FotoFest 2004


Reviewer: Jean caslin, Houston Center for Photography. FotoFest 2002 Meeting Place.
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Darsie Alexander
Kostis Antoniadis
Kathy Aron Dowell
Joe R. Arredondo
Fred Baldwin
Paul Bardwell
Pascal Beausse
Linda Benedict-Jones
Lucia Benická
John Bennette
Evgeny Berezner & Irina Tchmyreva
Gay Block
Sian Bonnell
Sue Brisk
Stephen Bulger
Marilyn Cadenbach
MaryAnn Camilleri
Xavier Canonne & Marc Vausort
Jean Caslin
Alejandro Castellanos
Fernando Castro
Beate Cegielska
Gary Miles Chassman
Darren Ching
Brian Paul Clamp
John M. Cleary
David Coleman
Christopher Coppock
Charlotte Cotton
Alan Dorow
Janet Dwoskin
Catherine Evans
Burt Finger
Missy Finger
Blake Fitch
Roy Flukinger
Alasdair Foster
Christine Frisinghelli
Juan Alberto Gaviria
Gail G. Gibson
Marnie Gillett
William Greiner
Anna Gripp
Thomas Halsted
Meg Handler
Elda Harrington
Virginia A. Heckert
Gary Hesse
Eva Marlene Hodek
W.M. Hunt
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Fran Kaufman
Sarah Kehoe
Kay Kenny,
Julie Kinzelman
Michael Koetzle
James Lerager
Dewi Lewis
Kevin Longino
Celina Lunsford
Gordon MacDonald
Vaclav Macek
James Maloney
Lesley A. Martin
Aleksander Matczewski
Tanya Mathis
Scott McLeod
Kate Menconeri
Michel Métayer
Niki Michelin
Kevin Miller
Yossi Milo
Sarah Morthland
Joan Morgenstern
Andreas Mueller-Pohle
Ute Noll
Alison Devine Nordström
Pippa Oldfield
Edward J. Osowski Ph.D.
Deborah Paine
Joaquim Paiva
Ann Pallesen
Lee Ann Peavy
Stephen Perloff
Gus Powell
Alan E. Rapp
Christopher Rauschenberg
Rixon Reed
Torsten Reiter
Miriam Romais
Judith Rosenbaum
Francois Saint Pierre
Chuck Samuels
Joël Savary
Rudolf Scheutle
Thomas Seelig
Ariel Shanberg
Alberto Sierra
Johan Sjöström
George Slade
Mark Sloan
Mary Virginia Swanson
Barbara Tannenbaum
Finn Thrane
Jimo Toyin Salako
Juan Travnik
Anne Wilkes Tucker
Ricardo Viera
Enrica Viganň
Lynne Warberg Nations
Katherine Ware
Clint Willour
Rhonda Wilson
Tim B. Wride
Cynthia Young
Marilyn A. Zeitlin
Manfred Zollner

Darsie Alexander, Photography Curator
Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, Maryland

Darsie Alexander is currently the contemporary works on paper curator at The Baltimore Museum of Art, who is actively building the contemporary photography collection. The Baltimore Museum of Art is nationally recognized for its exceptional twentieth century collection. This is an area of both strength and growth. Ms. Alexander has organized several contemporary exhibitions for The Museum of Modern Art, including New Photography 14. Ms. Alexander is most interested in seeing work that takes its content very seriously. Any photographer who is interested in how photographs convey meaning and wants his or her pictures to inspire thought as well as visual satisfaction is encouraged. Photographs that raise questions are always interesting to Ms. Alexander. Also, Ms. Alexander is happy to see any work that explores the relationship of photography to other media, but is not interested in seeing work that might be called neo-Pictorialist. Ms. Alexander can help photographers by purchasing their work, including them in an exhibition, helping with the editing of work, helping one think about how the work will be received, and teaching how to make the appropriate contacts in the contemporary art world with dealers, galleries, collectors.

Kostis Antoniadis, Director
The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki, Greece

Currently Kostis Antoniadis is a professor in the Photography Department of the Technological Institute of Athens and director of the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, which has been in operation for six years. Each year the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography organizes the "PhotoSynkyria", Greece's premier international photography and visual arts event. Photographers are invited to participate in either group or individual exhibitions during the event which has a different topic each year. Mr. Antoniadis is most interested in reviewing creative photography.

Kathy Aron Dowell
Society for Contemporary Photography, Kansas City, Missouri

Kathy Dowell is currently the executive director/curator of The Society for Contemporary Photography, and has served as the executive director/curator for almost five years. The Society for Contemporary Photography is a not-for-profit organization established in 1984 and is the only non-profit arts organization in the region dedicated solely to the art of photography and related new media. Each year the society produces approximately seven exhibitions exploring the breadth of the medium and its relationship to contemporary social, economic, and political issues along with concurrent artist lectures and workshops. Mrs. Dowell offers the potential for group and/or solo exhibitions at the SCP and other area venues and visiting artist opportunities. Mrs. Dowell is most interested in seeing bodies of work which are (or nearly) complete and which possess new, innovative or interdisciplinary approaches to the medium. She does not wish to see traditional nudes, landscapes, flowers and architecture.

Joe R. Arredondo, Director
Landmark Arts, The Galleries of Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

Joe Arredondo is currently the director of Landmark Arts, the exhibitions part of the School of Art at Texas Tech University. Mr. Arredondo works with a faculty advisory committee in determining a comprehensive schedule of exhibitions for their gallery areas. One of Landmark Arts' galleries is devoted exclusively to contemporary photography, which is annually filled by nine solo exhibitions from submissions received and reviewed by the photography faculty and students. Mr. Arredondo is most interested in reviewing outstanding contemporary photography and photographic trends for integration into group exhibitions organized around topics and including various artistic media such as photography, digital photography, photo-based sculpture and multi-media artworks. Mr. Arredondo is not interested in reviewing documentary photography and straight photography that do not have an art component associated with it.

Fred Baldwin
FotoFest, Houston, Texas

Fred Baldwin is Chairman and co-founder of FotoFest. He has broad experience as a magazine and documentary photographer. Mr. Baldwin's documentary work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in many countries. He taught documentary photography at the University of Texas in Austin and the Photojournalism Program at the University of Houston. Under Mr. Baldwin's leadership, FotoFest was cited as the "Best Cultural Organization in the State of Texas" by the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Paul Bardwell, Director
Centro Colombo Americano, Medellín, Colombia

Paul Bardwell has worked as director of the Centro Colombo Americano since 1983. During this time he has worked on the development of sustained international arts exchange programs in different disciplines. Photography has been one of these areas. Most recently he was Executive Director of the newly created photography biennial, FOTOFIESTA MEDELLIN. The Centro Colombo Americano (CCA), founded in 1947, is a private non-profit international cultural center devoted to academic and cultural exchange while promoting the multicultural diversity of the world we live in. The main program areas include foreign language learning, cinema, visual arts, residencies, lecture series, dance, library programs and academic exchange. The CCA produces publications in the areas of cinema and the visual arts. Mr. Bardwell is interested in reviewing a wide range of work, including both traditional and more avant garde work that will be considered for exhibition and for a short residency experience.

Pascal Beausse
Art Critic and Curator, Paris, France

Pascal Beausse has been a Professor of Photography Theory at ECAL - The School of Arts and Design, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, since 2001. Since 1996 Mr. Beausse has worked as a freelance art critic and curator. Mr. Beausse regularly contributes to exhibition catalogues and lectures for institutions, museums and contemporary art centers. Mr. Beausse is most interested in reviewing artistic photography, conceptual photography and documentary photography. Mr. Beausse is not interested in reviewing classical or traditional photography. Mr. Beausse can help photographers by informing them of exhibition possibilities and publications and also by informing artists about the European photographic scene and institutions.

Linda Benedict-Jones, Executive Director
Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Linda Benedict-Jones is the Executive Director of Silver Eye Center for Photography, where she has been for four years. Silver Eye Center is an inspirational and educational resource for anyone interested in photography. The center is the oldest non-profit organization in Western Pennsylvania dedicated solely to the understanding, appreciation, education, and promotion of photography as an art form and as an expressive form of visual communication. Silver Eye features four premier exhibitions each year in the main galleries and monthly exhibitions in our Members' Gallery. New this year is a Members' Gallery Online. Exhibitions are enriched with lectures, panel discussions, workshops, portfolio reviews, interactive gallery tours, video screenings, and more. Ms. Benedict-Jones is interested in reviewing work that utilizes new technologies and in substantial bodies of work by women photographers. There is no work that Ms. Benedict-Jones would not want to review. Ms. Benedict-Jones can offer Members' Gallery, and Members' Gallery Online exhibition opportunities to emerging photographers. The work of more established photographers for our Main Gallery is also considered.

Lucia Benická, Director and Curator
Dom fotografie / House of Photography, Poprad, Slovakia

Since 1996, Lucia Benická has been Director and Curator at Dom fotografie in Poprad, Slovakia. At Dom fotografie, Ms. Banika is responsible for running the international photography exchange projects including workshops, network seminars and touring exhibitions. Dom fotografie is a non-profit organization that has been in operations since 1996. The organization's goal is to develop projects of national and international exchange such as exhibitions, workshops, artist-in-residency and educational programs. Ms. Benická wishes to review contemporary photographic work that accomplishes a research topic such as Night Photography, Bestiary, Another Landscape, and metaphor of Mountains Landscape. She is interested in seeing developed bodies of work that fit the particular theme of upcoming exhibitions and projects. She is mostly interested in new tendencies in contemporary photography and complex portfolios. Ms. Benická is very much looking forward to reviewing work of Latino inspirations from photographers from South and Central America. Ms. Benická does not wish to review traditional landscape photography and documentary, she does not want to go through non-accomplished bodies of work. Ms. Benická can offer photographers the opportunity to be involved in the workshop programs at Dom fotografie that address such topics as documentary photography, new media/ digital, experimental photography, and old techniques. She is also seeking artist for artists-in-residency programs, photographers for exhibition programs at Dom fotografie Gallery, and photographers with lecturing or teaching backgrounds to be lecturers at upcoming workshops.

John Bennette
Collector, New York, New York

John Bennette is the former Discovery Editor at 21st The Journal of Contemporary Photography. He lectures and speaks around the country and also curates and writes about photography and collecting. He teaches an alternative course at The New School University in New York called "Collecting Photographs - an Insider's View." He has juried various photo competitions, the latest being the A.I.R 2003 for the Woodstock Center for Photography. In November 2002, a 16 page feature about Mr. Bennette's collection and his thoughts on the photo world as he sees was published. Mr. Bennette is most known for his support of emerging artists, his insightful observations and long-term support. He is willing to look at most work and is especially interested in silver gelatin prints.

