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    Oceans Apart - Ingrid Pollard

Ingrid Pollard, Untitled from the series The Boy Who Watches Shops Go By, 2002

The starting point for Oceans Apart (1989) and The Boy who Watches Ships Go By (2002) was both autobiographical and historical narratives involving the sea. Using the sea as a way of exploring the themes of separation and the diaspora experience of migration, I look at journeys that have crisscrossed the Atlantic Ocean both east and west.

These voyages echo the sea's own relentless movement of waves and tides: journeys out toward the sea's horizon and journeys of arrival from the same horizon. What traces are left of the past accumulate in contemporary coastal locations.

Ingrid Pollard
From the FotoFest 2004 Catalogue

Ingrid Pollard, Untitled from the series Oceans Apart, 1995

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