Portfolio, British Journal of Photography and other European titles. Ms. Wilson has curated and shown some of the sector's most eminent photographers including Sian Bonnell, Thomas Kellner and Frank Yamrus. Ms. Wilson is interested in seeing lively and spirited work of any type, which is well conceived, in progress or a finished body. She is not interested in seeing nudes. Ms. Wilson has good international connections, with potential for commissioning or curating and the ability to advise photographers on the art markets, promotion and visibility.

Lorna-Mary Webb is the Operations Manager of the Festival and its host organization, Seeing the Light. She is the first point of contact with artists from all projects and runs mentoring schemes with emerging photographers and the Rhubarb Bursary Scheme for young artists. Ms. Webb organizes and researches relevant reviewers for Rhubarb, alongside the Creative Director, and follows development of participating image makers and curates information regarding opportunities and new outlets. Ms. Webb has a background in music, theatre and the performing arts, bringing her tenacity and hunger for knowledge now to photography. Last year she worked with 11 emerging photographers on Shoot - a program of mentored skill building which culminated in an acclaimed exhibition at Mailbox, Birmingham. Several of the participants have gone on to exhibit further, create new work and are now developing the next Shoot project, a show to coincide with Rhubarb 2005.

Tim B. Wride - Reviewing: March 10-18
No Strings Foundation, Malibu, California
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California
Tim B. Wride is the Executive Director of the No Strings Foundation, as well as the Curator and Interim Head of the Photography Department at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). The No Strings Foundation is a non-profit philanthropic entity providing direct assistance to photographers and awarded its first grants in December of 2005. In his role at LACMA, Mr. Wride resumes his relationship with the institution where he spent 12 years curating over 30 exhibitions. Mr. Wride is also active as an independent curator and tireless proponent of artistic integrity and excellence, Mr. Wride is not interested in finding the next ArtStar. He is, however, supremely interested in lively and painfully honest conversations with intelligent and committed photographers who are making work that is visually stunning, conceptually refined, and intellectually challenging. He will look at everything and have a good time doing it. Please bring your sense of humor and perspective to the table with you.

Manfred Zollner, Director of Photography - Reviewing: March 20-23
fotoMAGAZIN, Hamburg, Germany
Since 1998, Mr. Zollner has been Director of Photography at fotoMAGAZIN and selects all the photographic work published in the magazine. fotoMAGAZIN has the largest distribution of any German photography periodical with a print run of 70,000 copies, and has been on the market for 56 years. Since November 2003, Mr. Zollner has also been the Managing Editor of fotoMAGAZIN's sister publication Photo Technik International, a bi-monthly magazine for professional photography, which will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year. Mr. Zollner will be selecting portfolios for fotoMAGAZIN and Photo Technik International. fotoMAGAZIN is also offering fine art prints to its readers 2-3 times per year, so Mr. Zollner would like to select work for future limited editions. Mr. Zollner is also willing to help photographers with information on the German photography market and on publishing photos in Germany. Mr. Zollner is interested in reviewing any kind of fresh, new signature style work from all fields of photography and is curious and open to see individual approaches to photography.

Del Zogg
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Houston, Texas
Del Zogg has a 25+ year career in photography. He worked for over 21 year at the George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography & Film in Rochester, NY. In 2002 he moved to Houston to assume the position of Manager of the Works on Paper Study Center at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. The MFAH has a photography collection of over 22,000 images dating from 1840 to the present day. In addition to his work in museums, Zogg is a photographer with works in several major photographic collections. He holds a bachelor's degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master's from Syracuse University. In addition to assisting in the acquisition for the MFAH, Mr. Zogg recommends artists to several institutions based upon his contacts in the field. He is interested in works in alternate and antique photographic processes. Traditional photographic processes are also of interest. He is not interested in viewing contemporary large scale color works.

Ireneusz Zjezdzalka - Reviewing: March 10-13
Kwartalnik Fotografia Magazine, Wrzesnia, Poland
Ireneusz Zjezdzalka is a photographer, curator, gallery director and critic. Since 2004 he has been the editor-in-chief of Kwartalnik Fotografia, a bilingual (English/Polish) Polish photography magazine that highlights contemporary photography, history and theory of photography and interacts with photographers from Eastern European. Formerly Mr. Zjezdzalka worked as curator in PF gallery in Poznan, Poland. His photographic essays have been published in many art magazines including Kwartalnik Fotografia, EXIT- new art in Poland, Arteon, Imago, Czas Kultury, Pozytyw. He's also editor of Jerzy Lewczynski's (very important Polish vanguard photographer) book. Mr. Zjezdzalka's own art work has been presented in individual and group exhibition in Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Canada and Lithuania. In 2004 he also became the Gallery Director of 2piR, a gallery within a humanistic high school in Poznan. Mr. Zjezdzalka is most interested in reviewing documentary photography. He does not wish to review traditional nudes, wildlife, or flowers.