Evgeny Berezner & Irina Tchmyreva
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia

Evgeny Berezner is currently Deputy director and Head of Department for Photographic and Multi-media Projects at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Mr. Berezner has organized more than 170 exhibitions. Since 1995, he has been co-editor for Russia of Imago, a photography magazine of Central and Eastern Europe. Mr. Berezner has given lectures in Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia and USA. He was co-curator of the show "Russian Pictorialism 1890-1990" presented at FotoFest 2002. Mr. Berezner is interested in all types of photography. He can help photographers find exhibitions in Moscow and other cities of Russia. Irina Tchmyreva is currently the Head researcher and Curator of the Photographic and Multi-media department. Ms. Tchmyreva is the editor of a web-server on photography, she is also co-curator of the show "Russian Pictorialism 1890-1990" presented at FotoFest 2002. She interested in looking at fine art photography, and art (also multi-media art) based on photography.

Gay Block
Photographer, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Gay Block has been a photographer for over 30 years. Ms. Block is well versed in the publishing dialogue and can pass on to artists what she has learned over the years in this arena. She can also make recommendations for venues in which artists might be able to show work. Ms. Block is interested in seeing work in which an artist is totally immersed. Exploration of subject matter to the extent that the photographer comes to an understanding and in which this understanding is reflected makes looking at photographs exciting and interesting. Ms. Block does not wish to see commercial or stock photography.

Sian Bonnell
Trace, Weymouth, Dorset, United Kingdom

Sian Bonnell's work has been published and exhibited throughout Europe and the United States. She is also well-known from her work on TRACE which is an artist-led non-profit project run from the artist's home in Weymouth, Dorset. Since its start in summer 2000, an average of four exhibitions a year have been held in the house. Several TRACE curated exhibitions are now being scheduled for public venues in the UK and Europe over 2004-2005. Since 2002 talks and seminars have been held for each TRACE exhibition given by invited curators and writers from national galleries and museums including the V&A and Photographers Gallery in London. More recently TRACE has begun publishing artists' books for the 'Nexus' series of shows which commenced in Autumn 2003. TRACE offers exhibition possibilities, small scale publishing in-house, talks / seminars and mentoring. Sian Bonnell is most interested in seeing conceptually strong and developed bodies of work and does not want to see any commercial work.

Sue Brisk
Magnum Photos, New York, New York

Sue Brisk is the Editorial Director for North America for Magnum, a Bureau Chief for Sipa Press, and an Editorial Assistant for Newsweek Magazine. Magnum is a cooperative that was founded in 1947 by Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa, George Rodger and David Seymour. Ms. Brisk offers artist guidance on how to get a project published in the editorial market, how to make a strong edit and presentation, and who to target as a realistic option. Can give a sense of what to sell it for. Ms. Brisk is most interested in reviewing Documentary/Photojournalism, Portraiture, personal and project oriented work. Ms. Brisk is not interested in reviewing nature photos.

Stephen Bulger
Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Stephen Bulger is a photographer who opened his own commercial gallery in 1995. Mr. Bulger is also the co-founder of CONTACT, Toronto's annual photography festival and is currently the senior vice-president of AIPAD. Mr. Bulger can offer artist representation of appropriate work, solo shows, participation in group shows, and an understanding of the Canadian scene. Mr. Bulger is most interested in seeing documentary based photographs that tell stories and inform him of people, places and times. He is also interested in seeing nudes and black and white Canadian landscapes. Mr. Bulger is not interested in seeing abstract work.

Marilyn Cadenbach, President
Marilyn Cadenbach Associates, Cambridge, MA and New York, NY

Marilyn Caldebach founded her agency 15 years ago and represents commercial photographers for the purpose of facilitating the growth and development of careers in commercial photography. Marilyn Cadenbach Associates has offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Manhattan, but the scope of Marilyn's reach is international and she has a great interest in traveling and representing international artists. Ms. Cadenbach is interested in all types of work. She feels that photographers with an interest in knowing more about the commercial market and how their work might translate will benefit most from her expertise. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Griffin Museum of Photography, she makes recommendations to the Board for exhibitions of work that would be fitting for the museum. Ms. Cadenbach is not interested in reviewing nude self-portraits.

MaryAnn Camilleri
Consultant, New York, New York

MaryAnn Camilleri is a freelance publishing consultant. In 1992 she initiated a Canadian-based magazine Venue, the first of it's kind in Toronto, which helped launch the careers of many Canadian artists and received much critical acclaim. In 1996 she moved to New York and began working at Magnum Photos. Recently she was the director of the Inge Morath Estate where she helped establish and preserve the estate along with publishing and curating bodies of work. She has worked with many of the leading book publishers such as Prestel, Scalo, Phaidon, Powerhouse, and Penguin/Viking Books. She has now branched out on her own and has joined forces with a design firm called "Hello" to further publish bodies of work. Ms. Camilleri would prefer to review photojournalistic and documentary work. She also has an interest in stories that are being developed and art photos [nudes, portraiture]. Ms. Camilleri would like to see any work that would allow her to assess its potential to be published. However, Ms. Camilleri does not wish to see isolated landscape or singular photos without a narrative.

Xavier Canonne & Marc Vausort
Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi, Belgium

Xavier Canonne has been director of the Musée de la Photographie since March 2000. He has curated many exhibitions and has edited and written various books and studies, especially about surrealism. He was the curator and the author of the exhibition Intimate Man Ray (2003). Marc Vausort has been at the Musée de la Photographie for thirteen years and has been curator since 2000. Mr. Vausort has curated many exhibitions about Belgian photographers but also, with Georges Vercheval, about the photographs of the Farm Security Administration. Mr. Canonne and Mr. Vausort are most interested in reviewing creative photography, documentary photography and photojournalism. They do not wish to review commercial works.

Jean Caslin
Houston Center for Photography, Houston, Texas

Jean Caslin is an artist, educator and writer. HCP's mission is to deepen the understanding and appreciation of the photographic arts. The Center identifies and exhibits work by emerging, mid-career and master artists from regional, national and international photographic communities. HCP seeks work ranging from art and documentary photography to photosculpture and photographic installations. HCP's exhibitions of photography and related media sometimes address changing technologies, cultural diversity or timely, issue-oriented subject matter.

Alejandro Castellanos
Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, México

Alejandro Castellanos is a critic, professor, and curator. He serves as director of the Centro de la Imagen, which was founded in Mexico City in 1994. It is one of the main spaces dedicated to the promotion of photography and related media in Latin America. Some of the projects it supports are: the magazine Luna Córnea, the Festival Fotoseptiembre and the Biennials of Photography and Photojournalism. Mr. Castellanos is interested in seeing fine art photography, documentary, and related media. He prefers not to review commercial photography.

Fernando Castro
Educator & Curator, Houston, Texas

Fernando Castro is a member of the Instituto de Investigaciones Filosoficas of the Universidad de Lima, and is a critic of photography for Art Nexus (Colombia), Camera Extra (Caracas), Photo Metro (San Francisco), SPOT (Houston) and other periodicals. He lives and works in Houston where he is a teacher and curator for Sicardi Gallery, a gallery primarily dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Latin American art. Sicardi sponsors exhibits and lectures about Latin American art for collectors and the public at large. Mr. Castro is interested in reviewing all types of photography.

Beate Cegielska, Curator
Galleri Image, Ĺrhus, Denmark

Gallery Image has existed continuously since 1977. Galleri Image is the oldest independent, non-commercial gallery in Scandinavia. Since the early 1990's, Beate has curated solo and group shows of national and international artists. She is most interested in reviewing contemporary art photography, but not interested in reviewing commercial advertising. Beate can promote and have exhibitions for photographers she meets at the Meeting Place.

Gary Miles Chassman, President and Publisher
Verve Editions, Burlington, Vermont

Miles Chassman is the president of Verve Editions, and he is an independent illustrated book and museum exhibition producer. He is interested in reviewing visual narrative work (possibly thematically driven) and both fine art and documentary work. There is not really anything that he does not wish to see. Mr. Chassman can secure publication by major national and international publishers. His background is broad and his experience ranges from publishing, book packaging, and exhibition development. He has over 25 years experience in the book industry with major national publishers and 10 years experience in a consulting capacity for publishers, photographers and writers.

Darren Ching, Creative Director
Photo District News, New York, New York

Darren Ching is the Creative Director of Photo District News (PDN) which was established in 1980. Photo District News is a New York-based magazine for professional photographers providing essential information on breaking news, emerging trends, new and established talent, as well as viewpoints on current industry issues. PDN also publishes a monthly section called PIX which is a great source of information to photographers, art directors, graphic designers and other imaging professionals who need to keep up with the world of digital media. Mr. Ching offers general portfolio advice on impact, pacing, and why it does or does not work for him. He is interested in seeing all types of photography, especially well-developed bodies of work and new talent. He will also be looking for bodies of work that might be appropriate for the magazine. Mr. Ching is most interested in seeing new and established photographic talent in advertising, photojournalism, editorial, portraiture, digital photography, and fashion.

Brian Paul Clamp, Director
ClampArt, New York, New York

Brian Clamp is the owner and director of ClampArt. With over a decade of experience in the field, Mr. Clamp has curated numerous exhibitions of contemporary photographs and has served as a juror on several exhibition committees over the years. Mr. Clamp is the author of thirteen publications on American art. Established in 2000, ClampArt is a commercial art gallery in New York City that specializes in a wide range of modern and contemporary photography. The gallery mounts six exhibitions annually. Mr. Clamp is most interested in reviewing developed bodies of work suitable for exhibition. All types of imagery are welcome - from documentary to landscape, still life to conceptual. However, Mr. Clamp is not interested in reviewing commercial work intended for stock or advertising.

John M. Cleary
John Cleary Gallery, Houston, Texas

John Cleary has been a private collector for 25 years and a fine art photography dealer for 10 years. He is a member of the Houston Art Dealers Association and AIPAD (The Association of International Photography Dealers). In 1996 he opened the John Cleary Gallery in Houston. Mr. Cleary prefers to review black and white photography.

David Coleman, Associate Curator of Photography
Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas, Austin, Texas

David Coleman is a Ph.D. candidate in Art History at the University of Texas at Austin, concentrating on the history of photography. He has been a curator at the Harry Ransom Center since 1996. In operation since 1957, the Harry Ransom Center is one of the world's preeminent institutions for cultural research. Mr. Coleman is interested in reviewing all types of work for potential acquisition by the Harry Ransom Center.

