FotoFest 2004

"The Garden in the Machine.was a peak experience: a unique and intimate setting, introduction, followed by discussion and see-duction. In retrospect, it makes sense that the flowing images of film & video would be the highlight wet spots with the water theme of FotoFest."

John Runnels
(Mother Dog Studios, Houston, TX)


Panel Discussion following Drownded Out
with (L to R) moderator Nusrat Malik, and panelists Chandrika Ramanujam (Association for India's Development) and Jim Blackburn (Houston-based environmental attorney)

Boxhead Ensemble perform at
the Aurora Picture Show

"There were moments of great lyrical beauty, of sadness, and transport. It is hard to quantify the effect of live music in a darkened old church, the deep resonance of it, and the strangeness of it for a contemporary viewer."

Anderson Wrangle
on Boxhead Ensemble

Exit the Waiting Room, Artists Panel -
(L to R) Serena Lin Bush, Duncan Ganley, Brian Wesley Heiss, Jeff Shore, Eileen Maxson and moderator Kimberly Davenport

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Film & Video Series on Water
February 29 - April 16, 2004

Expanding the territory of the photographic image, FotoFest's first independent film and video series featured 25 public screenings, 5 television broadcasts, an improvised music and film performance, and a panel discussion. The six week series included activist documentaries, poetic narratives, avant-garde short films and videos, and independent features by 73 artists and directors, 5 national curators, and over a dozen collaborating media partners and venues throughout the city of Houston.
Drowned Out, We Can't Wish Them Away, 2002
Highlighting the increasing profile of media art in Texas, the series successfully represented the diversity of contemporary film and video discourse and the extent of Water's impact on creative expression. Works included in the series ranged from personal metaphor to geopolitics and the environment, and represented artists that range from burgeoning high school students to recognized masters of their craft.
An archive including full descriptions of the films and events can be found by using our E-Guide. In addition, FotoFest also produced a special poster and schedule of the Film and Video programs which is available free of charge. For further information contact Eileen Maxson, Film & Video Coordinator, at

Drowned Out: We Can't Wish Them Away
Directed by Franny Armstrong
An Injury to One
Directed by Travis Wilkerson
Directed by Digna Sinke
Area K: A Political Fishing Documentary
Directed by Nadav Harel and Ramon Bloomberg
Boxhead Ensemble
Stories, Maps, and Notes from the Half-Light
Independent Exposure
Lawndale Art Center
All Water Has Perfect Memory
Directed by Natalia Almada
Interpreting Anthropogeomorphology
Curated by Matthew Coolidge
The Garden in the Machine
Curated by Scott MacDonald
Exit the Waiting Room
A Panel discussion organized by Serena Lin Bush
Texas Water
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - Brown Auditorium Theatre
L'Atalante and Taris
Directed by Jean Vigo
Warm Water Under a Red Bridge
Directed by Shohei Imamura
KUHT Channel 8 Houston PBS presented a diverse range of television programming on the subject of Water.
Texas: The State of Water
Water's Journey
Okie Noodling
Clear Water, One Woman's Prayer
The New Garden: Harvesting Rainwater