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    Landscape With Waterfall - An outdoor, site-specific installation by German artist Nils-Udo

Nils-Udo, Model for Landscape With Waterfall, 2004

The element of time: In 1972, my first work in the Chiemgau Alps consisted of a planting. By installing plantings or by intergrating them into more complex installations, I literally implant the work into nature. As a part of nature, the work lives and passes away in the rhythm of the seasons.

Even though I work in parallel with nature and create my interventions with all possible caution, they will always remain a fundamental contridiction in themselves. It is this contradiction on which all of my work is based. Even this work cannot avoid one fundamental disaster of our existence: it injures what it draws attention to, what it touches, the virginity of nature.

From the FotoFest 2004 Catalogue

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