Christopher Coppock, Director
Ffotogallery, Wales, United Kingdom

Christopher Coppock is currently Director of Ffotogallery in Cardiff, Wales. Ffotogallery is the national development agency for photography in Wales and was established in 1978. Ffotogallery is one of the few remaining independent galleries in the UK specializing in photographic art. Ffotogallery exhibits a wide range of local, national and international work across many photographic disciplines, from mainstream documentary to more expanded forms, including projection and other time-based media. The gallery is known for its support of emerging photographers and artists, and is particularly interested in showcasing photographic work which is politically and conceptually alert and which recognizes the vagaries and structural nuances of the medium. Ffotogallery provides an exhibition platform for up to ten individual artists and photographers each year and organizes an extensive touring program to other galleries and venues in the UK. In addition the organization has a prolific publishing program and promotes many of its artists via monographs, catalogues and other book-works. While exhibiting work from the genres of landscape, portraiture and still life, Ffotogallery is more likely to show photographic work where conceptual and political concerns outweigh purely aesthetic considerations.

Charlotte Cotton, Curator of Photographs
Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London is the world's largest museum of fine and decorative arts. The museum's photography collection is over 150 years old and covers both historic and contemporary photographic practice. Ms. Cotton specializes in contemporary photography - both art and commercial. She offers photographers dialogue about their work, including where it sits within contemporary trends and how to develop the presentation of their photographs for exhibition and publication purposes. Ms. Cotton is interested in seeing contemporary art photography that has, ideally, been produced in the past five years. She is not interested in seeing any work produced before 1995.

Alan Dorow, Publisher
Musarium, Silver Spring, Maryland

Alan Dorow worked in New York for ten years as a freelance photographer and photo editor at the New York Times Magazine. While spending a year working as a visiting professor at Rochester Institute of Technology in 1992, he developed a keen interest in new media technologies and went on to form Tango Interactive, a multimedia development company. In 1996, he started "Story Line", an online publication featuring photography and video in new media format. "Story Line" became "Journal E" a year later, and has went on to win numerous awards and recognitions, including two first place awards in the New Media category of Pictures of the Year and a recognition for Web Site of the Week by Communication Arts. "Journal E" recently became "Musarium", and continues to publish high-quality online stories. He currently works as the publisher of "Musarium" and as the principal of Tango Interactive in Silver Spring, Maryland, where he lives. Although he is most interested in reviewing photojournalism, reportage, and project work, there is no work he is not interested to review. He is able to offer photographers advise on putting together their work, organizing their storytelling abilities, and putting together stories for multimedia format.

Janet Dwoskin, Sourcing Manager
Oberon Design, San Francisco, California

Janet Dwoskin is the Sourcing Manager for Oberon Design. Founded in 1997, Oberon Design creates custom products and framed artwork for high-end retail stores, catalogs, and sophisticated hotel and interior spaces. Ms. Dwoskin is looking for work for their in-house reference library. Such work may be purchased as originals or licensed as reproductions for display or resale. Ms. Dwoskin is interested in reviewing a wide range of work from traditional to experimental including black and white, color, alternative processes and mixed media. Some specific areas of interest include: landscape, cityscape, still life, nature studies, vintage objects, floral subjects, architectural details, tropical scenes and travel.

Catherine Evans, Curator of Photography
Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio

In 1996 Catherine Evans was hired by the Columbus Museum of Art as Adjunct Curator and later as Curator of Photography. At the Columbus Museum of Art, Ms. Evans has curated four exhibitions annually since 1996, has published several catalogs, and has doubled the size of the permanent collection's holdings in photography. Recent acquisitions include 170 vintage prints by members of the Photo League. The Columbus Museum of Art was established in 1878 and was the first art museum chartered in Ohio. Ms. Evans is willing to look at any and all photographs, with the exception of work that is familiar, overwrought or predictable, and also work that includes graphic depictions of surgery.

Burt Finger
Photographs do not bend Galley, Dallas, Texas

Burt Finger is the director and co-owner of Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery in Dallas, Texas. The gallery specializes in exhibiting contemporary works including conceptual, documentary, and social landscape. He and his wife, Missy, opened this gallery in 1995. His current position as gallery director involves curatorial duties, research and sales. He also curates exhibitions outside the gallery for non-profit spaces. He is asking that photographers submit work that has a new point of view and that "pushes the envelope".

Missy Finger
Photographs do not Bend, Dallas, Texas

Missy Finger is co-owner of Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery. The gallery specializes in exhibiting contemporary works including conceptual, documentary, and social landscape. Her partnership at the gallery involves curating exhibitions, writing, sales, publicity and research. She co-founded the gallery with her husband, Burt Finger, in 1995. Ms. Finger would like to review work that is challenging and unexpected. Conceptual works that are not confined to the image on the paper are of interest.

Blake Fitch, Executive Director
Griffin Museum for Photography, Winchester, Massachusetts

Blake Fitch is a professional photographer and educator. The Griffin Museum for Photography holds three galleries; The Main Gallery which large exhibitions rotate five shows per year, The Emerging Artist Gallery which holds smaller exhibitions that rotate roughly eight times per year, and The Griffin Gallery which displays works from the permanent archives of museum founder Arthur Griffin. The museum is 12 years old. Although Ms. Fitch is interested in reviewing all types of work, she has a special interest in unique approaches to documentary work. She prefers completed bodies of work ready for exhibition. She is less interested in commercial photography and landscapes. There is a possibility for group shows for photographers through the Emerging Artists Gallery.

Roy Flukinger
Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas, Austin, Texas

Roy Flukinger currently serves as senior curator of photography and film for the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center of The University of Texas at Austin. The Photography Collection there has grown to encompass five million prints, negatives and transparencies, a research library of some 35,000 volumes of books and periodicals, numerous archives, and many holdings of photographic apparatus, manuscripts and memorabilia. Mr. Flukinger has been an adjunct assistant professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science and the Department of Art History at the University of Texas, as well as the Department of Art at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He has published and lectured extensively in the fields of regional, cultural and contemporary photography and the history of art and photography, and he has produced more than two dozen exhibitions of photographs. Mr. Flukinger is interested in reviewing all types of photography. Mr. Flukinger is not interested in looking at amateur photography.

Alasdair Foster, Director
The Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, Australia

Alasdair Foster is director of the Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney - Australia's longest running contemporary art space - and Managing Editor of Photofile magazine. He is also President of CAOs (Contemporary Arts Organizations of Australia). Australian Centre for Photography is the national peak body for the exhibition, education and publication of contemporary photomedia art. ACP is a not-for-profit organization funded jointly by the federal government of Australia and the State Ministry for the Arts of New South Wales. The Australian Centre for Photography has been in operation for 30 years and runs a program of exhibitions in its gallery spaces. Each year the Centre tours five shows nationally and two internationally. ACP publishes Australia's leading art photography magazine, Photofile, three times a year and acts as a node on an informal network of information about photomedia in Australia and internationally. Mr. Foster is most interested in reviewing contemporary photomedia art such as photography, non-narrative video, photo-based computer works, and unusual photo-based forms. This work should be strongly conceived work and eloquently expressed. Mr. Foster also has some interest in strong documentary work, but less in photojournalism. Edgy, youth-oriented imagery is also of interest to him. Mr. Foster is not interested in reviewing purely aesthetic or formal work, or commercial portfolios.

Christine Frisinghelli
Camera Austria, Graz, Austria

Christine Frisinghelli is the Editor of the quarterly photographic magazine Camera Austria International that focuses on contemporary visual arts, photography and theory. The magazine was founded in 1980. She is also the Director of exhibition and publication programme for Camera Austria exhibition center, Kunsthaus Graz. Ms. Frisinghelli was the Director of the "styrian autumn" festival for contemporary art from 1995 - 1999 and has held teaching positions in Zurich, Vienna and Graz. Ms. Frisinghelli is interested in contemporary, intelligent strategies and conceptual works with no stylistic, strategic, or formal restrictions. However, no nudes in the wilderness please! Ms. Frisinghelli can offer photographers publication in the FORUM section of Camera Austria International and can consider works for exhibition projects in Europe.

Juan Alberto Gaviria
Centro Colombo Americano Gallery, Medellin, Colombia

Juan Alberto Gaviria is the director of the Art Gallery at the U.S. Binational Center in Medellin, Colombia (Centro Colombo Americano). He has been a member of the selection and prize jury in several salons, based on his extensive experience in organizing exhibits by foreign artists with the BNC's Gallery as well as traveling shows for the Colombian artists with international tours. Mr. Gaviria is a professor of a "Contemporary Arts Issues" seminar at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and he often writes for Arte Internacional, a publication of the Museum of Art of Bogotá. He would like to see works kindred in spirit to the "where we come from, who we are, and where we are going" concept.

Gail Gibson, President and Director
G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, Washington

Gail Gibson is the co-owner of Gail Gibson Gallery in Seattle, WA and has been in business for 12 years. Ms. Gibson is also a member of the Seattle Art Dealers Association and the Association of International Photography Dealers that is based in New York. The gallery primarily shows established early 20th century artists, contemporary photography, and mixed media works. Ms. Gibson is most interested in reviewing contemporary and mixed media photography, but would also like to see work done with 19th century processes such as cyanotype, tintype, etc. However, she does not wish to see traditional (i.e. landscape) or documentary work.

Marnie Gillett
SF Camerawork, San Francisco, California

Marnie Gillett is the Executive Director of the nonprofit artists' organization San Francisco Camerawork and has held the position since 1984. She serves as the artistic and administrative director for the organization and her responsibilities include coordinating the exhibition and lecture programs. She is also the Associate Editor for the organization's publications: Camerawork: A Journal of Photographic Arts and exhibition catalogs. Ms. Gillett has served on grant review panels for the California Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts. Ms. Gillett offers possible exhibition and publication in Camerawork and suggestions of other ways to get your work out there. Ms. Gillett is most interested in reviewing social and political work with an edge and conceptual work. She is not interested in reviewing traditional landscapes, nudes, and abstract work.

William Greiner
Artist/Collector/Independent Curator, Metairie, Louisiana

William Greiner has been an art collector since 1979, an artist since 1986, and an independent curator since 2001. As an independent curator, Mr. Greiner is looking for new talent and ideas for independent projects. As a non-paid, volunteer consultant to the new Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, Mr. Greiner is helping to locate and identify new and young talent that should be brought to the attention of the museum for exhibition and acquisition. Mr. Greiner is most interested in reviewing social commentary work, documentary work, color work, southern subject matter, and landscape work.

Anna Gripp
PHOTONEWS, Hamburg, Germany

Anna Gripp has been Editor of PHOTONEWS since 1989 and today shares the position of Chief Editor with Denis Brudna. PHOTONEWS is a magazine focused on the cultural aspects of photography. It is published ten times per year in German and is distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with worldwide subscriptions. PHOTONEWS reports on international festivals and events related to photography, publishes interviews with interesting persons from the photography scene, exhibition and book reviews, recent news from universities, scholarships and prizes. In each issue PHOTONEWS publishes a mixture of different portfolios of emerging and established artists, documentary, photojournalism, conceptual, and fine art. Anna Gripp is open to seeing all types of work.

