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In Bread and Wood, Vadim Gushchin shows a tree stump or a piece of bread as an object that embodies the full scope of the semantic component of tree / bread. He endeavors to replace the whole with a fragment, implementing, together with the viewer, the transfer of meaning and correlation of values that differ in scale with the objects themselves. The purity of the process requires the similar purity of form. The artist obtains it by showing an object as a relief against the smooth background. The artist chooses an elegant style of subtle replacement of black and white with intricately graduated tones. He replaces black with a 'noble' dark-grey and replaces white with mild, light-grey tones so that there is an almost terminological dryness in his philosophical approach to his work, at the same time sensual and sensitive relation to the to the physical reality of his subject matter.

Dr. Irina Tchmyreva
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Excerpt from her essay Opposition and Reunification in the FOTOFEST2006 catalogue.


Bread and Wood

Bread and Wood, takes a cool, formalist approach with black-and-white photographs of bread and wood that transform them into organic still lifes. Gushchin removes these objects from their conventional environments and from situational context. The object is isolated, center-frame, to draw keen attention to the subject.


Born in Novosibirsk, USSR, in 1963, Vadim Gushchin works as free-lance sins 1988. Gushchin lives and works in Moscow, and has had recent solo exhibitions at “Contarte” gallery, Rom, Italy; Kultur Bahnhof Eller, Duesseldorf, Germany; “Fotosouz” gallery, Moscow. His work is in collections the Museum of Modern Art, Moscow; National Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow: Museum Moscow House of Photography, Moscow: Museum of Fine Art, Santa Fe, USA; Museum of Photography, Braunschweig, Germany.

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