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FotoFest 2002 Workshop. Mary Virginia Swanson.
Photo by Arturo Sánchez.

FotoFest 2002 Workshop. Pedro Meyer.
Photo by Arturo Sánchez.
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"Strategies for Success:
Managing Your Career as an Artist"

Coordinated by Mary Virginia Swanson and FotoFest
Houston, Texas

Due to popular demand, FotoFest again sponsored a one-day career workshops for photographers with well-known Photography Consultant Mary Virginia Swanson. There were a total of 140 registrants for the workshop. The workshop was held on the two off days of the Meeting Place (March 16, 2004 & March 21, 2004) at The Warwick Hotel. The Cost was $145.00, including lunch. It was not necessary to be registered for the Meeting Place to participant in the workshop.

"I will go back into the marketplace after FotoFest with a renewed vigor."
Lucy Gray, San Franciso, CA

The 2004 workshop focused on what individual artists should incorporate into their career planning-market awareness, audience outreach, professional presentation of work, archive organization, contracts, and copyright issues. A very extensive informational handout was provided.

Mary Virginia Swanson, Presenting Your Work to New Markets
Jim Caldwell, Professional Photographer - Copyright Awareness for Photographers
Peter Hite, President, Historyworks - The Essentials of Photographic Image Preservation
Debbie McNulty, Director, Civic Art + Design,Cultural Arts Council of Houston and Harris County (CACHH) - Civic Art Opportunities for Photographers

Speakers on Panel: The Role of the Representative:
Marilyn Cadenback, Artist's Representative, Cadenbach Associates
William H. Hunt, Gallery Director, Ricco/Maresca Gallery
Leslie Martin, Executive Editor, Aperture (March 16)
Dewi Lewis Founder/Director, Dewi Lewis Publishing (March 21)

Presenters for Opportunities for Photographers in the World Market:
Wendy Watriss, Artistic Director, FotoFest - International Photography Festivals
Celina Lunsford, Director, Fotografie Forum Frankfurt (March 16) - Conducting Business Outside the USA
Rhonda Lewis, Director, Rhubarb Festival of the Image (March 21) - Conducting Business Outside the USA

Mary Virginia Swanson is a leader in the field of licensing rights for fine art photography. She lectures frequently and conducts workshops for photographers on marketing their imagery to new markets. Ms. Swanson is known for providing her insights into presentation and marketing.

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For questions and information about future workshops, or to put your name on our mailing list, please e-mail Jenny Antill at .

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