Thomas Halsted, President
The Halsted Gallery, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Thomas Halsted has been the owner of The Halsted Gallery for 35 years. The Halsted Gallery is one of the first fine art photography galleries in the US and now one of the oldest. The gallery sells photography dating from the 1850's to present. The Halsted Gallery concentrates on the education of its collectors as well as its artists. Mr. Halsted is looking for contemporary work that is unique and well crafted. There must be a great deal of creativity exhibited Although The Halsted Gallery does not yet sell digital work, we are not opposed to it. Mr. Halsted feels it very important the photographer has a hand in all aspects of his/her craft including taking the image, printing and creating the final product. For photographers we represent we will take them to show clients on the road and locally. Over 80% of the gallery business is not done locally. The Halsted Gallery is a member of AIPAD. Mr. Halsted is past president of AIPAD. He is also a board member of the Michigan Historical Photo Society.

Meg Handler, Contributing Editor
powerHouse Books, New York, New York

Meg Handler has been working with PowerHouse for the last year. PowerHouse Books, started by Daniel Power in 1995, is a stalwart, avant-garde publisher of photography, art, and popular culture non-fiction titles based in New York City. Ms. Handler is interested in looking at projects that are concise and well thought out. Subject matter of particular interest includes socially relevant work and portraits, however, she will look at almost anything. Ms. Handler would like to avoid looking at highly personal projects. Ms. Handler can provide photographers with information about how to best present their projects to publishers of books and magazines.

Elda Harrington, Co-Director
Encuentros Abiertos de Fotografia, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Elda Harrington has been the Co-Director of Encuentros Abiertos de Fotografia for 14 years and the director of the Escuela Argentina de Fotografia since 1987. She is also the president of Luz Austral Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting photography in Argentina. Ms. Harrington is an international curator for Argentine photography, an independent photographer, publisher of photo catalogs and advisor to the Cultural Department of the Argentine Foreign Ministry. She is active as a reviewer in Argentina, Mexico, Spain and France. Ms. Harrington is interested in reviewing all types of photography except photojournalism and advertising. She can provide an opportunity for invitations to exhibit and participate at the Encuentros Abiertos-Festival of Light.

Virginia A. Heckert , Curator of Photography
Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida

The Norton Museum of Art was founded in 1941 by Ralph Hubbard Norton (1875-1953) and his wife, Elizabeth Calhoun Norton (1881-1947). Following three renovations and additions, it has become the largest art museum and major cultural attraction in Florida, and is internationally known for its distinguished permanent collection featuring 19th and 20th century painting and sculpture, Chinese Art, Contemporary Art, and Photography. The Museum has long been committed to photography. Virginia Heckert has been with the Norton Museum since September 2001. As curator of photography, Ms. Heckert is in th position to acquire and to exhibit photography. She can also recommend to other colleagues at museums the work of artists that seems particularly pertinent to projects they might be working on or strengths of their collections. She can make suggestions about galleries and collectors that might find the work interesting. Ms. Heckert is most interested in viewing work that is made as art, creating a dialog with the history of the medium or with other media. Conceptually motivated projects are of particular interest. She is less interested in viewing the work of commercial photographers or amateur enthusiasts. Ms. Heckert is also not interested in looking at digital images unless they utilize the technology in an innovative manner.

Gary Hesse, Associate Director
Light Work, Syracuse, New York

Gary Hesse is the Associate Director of Light Work, an artist-run non-profit organization that has been in existence for 30 years and is located in Syracuse, New York. The organization supports artists working in photography through its exhibitions, its publication of the magazine Contact Sheet, and its Artist-in-Residence programs. The Light Work has a long tradition of supporting emerging and under-represented artists. Mr. Hesse is interested in evaluating all types of photography and related media, including computer and web based art, installation and commercial photography. As a photographer and computer artist, he has a personal interest in artists working with new media. He is also interested in reviewing work for artist who maybe interested in applying to Light Work's residency program.

Eva Marlene Hodek, Director
Prague House of Photography (PHP), Prague, Czech Republic

Eva Hodek is a curator, critic and teacher of photography, external member of the Selection Board of Czech Ministry of Culture (Foreign Department), and the Director of the Prague House of Photography (PHP), a non-profit institution / center dedicated to photography. The PHP has presented both classic and contemporary photography, domestic and international photographers, with special exhibits devoted to the cultural / art heritage of Czech Avant-Garde Photography. Ms. Hodek has a special interest is viewing platinum printing and other non-silver processes. She would like to see conceptual, experimental and/or issue-oriented work that operates within a social or cultural context employing a human, social or political theme or a mixed "alternative" processes. Ms. Hodek is also interested in viewing fine art and architectural photography. Ms. Hodek is not interested in reviewing photojournalism, commercial work, decorative photography, photo installations, or digitally manipulated images. Ms. Hodek can provide the opportunity of exhibiting and presenting photographer's work at the Prague House of Photography or in other galleries and institutions in the Czech Republic.

W.M. Hunt
Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York, New York

As a veteran of Fotofest and a champion of photography, Mr. Hunt is able to offer his eye, experience and enthusiasm for talent. He is a dealer, collector, teacher, curator, and writer. In his capacity as Director of Photography at Ricco/Maresca Gallery in New York, he is able to offer advice about the fine art market. Mr. Hunt is also on the Board of Directors of The Center for Photography at Woodstock and the Advisory Board for Aperture; he is also an adjunct professor at The School of Visual Arts and a consultant to Photo District News. As a longtime collector, he buys photographs. His collection entitled "Dancing Bear" consists of images in which the subject's eyes cannot be seen. Mr. Hunt prefers to see fresh work. He is not in works-in-progress that are unresolved, nor nude or montage work.

Karen Irvine, Associate Curator
Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois

Karen Irvine has been associate curator at The Museum of Contemporary Photography since January 2001. Each year the museum presents a wide range of provocative exhibitions in recognition of photography's multiple roles. She has organized numerous exhibitions including Audible Imagery: Sound and Photography. She is a part- time instructor of photography at Columbia College, Chicago. Ms. Irvine is interested in reviewing completed series of works by artists working in a variety of traditions who blend conceptual practice with a high standard of technique. She is particularly interested in viewing works by artists who create "performative" photographs, and artists from Central Europe and the Midwestern United States. Ms. Irvine offers exhibition consideration to all photographers. Photographers from the Midwest are eligible for participation in the museum's Midwest Photographers Project, a rotating 2-year archive of regional photographers.

Fran Kaufman, Owner/Director
Rosenberg + Kaufman Fine Art, New York, New York

Fran Kaufman has been an art dealer and gallery owner for more than 15 years specializing in contemporary work as well as the secondary market for modern and contemporary art. Rosenberg + Kaufman Fine Art, established in 1983, is a contemporary gallery specializing in work by mid-career artists. The gallery exhibits paintings, photographs and work on paper by American and international artists. The gallery also acts as consultant to private and institutional collectors, and organizes panels and speaking engagements for educational, institutional and corporate venues. Rosenberg and Kaufman also consult with artists and lecture on how to present to and work with galleries. The gallery occasionally takes on the representation of new artists and includes thematic work in curated exhibitions, or presents appropriate work to specific collectors. Kaufman is most interested in images that are not highly manipulated, work with a "painterly" sensibility and work with a unique and personal perspective. Kaufman is less interested in digital images, and does not exhibit highly documentary work, or extremely large-scale images.

Sarah Kehoe, Photo Editor
Mother Jones Magazine, San Francisco, California

Sarah Kehoe is the photo editor of the investigative magazine Mother Jones. Mother Jones has been in operation for 29 years. Ms. Kehoe worked with commercial and advertising photography for several years. She's been working at Mother Jones for the last four years. Although she is open to seeing all types of work, she is especially interested in editorial, photojournalism, and portraiture. She is not interested in viewing nudes or glamour shots. She could potentially hire someone to shoot a feature for the magazine.

Kay Kenny, Contributing Editor
Fotophile Magazine, New York, New York

Kay Kenny has been a contributing editor to Fotophile Magazine for 7 years and is the photography editor for the new literary magazine Epiphany. She also writes articles on the visual arts for Photo Review and several arts magazines. As an independent curator, she has curated several group shows and is currently co-curating with Orville Robertson a group exhibit entitled "Manifestations" for the Southeastern Museum of Photography that opens May 2004. She teaches photography at New York University, Parsons College of Art and the International Center of Photography in New York City. Fotophile just celebrated its 10th year as a journal dedicated to publishing fine photographic portfolios, interviews with collectors, curators, and gallerists, and critical writing on the art of photography. Fotophile seeks to publish mid-career and emerging photographer's portfolios in its quarterly magazine. Ms. Kenny is open to seeing all types of photography including street photography, experimental, documentary, and fine art. Ms. Kenny has a special interest in bodies of work that can be published in Fotophile Magazine, and in experimental photography, particularly non-silver for future curatorial projects. Ms. Kenny is not interested in reviewing commercial and fashion photography.

Julie Kinzelman, President
Kinzelman Art Consulting, Houston, Texas

Kinzelman Art Consulting is an art consulting firm providing arts-related services including advising on art acquisitions for corporate, institutional, and private collections. Julie Kinzelman has been the president and owner for four years. Ms. Kinzelman is interested in reviewing everything except socio-political, documentary, environmental, and nude photography. She can advise and assist photographers with appropriate ways of presenting their portfolios and work for consideration by corporate consultants and collectors. She can also advise on aesthetic considerations that may assist photographers with content, composition, concept, printing, and presentation.

Michael Koetzle, Editor
Leica World Magazine, Munich, Germany

Michael Koetzle is a freelance writer, art critic, and contributor to Photo Technik International. Mr. Koetzle has been a freelance exhibition curator since 1981 and the editor of Leica World Magazine since 1996. Mr. Koetzle can offer artists publication in Leica World Magazine and Photo Technik International. He has published several books including "Twen Magazine" (1995), "Photo Icons" (2002), and "Lexikon der Fotografen". Mr. Koetzle is interested in seeing documentary work, reportage work, and personal projects. Mr. Koetzle does not want to see mixed media projects or computer altered images.

James Lerager
Independent Consultant, Larkspur, California

James Lerager a photographer and an author. He is the founder/director of the International Photography & Research Project with the University of California, and has had 30 solo exhibitions of his photography. His primary interest is documentary and photojournalistic work, and is open to reviewing work of all kinds.

