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   Water as Ritual - Stuart Rome, U.S., Phyllis Galembo U.S., and Christian Cravo, Brazil, photograph the rirual and physical powers of water in Haiti, South East Asia and the U.S.

Phyllis Galembo

Phyllis Galembo, CAPTION
Phyllis Galembo
Saut D' Eaux, 1997-2002

My intention is to create a bridge between the recognizable world and our thoughts or impressions of other possibilities-even impossibilities. As a photographer, I look for alternative worldviews to counter the materialist culture in which we live. I have followed the example of mythology to unlock hidden worlds, which might hold clues to refute our prevailing cultural ideal.Through my travels I discovered ways of seeing the natural world as a communicating entity and learned to regard the landscape as a living pattern.

Stuart Rome

Stuart Rome, CAPTION Stuart Rome
Halong Bay, 2000

In some cultures, water has long been regarded as part of a sacred life process and not simply another product for consumption. In modern times, our increased comprehension of the story of evolution as understood by science gives us a renewed appreciation for the role of water in sustaining life. To see water as a source of life and not merely a daily resource is the challenge of a new synthesis of science and religion.

Christian Cravo

Christian Cravo, CAPTION
Christian Cravo
Puri, India, 1992

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