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   Personal Views - representations of Water and the environments shaped by Water by Julie Hoerner (U.S.), Gina Glover (U.K.), Anne Gabriele (U.S.), Corinne Mercadier (France), Barbara Downs (U.K.), Ernestine Rubin (U.S.).
Anne Gabriele, Listing, 2003

For me Water is a strong magnetic force, with both the power to attract and repel. I am drawn to the ocean yet I do not swim in it. the ocean can be fickle, lending its beauty and sharing its vastness one moment, and right after becoming harsh and unrelenting through the pounding of its surf. It is this duality that has both fascinated and frightened me over the years.

Anne Gabriele
From the FotoFest 2004 Catalogue

Barbara Downs,
Venice Series, Still Green,
Ernestine Ruben, Thermail Nipple, 2002

By Nature the sea is unpredictable. We can try to understand it, reveal it, and revel in it, but we are always conscious of its force and we are humbled by its vastness.

Gina Glover
From the FotoFest 2004 Catalogue

Gina Glover, Examiner South Shore Long Island Sound New York, 2001

My awareness of the aesthetic qualities of water extends from infancy, recalling the child's pure, sunlit joy at standing in Florida's boiling surf, to the deepest grief felt looking across a blue-black night sea toward home from Australia on the evening of my mother's death.

Julia Hoerner
From the FotoFest 2004 Catalogue

Corinne Mercadier, Untitled from the Paysages Series, 2001
Julia Hoerner, There is No Resolution (Water Lessons), 2001

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