Dewi Lewis
Dewi Lewis Publishing, Manchester, United Kingdom

Dewi Lewis founded his publishing company in 1994. He has extensive experience as an art consultant specializing in cultural development projects. Since establishing his own company, he has published many leading international photographers including William Klein, Martin Parr, Bruce Gilden, and Frank Horvat. He is also the author of "Publishing Photography" which won PhotoEye's Photography Resource Book of the Year award in 1999. Mr. Lewis can bring a realistic understanding of the world market for photography to photographers. Mr. Lewis is interested in viewing work of international interest, particularly photojournalism, new documentary, and landscape. He is not, however, interested in viewing nude or glamour photography.

Kevin Longino
Watermark, Fine Art Photographs & Books Gallery, Houston, Texas

Kevin Longino is opening a new gallery space focused on emerging and mid-career artists. He is seeking artists for representation and exhibition. The gallery is still under construction and will be open on March 1st. Mr. Longino has over 18 years experience in the high-tech industy. He is coming out of retirement to start the gallery. Mr. Longino is interested in seeing new perspectives on landscapes, portraits, abstracts, documentary, and architecture while using traditional, new or alternative processes.

Celina Lunsford, Director
Fotografie Forum international, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Since 1992, Celina Lunsford has been the artistic director of the Photographic Exhibition Center of the non-profit organization Fotografie Forum international (FFi) in Frankfurt Germany. The Ffi was founded in 1984 and presents international exhibitions, lectures, workshops, events and has a print room for sales. Over the last 11 years Ms. Lunsford has curated and organized over 150 exhibitions for the FFi and other institutions and has written for many books and publications on photography. Ms. Lunsford offers general presentation comments, sales, exhibition possibilities, workshop lecturing and contacts to publishers. Ms. Lunsford wants to see all aspects of photography: art, fashion, photojournalism, reportage, unique portraits, unusual landscapes, classical, experimental, and the unknown. She is not interested in seeing non-signature advertising photography.

Gordon MacDonald
Photoworks, Brighton, England

Gordon MacDonald is a photographer and curator who has been working for Photoworks for the past 3 years curating and project managing. Photoworks is a photographic arts organization that has been in operation for over 10 years. Photographers could potentially publish their work in Photoworks' book or magazine. Photoworks also offers commission on photographic projects, and the chance to place relevant work in curated group exhibitions. Mr. MacDonald is interested to view any contemporary photography for the magazine. Photographs of domestic or institutional interiors for a forthcoming exhibition tour in the UK/Europe are also of interest. Mr. MacDonald is not interested in seeing nudes.

Vaclav Macek
FOTOFO Foundation, Bratislava, Slovakia

Vaclav Macek is the Director of the Mesiac fotografie (The Month of Photography), which is the most important photography festival in Central Europe. The festival was founded in 1991 and presents between 30-40 exhibitions from all over the world each year. Vaclay Macek is interested in reviewing a range of work, particularly documentary projects.

James E. Maloney
Private Collector, Houston, Texas

Mr. James E. Maloney has worked with the photography accessions committee at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. He is also a former member of the board of directors for FotoFest and the Houston Center for Photography. Mr. Maloney is most interested in viewing European and South American themes.

Lesley A. Martin, Executive Editor
APERTURE, New York, New York

Lesley A. Martin recently returned to Aperture as Executive Editor of the book-publishing program, having previously served as Managing Editor three years prior. Ms. Martin has worked on a wide range of photographic titles, exhibitions, and related components and is able to assist with portfolio shaping and publication advice. Aperture was founded in 1952 as a not-for-profit arts organization and publisher dedicated to promoting photography as a unique form of artistic expression. Reaching a worldwide audience, Aperture's programs include Aperture magazine, book publishing, traveling exhibitions, education and outreach programming. Ms. Martin is open to reviewing a variety of material, from conceptual photo-based imagery to reportage and documentary work.

Aleksander Matczewski
Photo Month in Kraków, Kraków, Poland

Aleksander Matczewski became the director of the Foundation of Visual Arts which organizes the annual photography festival, Photo Month in Kraków. The first festival took place in 2002 with more than 50 exhibitions including an opening exhibition by Nobuyoshi Araki. The second edition of the festival in 2003 had over 80 exhibitions and other events, seminars, and meetings. Mr. Matczewski can invite photographers to show their work during Photo Month in Kraków. Mr. Matczewski is interested in reviewing photographs in the following fields: documentary (but not press photography), portrait, fine art nude, and landscape. He is particularly interested in B&W photography.

Tanya Mathis, Art Buying Supervisor
The Ad Agency at Fidelity Investments, Boston, Massachusetts

Tanya Mathis became the Art Buying Supervisor for The Ad Agency @ Fidelity Investments eight years ago. The Agency handles marketing and communications materials for the various 35+ business units within Fidelity Investments. Ms. Mathis purchases commercial art for Fidelity's communications materials. She is in a position to hire illustrators, photographers and purchase stock and royalty-free art. She sits on the Board of Director's for The Griffin Museum of Photography, in Winchester, Massachusetts. Ms. Mathis is open to viewing all types of work. She purchases a majority of commercial art and commissions photography of corporate portrait and people in the environment. Ms. Mathis also buys stock and royalty-free art of all styles and venues. Retirement and lifestyle subject matter is in high demand. The agency also has a gallery space on site where she rotates artist's work on a monthly basis. Ms. Mathis is always looking for new talent especially in fine and commercial art.

Scott McLeod
Prefix Photo Magazine, Toronto, Canada

Scott McLeod is a writer, curator, and the Editor/Publisher of the award-winning magazine Prefix Photo. Founded in 1999 and based in Toronto, Prefix Photo features photography portfolios and critical essays on international contemporary photography and related issues. Prefix Photo is published by Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, a non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation and understanding of contemporary photographic art through exhibitions, publications and related activities. Mr. McLeod is interested in viewing a broad range of photography for publication and/or exhibition. His organization's mandate is to present work over which the artist retains creative control. Consequently, he is not interested in viewing commercial photography or photojournalism.

Michel Métayer, Director
Academy of Fine Arts, Toulouse, France

Michel Métayer has worked as the director of the French Cultural institutes of Prague and Freiburg (Germany). During this time he organized numerous photography exhibitions. He now directs the Academy of Fine Arts in Toulouse, France, where there is a special emphasis on photography in relation to the annual photography festival Printemps de Septembre. Michel Métayer is interested to review all types of work. He can help artists exhibit their work in Europe.

Kate Menconeri, Program Director
Center for Photography, Woodstock, New York

Kate Menconeri is program director at The Center for Photography at Woodstock and has been working with CPW since 1994. She is involved in conceptualizing and developing the creative programs including year-round exhibitions, Woodstock Photography Workshops, Photography Quarterly magazine, Woodstock A-I-R, and services for artists. She curates exhibitions and actively seeks new work by contemporary creative artists for Center opportunities. She offers professional development, guidance, and insight as an artist in her reviews, as well as opportunities at the Center for Photography at Woodstock. Founded in 1977, The Center for Photography at Woodstock is a not-for-profit arts and education organization dedicated to contemporary creative photography and related media with year-round programs including exhibitions, workshops, Photography Quarterly magazine, permanent print collection, residencies for artists of color, and services for artists: an international resource and haven for photography. The institution offers photography exhibitions, classes, workshops, lectures and fellowships, and is dedicated to showcasing work of emerging and mid-career photographic artists. Ms. Menconeri is open to seeing all types of photography but notes that CPW rarely features documentary or stock photography in the Center's galleries and prefers to view cohesive bodies of contemporary, creative and fine art photography by new talent and mid-career artists.

Niki Michelin
The Photographers Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Niki Michelin is currently the Manager of the Print Sales Gallery at The Photographers' Gallery, which has a strong reputation as being Britain's leading photographic space. It hosts alongside the main exhibition space, eight of its own exhibitions a year, and Ms. Michelin is solely responsible for the selection of work and the curation of the eight shows a year. Ms. Michelin is interested in viewing large format contemporary color or black-and-white photographs, especially with subjects of the sea and landscapes, and platinum prints sensitive portraits. She is not interested in reviewing work that is heavily documentary based.

Kevin Miller, Director and Senior Curator
Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach, Florida

Kevin Miller has been the Director and Senior Curator of the Southeast Museum of Photography since 2002. The Southeast Museum of Photography is dedicated to the advancement of photography through public exhibitions of all forms of vintage and contemporary photography, research, publications and public programming. It maintains a significant permanent collection with strengths in general photographic history and documentary photography. Mr. Miller is interested in reviewing developed bodies of work in a wide range of genres with the current exception of new-media for potential inclusion in future museum exhibitions.

Yossi Milo, Director
Yossi Milo Gallery, New York, New York

The Yossi Milo Gallery is dedicated to presenting the work of emerging and established photographers. Established in 1997 the gallery has grown into a well-respected venue for contemporary photography. The photographers represented by the gallery come from a vast array of backgrounds. Yossi Milo is most interested in seeing fine art photography, including digital photography, documentary photography and complete bodies of work, but is not interested in seeing works in progress or work that is incomplete.

Sarah Morthland, Director
Sarah Morthland Gallery, New York, New York

Sarah Morthland has worked in the field of photography for over 25 years. In 1996, she opened her own gallery, the Sarah Morthland Gallery, in the Chelsea art district of Manhattan. She also is a professional appraiser of photography and manages the estates of many photographers through her associated business, Archive Consulting and Management Services. She has served for several years on the board of directors for the Center for Photography at Woodstock. The Sarah Morthland Gallery specializes in 19th and 20th century documentary and fine art photography. Ms. Morthland is primarily interested in fine art black and white or color photography and the contemporary use of 19th century processes, with an emphasis on the fullest realization of a work through the combination of visual acumen and technical expertise in the medium. Ms. Morthland does not wish to review digital prints, computer generated imagery or advertising.

Joan Morgenstern
Private Collector, Houston, Texas

Joan Morgenstern has served on a variety of exhibition and acquisition committees. Ms. Morgenstern is the acquisitions chair for the Robert I. Kahn Gallery at Congregation Emanuel. Ms. Morgenstern is interested in Jewish subjects and ethical themes for work for the Houston Center for Photography, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and her own private collection.

Andreas Mueller-Pohle
European Photography, Berlin, Germany

Since 1997, Andreas Mueller-Pohle has been guest professor at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belguim. Mr. Mueller-Pohle is currently the editor and publisher of European Photography, the international art magazine for contemporary photography and new media. Mr. Mueller-Pohle can publish photographers' work in European Photography. Mr. Mueller-Pohle is interested in seeing conceptual, multimedia, experimental, and digital work. Mr. Mueller-Pohle does not wish to see classical fine art photography.

