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Each person's relationship to the earth may well be dependent upon location - swinging between the urban and the rural. Loss of contact with nature means that for many people the earth has lost its mystique. My work is structured by my search for the "wild" through the geometry of abstraction and finding the space to transcend the ordinary: conjuring up new visions of the pristine aided by the Minimalist mantle of undisturbed snow. The wilderness has long provided a frame within which one can fix one's ideas and aspirations. To this end, I have sought to capture the essence of the human spirit and its relationship with nature. In distilling an emotional response to color, my aim is to find a form of contemporary expressionist idealism.

Nicholas Hughes
Excerpt from his essay in the FOTOFEST2006 Catalogue.



Nicholas Hughes’ seascapes and snowscapes are calm and quiet, yet retain a deep underlying contemplative presence. His strong yet delicate photographs serve to show the fragility of our relationship with the natural world. Hughes’ work examines the space between the world that people inhabit and that which nature still claims as its own and in this intermediary space seeks to explore the essence of the human spirit and its relationship with nature. However Hughes’ contemplation of the distant horizon is by no means a perpetuation of the Romantic, for he sees the notion of the natural world as forever vast and mysterious quickly evaporating. By focusing on boundaries, plains and surfaces he acknowledges the existence of limits and contemplates the future for both nature and humanity.

Nicholas Hughes is a London based photographer who works mainly on the British coastline, in Switzerland and in Germany. His work has recently been shown in Seoul, Paris and London.
He has pursued a career as a photographic artist since obtaining a first class Bachelor of Arts degree in 1998 followed by a Master's Degree form the London College of printing in 2002. His work is currently represented by The Photographers’ Gallery in London and by Gana Art Center in Seoul. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including The Photographer, the British Journal of Photography and Next Level and is held in photographic collections world-wide.

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