FotoFest 2006

Doug and Mike Starn, Absorption + Transmission
FOTOFEST2006 Exhibit at The New World Museum

Alfredo Jaar, from The Sound of Silence
FOTOFEST2006 Exhibit at DiverseWorks Artspace

“About five million of the indigenous American population lived in what is now the United States. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, half a million still remained.”

Svend Lindqvist,
Exterminate The Brutes



"… we must remember what ruthless and utter destruction our own species has wrought, not only upon animals, such as the vanished bison and the dodo, but upon its own inferior races."

H.G. Wells
War of the Worlds

Herman Van Den Boom, Arcadia Redesigned -
Imaginative Landscapes
Landscapes of the Imagination
FOTOFEST2006 Exhibit at One Allen Center


Barbara Grover, This Land to Me:
Some Call it Palestine, Others Israel

FOTOFEST2006 Exhibit at JP Morgan Chase Tower


"We do not live on Earth, the meteorologists say, but in it – in the vast swirling, temperamental sea that is our atmosphere. Our climate is
buffeted by nature, of course, but increasingly by man. Our appetites
have turned up the planet’s thermostat. And the result could change
life on every continent.

The Future of Earth, U.S. News and World Report, 2004



“The ecosytems that develop around coral reefs are among the most complex and productive on Earth. The earliest reefs seem top have been built over 450 million years ago. And the animal communities dependent on them were not very different from those found today.”

Anne H. Ehrlich and Paul R. Ehrlich,
Earth (pg 27)


The 20 exhibits and art installations produced by FotoFest address the 2006 Biennial themes — The Earth and Artists Responding to Violence . The art work includes video pieces, digital collages, mixed-media, two-dimensional photography, and installation. Artists have been selected from Asia, Europe, North and South America.

FotoFest's sixth Discoveries of the Meeting Place exhibit featured 10 artists selected as outstanding "discoveries" by 10 international reviewers (curators, editors, collectors, etc.) from the FOTOFEST2004 Meeting Place portfolio reviews.

The FotoFest Biennial catalogue is over 360 four-color pages with images and essays for each exhibition. The catalogue provides artist and curator bios as well as websites of individual artists. Over half of the FotoFest 2006 Participating Spaces are represented in the catalogue.The catalogue also features a section on FotoFest's Literacy Through Photography education program.

Biennial catalogues have a limited print run. The 2004 catalogue sold out before the end of the 2004 Biennial. The FotoFest 2006 Biennial Catalogue may be ordered at our online store for the special web-only price of $35.


The FOTOFEST2006 Artist Galleries require that you have installed the free Shockwave player. If it is not installed, it may be downloaded HERE.

Human-created violence, from war to the household, is omni-present and ubiquitous. It is not only threatening the existence of earth but is transforming the nature of political society. In exploring this theme, FotoFest is not focusing on the depiction of violent acts but rather on how creative artists interpret these acts of violence, the human capacity for violence, and the presence of violence in many aspects of life.

Alfredo Jaar (Chile and U.S.A.) — The Sound of Silence

AES+F (Russia) — Action Half Life and Last Riot

Sergey Bratkov (Ukraine)– Soldiers and Army Girls

Maria Martinez Cañas (Cuba and U.S.A.) – Lies

Juan Manuel Echavarría (Colombia) – Bocas de Ceniza [Mouths of Ash]

Joakim Eneroth (Sweden) — Reactive

David Farrell (Ireland) – Innocent Landscapes

Yves Gellie
(France) —Distincts Perceptions

Claudio Hils (Germany) —Red Land Blue Land

Nathalie Latham (Australia and France) — Closed City Nº65

Lisdebertus aka Luis Delgado (U.S.A. and México) — Unfathomable Humanity

Paula Luttringer (Argentina and France) — El Lamento de las Muros [The Wailing of the Walls]

Elizabeth Mellott-Carreon (U.S.A.) — Diary of an Enlistment and One Day

Wolfgang Müller (Germany) – Karat

Liza Nguyen (France) — Surface


The capacity of human society to inflict violence upon itself and the earth is expanding with the ever increasing spread of technology and population. The physical and mythic force of earth presents itself in art in many guises. FotoFest 2006 is presenting work that engages The Earth metaphorically and figuratively.The art encompasses mixed-media work, classical photography, video and film. It addresses both human and non-human life in broad existential ways as well as issues of land use and geophysical history.

Doug and Mike Starn (U.S.A.) — Absorption +Transmission

Herman van den Boom (Belgium) — Arcadia Redesigned - Imaginative Landscapes/Landscapes of the Imagination

Maria Martinez Cañas and Kim Brown (Cuba and U.S.A.)Dustograms

Heidi Bradner (U.S.A. and UK and Russia) — The Land of the Second Sun

Dornith Doherty (U.S.A.) — Rio Grande: Burnt Water/Agua Quemada

John Ganis (U.S.A.) — Consuming the American Landscape

Jules Greenberg (U.S.A.) — Fallen

Barbara Grover (U.S.A.) – This Land to Me: Some Call it Palestine, Others Israel

Vadim Gushchin (Russia) — Bread and Wood

Muriel Hasbun (El Salvador and U.S.A) – Trace

Masaki Hirano (Japan) —Stumps of Silence: Tasmania

Nicholas Hughes (U.K.) - Edge

Noel Jabbour (Palestine and Germany) —Segregation Wall

Keith Johnson
(U.S.A.) - Man(ufactured) Space

Harri Kallio (Finland and U.S.A.) — The DoDo and Mauritius Island, Imaginary Encounters

Eric Klemm (Germany and Canada) — Metamorphosis

Elaine Ling (Canada) — Monoliths: Guardians of The Earth

Vesselina Nikolaeva (Bulgaria and The Netherlands) — No Man’s Land on the Edge of Europe

Hyung-Geun Park (Korea and U.K.) — Untitled

Peter Riedlinger (Germany) —US / THEM II

Abby Robinson (U.S.A.) — In Camera

Mark Ruwedel (U.S.A.) — Ice Age from the series Written on the Land

Keith Sharp (U.S.A.) — Nature Boy

Martin Stupich (U.S.A.) — The Red Desert Project: Seeing Past Empty: Energy Extraction and the End of a Wild Place

Eduardo del Valle & Mirta Gomez (Cuba and U.S.A.) — From the Ground Up

Angilee Wilkerson (U.S.A.)– History Series I

David Williams (Scotland) — one taste: (n)everchanging

Barbara Yoshida (U.S.A.) —Night Vision: Rocks and Stones by Moonlight


The one non-themed FotoFest exhibition is the sixth Discoveries of the Meeting Place exhibit. It highlights the work of ten outstanding artists selected by curator/reviewers from artists whose portfolios they reviewed at FotoFest’s 2004 International Meeting Place. The Meeting Place is FotoFest’s acclaimed portfolio review program for artists. It is the largest program of its kind in the world.

Lili Almog (U.S.A., selected by Juan Alberto Gaviria)

Dave Anderson (U.S.A., selected by Yossi Milo)

Luis Delgado (U.S.A., selected by Fernando Castro)

Esteban Pastorino Diaz (Argentina, selected by Burt & Missy Finger)

Justin Guariglia (Singapore, selected by Alan E. Rapp)

Fredrik Marsh (U.S.A., selected by John Bennette)

Martina Mullaney (U.K., selected by Charlotte Cotton)

Morten Nilsson (Denmark, selected by Xavier Cannone & Marc Vausort)

Frank Rodick (Canada, selected by Katherine Ware)

Brad Temkin (U.S.A, selected by Evgeny Berezner & Irina Tchmyreva).






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