Ute Noll
Frankfurter Rundschau Magazin, Frankfurt, Germany

Ute Noll is picture editor of the Frankfurter Rundschau Magazin, the award winning weekend supplement of the national daily newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau. Twelve times per year she focuses on emerging and established artists. The magazine mainly produces color material. In the editorial section of the magazine, she is known for using cutting edge photography, which on occasion generates the editorial theme. Ms. Noll gives photographers assignments to cover events worldwide and can offer general presentation comments. Most recently, she has been a member of several international juries, and she is regularly invited to international photo-festivals. She also works as a photo curator. Ms. Noll wants to see innovative and cutting edge photography in all aspects of art, cultural, social, political, documentary, and staged photography.

Alison Devine Nordström
George Eastman House/International Museum of Photography,
Rochester, New York

Alison Nordstrom is the curator of Still Photography at George Eastman House. She has curated over 100 exhibitions of photography. She is the author of numerous catalogue essays and reviews in academic publications. Ms. Nordstrom's photographic interests include the photography of colonialism, memory and place, and photographs by interdisciplinary artists, women, anthropologists, scientists and the press. She is interested in viewing new media, mixed media, cross-disciplinary work, reportage, and idea-driven work. She is not interested to view fashion and commercial work. She can offer photographers critique, advice, perspective, context, direction, exhibition, critical writing, publication, and the possible purchasing of work.

Pippa Oldfield, Program Manager
Impressions Gallery, York, United Kingdom

Impressions Gallery opened in 1972 and is a publicly funded and not-for-profit gallery. It has established itself as a leading international exhibition space for photography and digital art. Impressions supports and promotes innovative and creative work that extends the boundaries of current photographic practice. The Gallery has a special interest in nurturing the careers of new and emerging artists. Pippa Oldfield is interested in seeing work that is refreshing in its approach by employing a fusion of ideas and ambition in its practice. Originality is important as is work that is conceptually and intellectually challenging. Ms. Oldfield does not wish to see traditional documentary, advertising or commercial photography, or picture library photography. She can offer photographers advice on putting together proposals and portfolios for independent not-for-profit galleries. She has extensive knowledge of the UK photography scene and could advice who to approach if work is not suitable for Impressions.

Edward J. Osowski, Ph.D.
Collector, Houston, Texas

Since September 2003, Edward Osowski has been employed as a photography consultant with Royka Auctioneer and Appraiser. He served four terms as resident of the board of Houston Center for Photography (1993-1997). At HCP he has been a regular contributor to Spot Magazine with reviews of books and exhibitions. Since 2001 he has been a member of the Board of Corporators of Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts, where he focused his attention on assisting with the development of the museum's holdings of new photography and with locating funding sources for the Museum's anticipated celebration of 100 years of exhibiting photography later this year. Mr. Osowski is interested in reviewing work by photographers who have not had much exposure. He is interested in documentary/photo-journalism and is also interested in photographers working with 19th century techniques. Mr. Osowski is not interested in installation pieces or digital work. He will be able to assist photographers in strengthening the verbal aspect of their presentations.

Deborah Paine
Deborah Paine Fine Art Services, Seattle, Washington

Deborah Paine is an independent art advisor, currently placing artwork in the new Inpatient Bed Building at Children's Hospital where she is responsible for commissioning ten artists to create site-specific themed artwork. She also curates exhibitions. Ms. Paine is interested in reviewing any artwork that is not commercial in nature. She is interested in looking at contemporary, conceptual work as well as interesting work for the Children's Hospital (not necessarily photos of children). Ms. Paine is not interested seeing commercial photography. Ms. Paine can include photographers' work in exhibitions, help place artwork in institutions, suggest galleries for showing, and help artists secure commissions.

Joaquim Paiva
Private Collector, Brazilian, Brazil

Joaquim Pavia has been a collector of contemporary photography for the last 25 years. Mr. Pavia is also a photographer concerned with the medium as a means for self-expression and as a poetic discourse related to memory. Parts of his collection have been exhibited widely in Brazil and abroad, including FotoFest 1998. An important book on Pavia's collection has been published in Brazil, containing 275 images by 97 photographers. Mr. Pavia translated the book "On Photography" by American writer Susan Sontag into Portuguese in 1981; he has reviewed portfolios at FotoFest 2000 and 2002. Mr. Pavia is interested in seeing creative, experimental bodies of work of fine art photography, in which the photographer is committed to quality and innovation.

Ann Pallesen, Gallery Director
Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, Washington

Ann Pallesen has been Gallery Director of the Photographic Center Northwest gallery since 1996. She has curated over 100 exhibitions. Ms. Pallesen has been included in panel discussions, portfolio review events such as Photo Americas, and has served as juror for several outside exhibitions. The Photographic Center Northwest is a nonprofit center for photographic arts education dedicated to offering fine art photography education, supporting the arts community, and enhancing public awareness of fine art photography. Since 1988, students at the center choose to take individual workshops and classes or to enroll in a comprehensive program, which includes a year-long thesis project. The fine art photography curriculum encompasses concept, theory, aesthetics, and technical proficiency. The Photographic Center Northwest can offer artists gallery exhibitions, lectures, workshops, classes, and artist-in-residencies. PCNW hosts 10-12 gallery exhibitions per year. Ms. Pallesen is most interested in reviewing comprehensive bodies of work for exhibition. She not interested in reviewing nature photography, landscapes or commercial work.

Lee Ann Peavy, Director
Photography As Art Gallery, Mason, Texas

Lee Ann Peavy is currently Director of the Photography As Art Gallery in Mason, Texas. The Photography As Art Gallery was established in June 2002. The gallery exhibits contemporary photography exploring alternative printing processes and provocative visual content. The gallery promotes artists by exhibiting and selling their work and hosts artist discussions and workshops available to the public. Ms. Peavy is most interested in viewing portfolios that contain work that is explorative and experimental. She is attentive to work that goes beyond straight photography; work that is interpretive rather than representational.

Stephen Perloff, Editor
The Photo Review and The Photograph Collector, Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Stephen Perloff is the founder and editor of The Photo Review, a critical journal of international scope, and editor of The Photograph Collector, the leading source of information on the photography art market. He has taught photography and the history of photography at numerous Philadelphia-area colleges and universities and has been the recipient of two grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts for art criticism. He was the recipient of the Sol Mednick Award for 2000 from the Mid-Atlantic region of the Society for Photographic Education. Mr. Perloff has curated several exhibitions, recently he curated the exhibition "Camera Work: A Centennial Celebration," which opened at the James A. Michener Art Museum in September 2003 and travels through January 2005. Mr. Perloff is interested in reviewing a wide range of work, but prefers deeply felt and intellectually challenging projects from documentary to digital. The Photo Review publishes critical reviews, book reviews, interviews, and portfolios of photographers' work.

Gus Powell, Photo Editor
The New Yorker, New York, New York

Gus Powell is a freelance photo editor and photographer who is based in New York. He has been a photo researcher for The New Yorker magazine for the past five years and works regularly on the magazine's fiction section. As a photo editor for The New Yorker, Mr. Powell works specifically on fine art research. He looks for existing photographs to accompany the weekly fiction section as well as other nonfiction pieces that are illustrated in a creative/conceptual way rather than a journalistic way. Mr. Powell likes to see personal and "fine art" work that has a narrative quality and a bit of mystery or humor. His taste leans more towards a "straight" aesthetic rather than a conceptual one. He is open to portrait, still life, landscape, cityscape, reportage, and other types of work and has a particular attraction to color work and often a specific need for vertical images. He does not want to see photo illustration or work that is heavy on post production. He has little use for fashion work and studio nudes.

Alan E. Rapp, Editor
Chronicle Books, San Francisco, California

Alan E. Rapp is the editor of art, design, and photography books at Chronicle Books. Mr. Rapp is also a writer who contributes to such magazines as Metropolis, I.D., dwell, Surface. Chronicle Books was founded in 1966 and was previously a subsidiary of the San Francisco-based Chronicle Publishing Company. Chronicle Books became an independent entity in early 2000. Chronicle Books is now one of the most widely admired publishing companies in the U.S., with a list that includes adult and children's books, stationery and ancillary products, contemporary fine art titles as well as design, architecture and photography books. Chronicle Books' philosophy is to publish books that are as affordable as they are beautiful. Mr. Rapp's purpose at FotoFest is to educate photographers on the publishing process and how they can improve their chances of getting their work published. Mr. Rapp is not really scouting for material to publish, though he will of course be open to considering appropriate work for acquisition. Mr. Rapp is most interested in reviewing uniquely conceived and executed work which reveal aspects of the world that are not well known. This can encompass a photographer's unique vision of place, self, and family, or be shown in documentary work of subjects which lie on societal or historical fringes (or which have been merely forgotten). Mr. Rapp is not interested in reviewing landscape/nature photography or traditional portraiture.

Christopher Rauschenberg, Board Chair, Co-Director
Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, Oregon

Christopher Rauschenberg is co-director and board chairman of Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Blue Sky was established in 1975 by Mr. Rauschenberg and four other photographers. Since then, he has co-curated 567 solo exhibitions by 433 different artists, 42 group shows, and he has edited and produced over 50 publications. Blue Sky Gallery is a non-profit artists' space which produces 20 to 24 solo exhibitions per year and a group show every couple of years or so. The gallery produces catalogs which feature four images per show. The focus and passion of Blue Sky is on promoting emerging artists. While Christopher Rauschenberg likes to look at everything, Blue Sky does not tend to exhibit classic traditional nudes, portraits or landscapes. The landscapes that they show are usually documentary and sociological rather than scenic or abstract.

Rixon Reed
Photo-eye Books and Prints, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rixon Reed is the Founder/Director of photo-eye and its four divisions: photo-eye Bookstore (the largest and oldest photography bookstore in this country), photo-eye Auctions (online rare and out-of-print book auctions), photo-eye Gallery (featuring fine-art photography by established and emerging photographers), and Photographer's Showcase (an online gallery at devoted to serious fine-art photographers from around the world). Mr. Reed is also the Founder/Director of, a new website exhibiting the work of fine photographers from throughout the world. Mr. Reed offers opportunities to exhibit quality work in photo-eye's Photographer's Showcase, photo-eye Gallery, Santa Fe and Mr. Reed is interested in fresh, contemporary photography from all genres.

Torsten Reiter, Curator
Galerie Quicksilver, Berlin, Germany

Torsten Reiter is president of the Miteldeutsche Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Kunst (Association of Contemporary Art) established in Leipzig, Director of the Maerzgalerie, and Curator of Quicksilver Gallery. Quicksilver produces 6-8 exhibitions annually consisting of photography and mixed media events. The gallery also hosts lectures, talks, literary and musical events. Mr. Reiter can offer exhibition possibilities and residencies for artists. Mr. Reiter is interested in reviewing all types of work from young contemporary photographers experimenting with new ideas and/or technologies suitable for exhibition purposes in the near future. His special interest focuses on the pictorial construction and minimalist approaches. He is not interested in seeing any kind of advertising photography.

