FotoFest 2006

Before violence there are the accelerating thoughts,
the threat, the fear, the anger. In my personal world
physical violence hardly ever appears, but the
conditions for it are still very much there.
Sometimes slumbering, sometimes clearly shining
through, reflecting the reactive mind.

Joakim Eneroth
Excerpt from the FOTOFEST2006 catalogue



Reactive is a series of black and white and color photographs that portray the origin of violence as being the reactive mind. Eneroth states that “there is no violence without the violent intention. The conditions for violence are everyday life.” The images are strung together as words in a poem, each reflecting a different aspect of internal or external violence functioning as a visual essay on the root of violent acts.

Joakim Eneroth is a Swedish artist and photographer who was born in Stockholm 1969. His photo book Without End was released in 2003 by the publisher Journal and was sold out one year after the release.

In July 2005, Eneroth won the The Prix Voies Off 2005 at the international photo festival in Arles in France for the book Without End and in October 2005, he received the prize for new creating photography in Sweden. The exhibition Without End was first exhibited at the Stockholm Culture House, and during the last year, it has been on tour. It has been exhibited in France at the international photo festival in Lille (Transphotographic), at Arles, at Pol Art in Paris, in Finland at the international photo festival Backlight in Tampere, in Spain at the Spanish photo biennial in Santa Cruz, at Galerie Lichtblick in Cologne, Germany, in The Netherlands at Noorderlicht Photofestival in Groningen, and at Usine Gallery in Brussels, Belgium. Positive reviews of the book and the exhibition have been published in international photo magazines as well as in daily newspapers. During 2005, Eneroth received a two-year working scholarship from the Swedish Artist Department, and he is now working on new photo book projects.

Galerie Vrais Reves,Without End, September 19  – October 21, 2006, Lyon, France

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