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Rhapsody* is an appropriate word to describe Luis Delgado's photographic oeuvre because the latter is a calculated celebration of the multiplicity of imagery. Delgado is not a photographer of intimate vignettes whose maximal meaning is for those personally and emotionally involved in the picture; his work is impersonal in its affections although highly personal in its point of view. Delgado's fascination is for eidolons, the images of images whose greatest semantic load is derived from the commerce of ideas, culture, and power. The numerous eidolons that compose his works exist publicly in parks, cemeteries, museums, books, or the Internet.

In ancient times a rhapsody was a piece of a long epic poem and in modern times it was a piece of national music; perhaps in post-modern times it has evolved into a fusing of images in the fluid world of contemporary photography.

Fernando Castro R.
Independent Curator and Critic Houston, TX

*From Greek verb rhaptein, to stitch, to sew.

Loren Eiseley,
The Immense Journey
Excerpt from curatorial statement FOTOFEST2006



My image making is deeply influenced by the social photo documentary tradition in which I began. My work has evolved from traditional social documentation to a concentration on interpreting human and natural systems from the perspective of iconography and language, and using humor, narrative and free association as my primary tools. My goal is to achieve a level of visual and intellectual communication that is incisive, engaging, and challenging. Through narratives, free association and humorous constructs; my images reveal many aspects of humanity and its relation to nature. The images are developed as comprehensive bodies of work enabling me to create complex explorations of imagery as both aesthetic renderings and intellectual musings.

Luis Delgado Qualtrough


"What is said is done, what is lost is doomed, what is forgotten is dammed."

Luis Delgado Qualtrough became a photographer in Mexico where he grew up. He is particularly interested in exploring different aspects of visual narrative with emphasis on iconography and gesture. He creates photography-based prints, books, and installations with history and societal systems as the theme, specifically the concept of the hero and the anti-hero. He uses a visual language of icons and gestures assembled into compound images to create narratives that address this issue. This language consists of photographs of iconography and inanimate representations from many historical and mundane settings throughout the world, as well as imagery taken from mass media outlets. Delgado's goal is to achieve a uniquely personal social commentary and analysis using the language of iconography as its voice.

Delgado has recently received the Peter S Reed Foundation Award and has been named a "Discovery" in Houston's FotoFest as well as the Communications Arts Award of Excellence,. His work has been exhibited and published widely in Latin America, Europe and the U.S. and is held in museums and private collections including: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Houston Museum of Fine Arts , Stanford University, Lehigh University, Harry Ranson Humanities Research Center, Bibilotheque National, France, Union of Culture, Germany

Photography 414 Gallery, Unfathomable Humanity, Fredericksburg, Texas September 1 – October 6, 2006

International Photograph Gathering in Aleppo, Power Ties, Aleppo, Syria,
September 15 – 26, 2006, ,

Maryland Art Place, Enigma, Baltimore, Maryland, September 19-October 21, 2006,

Odense Foto Triennale 2006, Nyborg og Omegns Museer, Victuals,Nyborg, Denmark,October 4, 2006

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