Judith Rosenbaum, Photo Editor
Avanti Press, New York, New York

Judith Rosenbaum has been Photo Editor at Avanti for 3 years. Avanti Press, Inc. is a publisher and distributor of high quality greeting cards, gift and stationery products. Avanti is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan and maintains a creative office in New York City. The company's products are distributed worldwide. Avanti has been in operation since 1980. Avanti Press, Inc. can license and publish photographer's images as greeting cards. Avanti Press, Inc. gives complete photo credits and sample cards. Ms. Rosenbaum wishes to see work that fits into Avanti Press' two distinct lines of greeting cards: the Avanti line and the 4U line: Humorous images, images of adult characters, images of children, and images of animals are used for the Avanti line. The images of people or animals should have "attitude". For the 4U line work should have beautiful artistic images, yet not be too abstract. These may be color, b/w or alternative process. Ms. Rosenbaum does not wish to see very editorial, beauty, fashion, or lifestyle images.

Miriam Romais, Managing Editor
Nueva Luz Photographic Journal, Bronx, New York

For the past twelve years, Miriam Romais has been responsible for outreach, research and recommending photographers for possible exhibition or publication at En Foco. En Foco is a non-profit photography organization whose mission is to exhibit and publish works by American photographers of African, Asian, Latino, Native American and Pacific Islander heritage. The publication Nueva Luz is national in scope and is the premier magazine in its field. The annual New Works Photography Awards program selects four photographers per year from a national call for entrants who receive an honorarium and photo related materials to create new work. Ms. Romais offers publication and exhibition possibilities, also comments on general presentation. Ms. Romais is most interested in reviewing in-depth fine art and documentary work by serious emerging and mid-career photographers of African, Asian, Latino, Native American and Pacific Islander heritage. Black and white work is preferred, since the magazine only publishes one artist per year working in color. Ms. Romais is least interested in reviewing commercial/advertising photography.

Francois Saint Pierre
Centre de Photographie de Lectoure, Lectoure, France

The Centre de photographie de Lectoure is an art center founded in 1992 in a small, beautiful city (pop. 4000) near Toulouse, France. The Centre annually presents three or four exhibitions and a festival in summertime, L'Eté photographique de Lectoure presents about ten exhibitions in five different places in the city. The festival has taken place since 1990. Most of the exhibitions are produced and some are commissioned by the Centre de Photographie which also organizes residencies for artists and occasionally prepares publications associated with shows. François Saint Pierre is the director and the founder of the festival and art center. Mr. Saint Pierre is interested in reviewing all types of work as long as they are of a contemporary trend and are full of personality. Mr. Saint Pierre offers exhibition and residency possibilities, and can serve as a good contact for French museums, art centers, galleries, etc.

Chuck Samuels, Director
Le Mois de la Photo ŕ Montréal, Montreal, Canada

Chuck Samuels is the Administrative Director of Le Mois de la Photo ŕ Montreal. Le Mois de la Photo ŕ Montréal is a major international contemporary photography biennale. Mr. Samuels is also a visual artist who has been exhibiting, publishing and selling his work locally, nationally and internationally since 1980. Mr. Samuels works closely with the next and future Artistic Directors of Le Mois de la Photo a Montreal event and will be in a position to recommend artists' work to this person. Mr. Samuels is interested to view all contemporary work

Joël Savary, Cultural Attaché
Consulate General of France, Houston, Texas

Joël Savary is the Cultural Attaché of the Consulate General of France in Houston, Texas. The Consulate has been operating for 50 years in Texas. As the Cultural Attaché, Mr. Savary works to develop educational, linguistic, and cultural exchanges between Texas and France. Before becoming a Cultural Attaché, Mr. Savary was a photo dealer in Toulouse, France, an assistant professor of history and aesthetics of photography, and the visual contemporary adviser for French Ministry of Culture in Bordeaux, France. Mr. Savary is interested in seeing any type of black&white and color work from mature students or adult people. He has no interest in reviewing the work of amateurs.

Rudolf Scheutle, Curator
Fotomuseum im Münchner Stadtmuseum, Munich, Germany

Rudolf Scheutle is currently curating exhibitions of contemporary art and photography at Fotomuseum im Münchner Stadtmuseum. The only photo museum within the Municipal Museum of Munich was founded in 1961, and has one of the most important collections in Europe. Mr. Rudolf also teaches the History of Photography at the Fachhochschule München, the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Mr. Scheutle offers general information on matters regarding contemporary exhibition possibilities and contacts to galleries. Mr. Scheutle is interested in seeing all types of work, except for advertising photography.

Thomas Seelig
Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland

Thomas Seelig has been the Exhibition Curator of Photography at Stadthaus Ulm. He has worked as a freelance curator for festivals and museums in Europe such as the Fotobiennale Rotterdam and Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg. Mr. Seelig is currently the Collection Curator at the Fotomusum Winterthur, and has been since early 2003. He has also been director of Fiedler Contemporary in Cologne for four years, a gallery devoted to young and emerging artists with a conceptual approach to the medium of photography. Mr. Seelig can offer photographers contacts with journalists, curators, and publishers, and he can evaluate work for specialized collections in contemporary photography-private and public. In its eleventh year, the Fotomuseum Winterthur provides a wide range of exhibitions, from contemporary photography, to new media, to modernist photographic masters and shows, which relate to sociological issues or to the applied use of photography. Mr. Seelig is most interested in reviewing innovative and conceptual approaches in photography and long-term projects that follow in the line of international documentary traditions. Mr. Seelig is not interested in advertising, agency works, or "nice" photographs.

Ariel Shanberg, Executive Director
The Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock, New York

Working with CPW since 1999, Ariel Shanberg provides the vision and leadership of the Center for Photography at Woodstock and brings CPW's mission forward to an international audience. He works closely with CPW staff to conceptualize and develop year-round creative and educational offerings. Mr. Shanberg actively seeks new work by contemporary creative artists for Center opportunities. CPW Staff brings professional development, guidance, and insight as practicing artists as well as rich and diverse opportunities for artists at the Center. Mr. Shanberg is open to all types of work; however, he prefers to see cohesive bodies of contemporary creative and fine art photography by emerging and mid-career artists. Also, the CPW rarely features documentary or stock photography in the galleries, so Mr. Shanberg would prefer not to review such work.

Alberto Sierra, Curator
Museo de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia

Alberto Sierra is Chief Curator for the Museo de Antioquia. Having participated in numerous national and international arts events as curator, researcher and exhibition designer, Mr. Sierra has a strong commitment to international arts exchange and a vast knowledge of painting, photography and sculpture. Most recently he participated as co-curator for the newly created photography biennial, FOTOFIESTA MEDELLIN. Mr. Sierra has participated as a reviewer in FOTOFEST since 1992. Mr. Sierra is interested in reviewing a wide range of work, including both traditional and more avant garde work that will be considered for exhibitions as well as for FOTOFIESTA MEDELLIN which is co-produced by the Museum and the Centro Colombo Americano.

Johan Sjöström, Curator
BildMuseet, Umeĺ, Sweden

Johan Sjöström has been a curator at BildMuseet in Umeĺ, Sweden since 1998. BildMuseet is a museum of international contemporary art and visual culture, and one of the leading institutions of its kind in Scandinavia and Europe. With 6 exhibition halls and an exhibition area of 1,500 square meters, it houses approximately 12 exhibitions per year. Mr. Sjöström has been invited to review and lecture at numerous international photo events including Rhubarb International Folio Session in Birmingham UK; Bratislava Month of Photography in Slovakia; and Skábmagovat in Inari, Finland. He has contributed to magazines such as Artphoto and Paletten, and is also the co-editor of several publications including "The Politics of Place"; "Mats Hjelm: Trilogy"; "Mirror's Edge", and "Head North". Mr. Sjöström is interested in reviewing innovative and creative photography-based contemporary art that extend the boundaries of current photographic practice. The moving image, new media and video is also of interest to him.

George Slade, Artistic Director
Minnesota Center for Photography, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnesota Center for Photography is a small non-profit organization devoted to exhibiting and exploring fine photography by accomplished and promising artists working in a variety of genres under the wide umbrella of "photography". George Slade is the lead curator for the Center. While the center has a predisposition for work from Minnesota and the Midwest, the organization hopes to represent the broad spectrum of contemporary photographic art. Towards this end, we try whenever possible to present unique, accomplished portfolios of work by artists from all points on the geographic and stylistic map. There are three thematic exhibits MCP is currently developing, and for which we would like to see work at any stage in its evolution: images of the Three Gorges dam project and its related environmental and social effects; digital or manipulated work by married couples or domestic partners, completed either in direct collaboration or in parallel tracks; work by photographers involved in the Kamoinge Workshop, the Black Photographers Annual, or the Black Arts Movement. Projects should be in a fairly advanced state of readiness for exhibition.

Mark Sloan, Director and Senior Curator
William Halsey Gallery, College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina

Mark Sloan is an artist, author, educator, curator, and arts administrator. Mr. Sloan has been the Director and Senior Curator of the Halsey Gallery at the College of Charleston since 1994. The Halsey Gallery is a multi-disciplinary, non-collecting contemporary arts museum, with an emphasis on emerging and mid-career artists from around the world. Mr. Sloan is interested in seeing work that demonstrates a sustained engagement with the world of ideas -- literary, social, political, philosophical. Artists pursuing formalist agendas such as nudes or traditional landscapes might best be served by another reviewer. Mr. Sloan's experience with galleries and publishing has provided him with a solid network of national and international contacts. While he can only help a few artists with shows in his university gallery, he has managed to assist many more through his informal guidance.

Mary Virginia Swanson
M.V. Swanson & Associates, Tucson, Arizona

Mary Virginia Swanson is a leader in the fields of licensing and marketing fine art photography. In 1991 she founded Swanstock, an alternative agency managing licensing rights for fine art photographers. Now a respected consultant and educator, she works with artists on issues related to marketing their work. Swanson served as co-coordinator of Fotofest's Education Seminars in 2002 and 2004. Swanson spends a portion of each year in New York City, where she teaches a Professional Practices seminar at School of Visual Arts. She is on the Board of Directors of the Santa Fe Center for Photography and the Board of Fellows of the Center for Creative Photography, and is a contributor to Photo District News' PDNEDU and The Photographer's Market 2004. Swanson is interested in meeting with photographers who are ready to market completed bodies of work, or with those who are seeking a critique of their work in progress.

Barbara Tannenbaum, Chief Curator
Akron Art Museum, Akron, Ohio

Barbara Tannenbaum, Chief Curator and Head of Public Programs, has organized over forty-five exhibitions for the Akron Art Museum since she started working there in 1985. Dr. Tannenbaum guides the selection process for the museum's annual Knight Purchase Prize for Photographic Media, awarded to those who have made a major contribution to the photographic arts, and she serves on the Photo Americas National Advisory Board. The Akron Art Museum, founded in 1922, is a museum of modern and contemporary art with a collection of over 3,400 works, one-third of which are photographs. The museum usually mounts around 12-14 exhibitions per year, but will be closed for 2 years starting May 2004 while it triples in size with a new addition. Dr. Tannenbaum is interested in seeing many different kinds of work, but she prefers not to review photography that is primarily commercial in nature. Nudity is okay as long as it is truly at the service of artistic expression.

Finn Thrane
Museet for Fotokunst, Odense, Denmark

Finn Thrane has been the museum director of Museet for Fotokunst (The Museum of Photographic Art) in Odense, Denmark since 1987. He is a self-taught photographer and an artist in the field of photography. He has been co-editing the bilingual photography catalog since 1988. The museum hosts 8 exhibitions per year. Mr. Thrane is interested in seeing all kinds of artistic photography and photo-based art and is especially interested in photojournalism and experiments of a border-crossing character.

Jimo Toyin Salako, Editor/ Picture Editor
NextLevel, London, England

Jimo Toyin Salako is Editor, Picture Editor, Co-Founder and Publisher of NextLevel magazine. He is currently working on a six-year book and exhibition project due for completion in 2004. NextLevel is a twice-yearly photographic publication. NextLevel can publish bodies of work, place short film/video pieces in their forum section on their website, and provide very good exposure internationally. Mr. Toyin is interested in artists working in both film and video. The type of work he wishes to review is fine art and documentary photography. He is not interested in looking at fashion or commercial work.

Juan Travnik
Director of La FotoGalería del Teatro San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Juan Travnik, an experienced teacher and curator in the field of creative photography, is recognized as one of the most important contemporary photographers of his country. He is a founding member of the Consejo Argentino de Fotografía. Mr. Travnik is director of La FotoGalería del Teatro San Martín, founded in 1985. This gallery has at least 12 exhibitions annually and balances the participation of emerging and established photographers. He is also director of the Espacio Fotográfico de la Ribera and curator of Encuentros Abiertos de Fotografia. He can provide the opportunity to exhibit and present photographer's work in Argentina. Mr. Travnik is interested in seeing straight photography, essays on different subjects, new trends, new visions, digital photography and mixed media. He is not interested in viewing commercial photography.

Anne Wilkes Tucker
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

Anne Tucker is the Gus and Lyndall Wortham curator of photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, where she has worked since 1976. She founded the Photography Department at the museum, which now has a collection of over 20,000 photographs. She has curated over two-dozen exhibitions, including retrospectives for Robert Frank, Ray K. Metzker, George Krause, Richard Misrach and Brassaď. Most of these exhibitions were accompanied by a publication. Ms. Tucker has published many articles and lectured around the world. She has been awarded fellowships by the National Endowment for the Arts, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, and the Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and the Humanities, and received an Alumnae Achievement award from Randolph Macon Woman's College.

Ricardo Viera, Director/ Curator
Lehigh University Art Galleries/Museum, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Ricardo Viera is the Director/ Curator of the Lehigh University Art Galleries/ Museum whose mission is visual literacy as alternative to the classroom. Prof. Viera is a practicing artist and a recognized authority on aspects of visual communications, public art and museum and curatorial studies. His main areas of interest, research and curatorship are Hispanic American, Latino/Latina and Caribbean contemporary art and all aspects of creative photography. As Director/ Curator of the Lehigh University Art Galleries/ Museum, Prof. Viera can offer photographers solo or group exhibitions and can purchase photographers work for permanent collection. Prof. Viera is interested in seeing all contemporary and experimental work, wet or dry. Prof. Viera does not wish to see stock or advertising photography.

Enrica Viganň, Artistic Director
FOTO&PHOTO - Fotografia a Cesano Maderno, Milano, Italy

Enrica Viganň is the artistic director of the annual photography festival, Foto&Photo, held in Cesano Maderno, Milan, Itlay. She is also owner of the agency, Admira, which is dedicated to the organization of cultural events in photography. She is also director of the gallery ClicArt in Milano, which concentrates on the promotion of emerging photographers. Ms. Viganň has curated many traveling shows and has been part of the PhotoEspańa staff in Madrid as coordinator of international projects and guest curator. Ms. Vigano is interested in reviewing all types of work except commercial photography. She can help photographers show their work in Italy.

Lynne Warberg Nations
PhotoNations, Sarasota, Florida

Lynne Warberg Nations has been a professional photographer since 1978. Ms. Nations founded PhotoNations in 2000 and she currently serves as the Creative Director of PhotoNations. She also serves as the Creative Director for Aperture Images Licensing Collection 2003, a division of the Aperture Foundation. PhotoNations is a global community connecting the world through new visions in photography. PhotoNations identifies and facilitates mutually beneficial collaborations with their artists and like minded organizations, corporations, and individuals. Ms. Nations is most interested in reviewing personal documentary projects. She is not interested in reviewing traditional stock or commercial assignments. Ms. Nations can identify successful images that can be marketed for the secondary revenue stream, refer photographers to other professionals that would be interested in their work for assignments, publishing, etc., and refer appropriate photographers to galleries that Ms. Nations personally consults with for possible print sales.

Katherine Ware, Curator of Photographs
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Katherine Ware has been the curator of photographs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art since the end of 1999. The Philadelphia Museum of Art has been collecting photographs in earnest since the founding of its Alfred Stieglitz Center in the late 1960s. The Museum now has a collection of about 17,000 photographic works. The Julien Levy Gallery is devoted to exhibiting works from the permanent photography collection while the Berman and Stieglitz Galleries are used for larger exhibitions of prints, drawings, and photographs. At least three exhibitions of photographs are presented annually. The museum has an active acquisitions program. Ms. Ware is most interested in seeing cohesive, developed bodies of work and would prefer not to review student work.

Tim B. Wride, Associate Curator of Photography
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California

Since joining the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as Assistant Curator in the photography department in January, 1994, Tim Wride has curated 26 permanent collection focus exhibitions. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) was opened in 1965 and is the largest encyclopedic museum west of the Mississippi with collections ranging from ancient Egyptian artifacts to contemporary digital art. The Photography Department was formed in 1985 and in its short life has amassed a solid collection of over 8,000 objects with a concentration on international post-1945 material. Mr. Wride is most interested in seeing work that pushes the boundaries of the medium, works with a visual or conceptual edge, or works that are uniquely situated to challenge him as a viewer and curator. He is always happy to see work that makes him re-think the way in which he approaches pictures. Mr. Wride is particularly harsh with work that purports to be art when in reality it is simply good craftsmanship. The exhibition schedule for LACMA is thin as regards photography, but Mr. Wride is interested in finding artists with whom he can build a relationship that over time will produce collaborative opportunities.

Clint Willour, Executive Director and Curator
Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, Texas

Clint Willour has been an art professional for the past 30 years, serving in both the profit and non-profit areas. He is the executive director and curator of the Galveston Arts Center, serves on the art board of FotoFest, the program committee of the Houston Center for Photography as well as the photography accessions subcommittee of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. He is also an independent curator creating exhibitions for a number of non-profit institutions in the region in a variety of media. He is interested in viewing non-commercial, fine art photography.

Rhonda Wilson, Director
Rhubarb-Rhubarb - The UK's International Festival of the Image,
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Rhonda Wilson is a writer, image maker, publisher, and is currently the director of Rhubarb-Rhubarb- The UK's International Festival of the Image. She has made presentations at seminars and international venues, is a regular contributor to Profifoto magazine in Germany and works as a consultant for public and creative agencies and private developers on city regeneration. Ms. Wilson can offer advice on developing work in progress, marketing and promotion, and international contacts. There is a small potential for showing at Rhubarb-Rhubarb or in the occasional shows created by Seeing the Light. There are also occasional budgets for commissioning work around regeneration, the built and natural world. Rhubarb-Rhubarb is hosted by Seeing The Light, an agency dedicated to increasing the visibility of image makers and their work, helping to build their confidence to promote themselves, and to introducing producers to those who may provide opportunities for their development. Seeing The Light also commissions to create and curate regional, national and international exhibitions and publications. Ms. Wilson is interested in seeing contemporary work which is intelligent, reflective or which comments on current issues but also has high aesthetic values - fusing creativity with the demands of the marketplace. She is also interested in matters concerning mental health. Ms. Wilson does not wish to see inane nudity and self-indulgent excess.

Cynthia Young, Curatorial Assistant of the Collection
International Center of Photography, New York, New York

Cynthia Young is currently the Curatorial Assistant of the Collection at the International Center of Photography, and she is responsible for managing the ICP collection. Ms. Young can suggest galleries or museums that might be interested in a photographer's work. Founded in 1974, the International Center of Photography is a museum with rotating exhibitions four times per year of contemporary and historical work; has permanent collection of 100,000 images; and an education center for BFA, MFA and continuing education programs. Ms. Young is most interested in reviewing conceptual documentary work, photojournalism, staged narratives, socio-political work, landscape/ environmental photography, and portraiture. She does not wish to see nudes.

Marilyn A. Zeitlin, Director/Chief Curator
Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, Arizona

Marilyn A. Zeitlin is Director and Chief Curator of the ASU Art Museum. She holds degrees from Harvard University, where she studied art history and comparative literature. She has worked at the ASU Art Museum since 1992. She was the 2003 nominee for the Governor's Awards in the Arts. Ms. Zeitlin is most interested in reviewing three particular areas of work: documentary and social commentary work, experimental media work, and regional work with interest in Latin America, Africa, Middle East.

Manfred Zollner, Director of Photography
fotoMAGAZIN, Hamburg, Germany

Since 1998, Manfred Zollner has been Director of Photography at fotoMAGAZIN and selects all the photographic work published in the magazine. fotoMAGAZIN has the largest distribution of any German photography periodical with a print run of 70,000 copies, and has been on the market for 56 years. Since November 2003, Mr. Zollner has also been the Managing Editor of fotoMAGAZIN's sister publication Photo Technik International, a bi-monthly magazine for professional photography, which will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year. Mr. Zollner will be selecting portfolios for fotoMAGAZIN and Photo Technik International. fotoMAGAZIN is also offering fine art prints to its readers 2-3 times per year, so Mr. Zollner would like to select work for future limited editions. Mr. Zollner is also willing to help photographers with information on the German photography market and on publishing photos in Germany. Mr. Zollner is interested in reviewing any kind of fresh, new signature style work from all fields of photography and is curious and open to see individual approaches to photography.

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